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Description: As he lays back across the casting couch, I get a good view in between his muscular legs. He turns around and gives me a good look at the curves of his ass, still jerking his meat. The edges of his ass cheeks are lined by a faint blur of light brown hair, getting thicker as it gets closer to his crotch. When he lays back down on the blue sofa, he's ready to cum. He grunts slightly as his cock starts to spew white gobs onto his hand and stomach. A bit of it squirts past his hip and lands squarely on the blue fabric below. He smiles and says he's ready to come back for more!
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Description: He pulls off his pants and is completely naked jerking off on my bed now. His legs are thick and hairy, spread just enough to get a peek at his furry taint and balls. His cock is thick and oozing precum as he rises to his knees in the center of the bed. He dry humps my bed for a few seconds and I get a good look at his round ass cheeks and hairy crack. Flipping back onto his back, his balls are sucked up tight against his hairy shaft, signaling his readiness to cum. Suddenly a fountain of jizz leaps two feet into the air and lands on is his dark bush. Several more smaller explosions land on his stomach and legs as he stares straight at the lens.
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Description: I found myself in the right historical centre of Prague this time. Maybe it wasn't the right spot for my so-called interview. Only tourists, no czechs! After a while I saw the first young dude, by himself so I tried. He was czech, kinda cute and talkative. But I only got his underwear from him. The second lad told me to fuck off within a few minutes. But then I spotted the one. Cute, young and a bit lost. Just visiting his auntie and without any plans. Perfect fit for my project. He was very sportive and talkative. Within a while he showed me his cock on the street. I knew I am going to score today. It was just a matter of the right offer. Took me some time, but ultimately I've convinced him to go to the hotel with me and have some fun. Great, fit body in a combination with his cute and sweet face was a perfect combo for my today's hard on.