Striaght Giovanni Rails Roman's Hole
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Description: Roman pushes back hard, meeting him in the middle and feeling every inch brushing against his electrified prostate. Giovanni, wanting to take a bit more control, stands up and walks Roman back the other direction with his cock still inside before pushing him down on the cot and slamming the hell out of his man hole. As Roman gets closer and closer to cumming without touching himself, he cries out to get fucked on his back so he can look into the eyes of the soldier who is reaming him so damn good. Getting fucked this passionately makes Roman blow his explosive load all over his tattooed washboard abs and Giovanni isnÕt far behind. Pulling his dick out, Giovanni twists Roman around and dumps a never-ending river of steaming semen all over his face and into his open mouth.
Chad Daniels Jerkoff
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Description: College student Chad Daniels was eager to audition. After a few tugs, you will realize his meaty cock looks like a mouthful, but it was his cherry red ass that had our hearts aflutter in this video. There was something about watching this college guy play with his cock that really got us going.
Playing Around w/ A Striaght Dude
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Description: It doesn't happen very often but every once in a while an opportunity comes up that you just can't miss. One of our favorite new models Myles called us up to tell us he had a “straight” friend that really needed to make a few bucks and was willing to do pretty much anything.
Str8 Boy Caught Peeing
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Description: It's a gorgeous, sunny afternoon and Gavin Greene is hanging out by the men's bathroom near the palm tree-lined beachfront. Gavin isn't surprised when an approaching jogger finds the restroom locked. He offers the hunky stranger the john at his frathouse, just down the street. The stranger accepts and is soon unknowingly caught on camera by the urinal cam - a longstanding frat house prank. The exhausted runner sits on the couch for a moment, waiting for the ***** Gavin promised him. But Gavin has other plans. Placing his hand on the dude's jock, Gavin assures him that the other bros have gone out. Gavin tells his new friend that they are all alone and can do whatever they want. The newcomer is still uneasy, but Gavin promises to help him relax. Gavin pulls down his guest's shorts and.....
Straight Hunks Jacking Off Together
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Description: A very cute and red cheeked Walden walked right up to my studio just as his partner Iker was pulling some tricks on his skateboard out front. The two met inside the studio and could not have been more uncomfortable if the bed were made of tacks. Still hot and hung, Iker promised to get the job done even if it involved jerking off with a complete stranger. They inched closer together as they swapped surfer stories, and even a story about getting a
Str8 Skater Boys Wanking And Sucking
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Description: Now here's a brilliant pairing of always horny skater dudes: little Roar and big Shane. Both boarder boys are lookin' pretty rad in their skater gear. Fuckin' hot. After they each work their bulging baggies for a while, Roar is the first to lend a helping hand, and then a helping mouth. Roar helps Shane ALL the way. With his sizeable dick buried all the way down Roar's throat, Shane can only say, “Damn. That's one way to start things off.” After an apparently spontaneous exchange—Roar: “Wanna fuck?” Shane: “Maybe some other time.”—Shane resumes jerking himself off while blowing Roar. Once again, Roar wants more cock. So he wraps his tongue around Shane's head to mop up the leakage. Shane drowns Roar in creamy skater spunk. We hear Roar pounding and pounding and pounding. When his right arm eventually wears out, Roar has to shift to his left. This fresh left arm has the needed strength to pull a small gooey load out of Roar's still bouncing balls.
Uncut Fuck in Muscle Hole
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Description: Straight America and his new drinking buddy Clayton went out the night before, got a "little" ************ and decided that they wanted to fuck each others' brains out. I, of course, obliged their request, and couldn't wait to see these two hot ass guys fuck like ******s on my couch. America looks even better than the last time he was out with a more ripped, tight body and I think an even bigger ass, too. And Clayton has the body of an acrobat-small, muscular, and great legs; along with a nice little assortment of tattoos covering his sexy torso. He's the perfect candidate for getting fucked by a big uncut cock. Clayton, eager to get the action started, takes of America's shorts and starts slurping down his thick shaft. After milking his raging boner long enough, Clayton jumps up on America, cowboy style and starts riding his dick like any great bottom would. Stretching his tight hole up and down America's girthy pole, Clayton swallows up every inch he can possibly take. America gets i
Two Twinks Screw
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Description: Two college youngsters appear on my couch today, talking about college life, sex toys and what their sexual preferences are. I'm hoping they will go past their limits today and explore some new things. The two twinks begin making out passionately, with young Wolfie initiating every turn. Apparently my newbie isn't very shy and is ready to try some dick on for size. Pulling off Seth's clothes, Wolfie begins licking and sucking that massive 9 inch cock between those nice hairy thighs. Seth is ready to reciprocate and shows Wolfie how a professional can truly suck a cock, taking every inch into his eager mouth. After blowing each other, Wolfie throws up Seth's legs and slams his throbbing man meat into his bottom's awaiting hole. Screwing the daylights out of Seth, Wolfie makes the hairy twink bust his load while still getting fucked. Streams of hot white cum burst out of his swollen head right into Wolfie's mouth. Unable to resist, Wolfie sucks up all the cum over his dick and licks up t
Striaght Kirby Swallows Load
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Description: A surfer from sunny Southern Cali has a secret he wants to tell Dirty Tony! He likes to be tied up, whipped, electrocuted, the whole nine yards! His nickname is Monkey (for the antics he pulls in the domination dungeon and biting girls). You could tell he was used to someone telling him what to do in the bedroom. I got this dirty little Monkey to bite a pillow for me in the studio while shoving a nightstick sized dildo in his hole. But it was the smaller silver one that got those big blue eyes really shining. He literally bent over backwards for me.
Straight Lars Gets Handjob
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Description: He's cute, blonde, has sultry green eyes, and a tan. Lars is the epitome of the laid-back California boy. He is from the Northern part of the state, and has taken quite a liking to to the warm weather and beach bunnies that southern California has to offer. With his classic good looks, Lars pulls plenty of skirt wherever he goes. He especially likes a girl that knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell him. One thing he really wants to get plenty of practice in is anal sex. Yours truly might be able to help this lad out. As I get a little deeper into Lars, he tells me about his erotic massage from a guy. I guess his first gay experience
Gay Roommate Turns Striaght Friend
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Description: At***** we pay gay college students $10,000 to send us homemade videos of them turning straight boys! Watch these straight boys experiment for the first time and watch these gay boys get off and get paid!!!
Adam 5
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Description: Young sexi boy from south carolina!! call if you want a good time!! 770-871-8617
Hairy Striaght Italian Stalian Hung
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Description: Hey all, this is Girodanno, totally GAY for PAY! LOL Check him out on this clip, and look at my blog for more pics and free video clips.
Fireman s first blowjob
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Description: It's fire season in California and it's a good thing I have my very own REAL firefighter here to protect me. Marathon runner Fabian is no stranger to my casting couch. And in a few minutes he will get to know Maddock very, very well. Some of Maddock's favorite things involve fighting fires, fantasizing about Pamela Anderson, and riding motorcycles. Some of Fabian's favorite things include working out and wondering how Maddock's cock tastes. Some good old 'bro talk' brings out a few little secrets about our new found couch-buddies. They have both explored with other guys and call it purely
Tony Dimino And His Toy
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Added: 08 Oct 08
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Description: Tony Dimino does his first toy scene on Randy Blue and finds out how much fun a dildo can actually be.
Outdoor Bi Threeway
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Description: Hot Bisexual Action as this three way erupts on the picnic blanket
Cum Onna My House
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Description: These two like spending a good Friday night watching some good porn together. Trying not to peek I bet!