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Description: Anton has a lean physique, hard abs and stiff cock. Diego is younger and not as experienced as Anton but when Tori bends over, Diego is ALL OVER IT! And despite his tattoos and efforts to look more street savvy with his pal Anton, Diego still has a boyish innocence about him as he pulls down his pants.
Straight Boys Chasing Ass
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Description: The idea of double penetration gets amateur model Travis hot! Bianca sucks his dick while his pal Adam lubes up to fuck her ***gy style. The hardcore threeway gets intense when these two straight boys split roast Bianca, their faces edging closer and closer. Adam's head presses against Travis's chest. He looks up at Travis, both of them caught up in the visceral experience of flesh against flesh. In the heat of the moment their lips meet, just for a second, maybe a little tongue but that's it! The experience freaks Travis out, but Adam soldiers on, pounding out a gooey load all over his balls!
Straight Boy Squeeze Play!
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Description: These two straight boys are eager to get balls deep with their new found friend... um, what was her name again? Justin and Johnny are both masculine young men with hard cocks and driving libidos!
Straight boys talk about gay sex
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Description: Dustin and Christian compare their first time experiences having sex with guys. The conversation leads them to check out some straight porn on Christian's phone, and of course, you know where that always goes! Taking his own stiffening cock out of his pants, Dustin puts his hand on Christian's boner and gives it a couple of strokes! Christian leans in and kisses him on the lips. Dustin responds, sliding his tongue into Christian's mouth! The two boys masturbate each other and continue making out.