Heavy Duty: Scene 2: Dirk Caber & Hunter Marx
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Description: Bearded Hunter Mark and Dirk Caber kiss—Dirk's big, tight sack and cock shielded in a cock cage. Hunter wraps Dirk in a leather straightjacket, the excited sub leaking a strand of precum that the dom licks. A kiss gets Dirk more worked up, Hunter fingering and tonguing more of his bud's juice before licking his balls. Now in a sling, Dirk's cock and balls are free—Hunter sucking the thick boner. The alpha then traps Dirk's sac in a ball crusher, tightening the screws on it as the sub soaks up the ache: “Shit! My balls are so full already!"; Jutting through the holes on the ball clamp, Dirk's rock-hard cock impressively throbs as Hunter feeds his big meat to him at the other end. His balls now free, Dirk stays stiff as he gets fucked balls deep—Hunter holding on to the bound bottom by the neck strap and his sleeves as he fucks him, their loads soon released.
Yiff, the bondage furs #4: Burrita
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Description: This time i meet Coyotoy in a hotel room in California to torment him. Burrita the donkey ends up in restraints, a straightjacket, and tormented