Bullying Security Officers
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Description: At the mercy of the bullying clothed security at CMNM.net naked traveller Keiran’s cock is in their hands. Under the pretence of conducting a body examination the perverted custom inspector relentlessly jerk his big cock while the others fondle his ass, balls and body. The potent young man can’t stop himself from growing powerfully aroused. Having been thoroughly used by the officials he leaves having been drained of his dignity and his sperm.
Businessman Strip Search
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Description: Just because he's wearing a suit Darren is not granted any special favours with the assertive officers at CMNM.net. He's stripped totally naked and his foreskin is rigorously sniffed and examined by the uniformed policemen. The most tender parts of his body which only his girlfriend has had access to are now exposed out into the open for all to see. To keep from being locked away Darren has to humiliate himself baring his asshole for the policemen to inspect.
Terry Wanked
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Description: At CMNM.net, party man Terry has proved himself untrustworthy to the clothed police detectives. Now it's absolutely necessary to get a sperm sample from this cocky lad. The only way to do it is by handling his sizeable cock themselves, stroking his firm erection and making him confirm what's happening aloud. Somehow hearing him verbalize it makes the experience of shamelessly groping him so much sexier. The healthy young man produces buckets of semen, far more than is needed for testing so it's best to have him lap up the rest. Naked Terry is thoroughly humbled sucking his own sperm off from the older clothed men's fingers.
Terry Strip Searched
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Description: At CMNM.net, manual labourer Terry went to a club looking for a good night out, ended up getting in a violent argument with a bouncer and now finds himself in an interview room of a police station. It's not an ideal situation for a virile young man and he wants to get out as soon as possible. Deputy Constables Parker and Lent have years of experience dealing with the toughest criminals in the city. They could tell right away he's concealing something and they are prepared to conduct a very thorough physical examination to prove it. They know exactly how to handle the fully naked handsome lad and get what they want from him while following strict police procedure.
A fucking good farmer - part one
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Description: Arsen was working at his ******´s barnyard as the rebel soldiers discovered him. It took only a few moments to overpower him, tie him and take him away to their nearby shelter. Arsen gets stripsearched and foundled. His mouth is fucked hard and so will be his tight little ass. To be continued...