Haze Him
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Description: They don't call it Greek life for nothing! At HazeHim.com, these straight college boys are definitely going Greek, both literally and figuratively. This brand new site brings real user-submitted footage of college and fraternity rituals gone wild. Haze Him members get a genuine behind the scenes look at fraternity hazing and initiations, college parties and dorm room pranks, all featuring cute young studs, toned jocks and real party ******s. These guys might call themselves straight, but they sure are willing to suck some cock or take a dick in their virgin asses for acceptance. Group jacking off, stripping, naked games, ******** sex and more, all streaming in high quality video. If you've ever wanted an inside look at frat life, HazeHim.com delivers with never before seen footage.
James Long
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Description: “I like to shoot,” remarks James Long. This hottie is 19, plays basketball and is straight. Eddie and I are chuckling at the “game” we are referring to, but James just laughs us off and strips down; notice how we stop giggling when he's down to his underwear? Being Puerto Rican, and showing it through his underwear, James is not sure he wants to “share the couch” with another guy. For today, he'll just “handle” himself; I offer to help and he gives a “we'll see.” Lying back and working on getting hard, the porn in the background is helping, but I think he needs an “expert.” I slide my hand onto his cock and low and behold, “Jamie” likes it. These boys may have great cocks, but it takes an experienced man to know what to do with them. Trying different positions, James keeps tugging. Moving my hand back on his cock, I notice he's even more turned on the second time; after all, he did say he's “into MILFS.” Nuzzling into the pillow, he starts rocking his hips and a
Free Scene - Shooting & Swallowing Loads
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Description: SUCKoffGUYS.com FREE SCENE SATURDAY - Shooting & Swallowing Loads. Available: Saturday, March 15, 2014 Only! This one is a cum lover's delight! Walker Michaels busts a nut in Seth Chase's mouth. Being sure to get every drop of jizz out of Walker's shaft, Seth swallows the entire load of straight man sperm. With fresh, warm semen now in his belly, Seth uses the leftover cum still on his face as lube to jack himself off with. Seth, shoots his massive load into Aaron French's hand. Aaron lifts his hand to his face and eats the load. Be sure to catch Walker's surprised & funny reaction at the end.
Straight Stud's Casting
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Description: Putting on a little show for the camera he bends over and shows off his v*rgin straight guy asshole, which looked absolutely perfect for vi*lating. I need to have a conversation with him about what would be standing between such a fantastic hole and another man. For the grand finale, Eduardo moves over to the chair to recline back and passionately throttle his meat until it in series of shudders his hot monster cock expl*sively spurts scorching hot semen all over his tattooed stomach and chest. Such a beautiful specimen of hetero bad b*y for the vaults!
r127: Jason and Louis
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Description: 19-year-old Jason and 23-year old Louis have never been with another guy before. For the right price, Franco convinces them to suck and jack each other off.
Dane's double fisted jerk off
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Description: Dane is 25 y/o, freshly out the Marines, and thought he'd try his hand making some cash doing porn. At 6' 1", he's a tall, lean guy with a bit of a wild side. He admitted that he jacks off "pretty constantly" and that he likes to show off. Once at a party, some friends who had heard he had a big dick wanted to see it. So, he whipped it out and jerked off in front of them!
Blacks On Tommy Lima - Ruy De Sousa, Tommy and Vincente
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Description: The second scene of Blacks on Tommy Lima reveals Tommy with Ruy De Sousa and Vincente Lourenco. These guys have cocks so big that you'd think were photoshopped if you weren't seeing them in action. Tommy is a good bottom to these guys, though, and takes them in his mouth and in his ass. In fact, it's while Tommy is sucking on Ruy's fat meat that Vincente makes it obvious that he's going straight for Tommy's hole. He plays with it, licks it, and teases it before climbing on and really going to town. Vincente is a power-fucker who doesn't kneel when he fucks. He stays on his feet in a wide stance that really lets him plow ass. Tommy really seems to dig on the fact that he's getting opened up so completely while making out with Ruy. When Vincente pulls out, though, Tommy gets Ruy's cock in his hole as fast as he can while his erstwhile fucker jacks off. Vincente cums on Tommy's back while Ruy is still inside him. It's too much for Tommy and he shoots on Ruy's stomach right before Ruy nuts
r116: Warren Blindfolded and Bound
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Description: For the right price, Warren agrees to be tied up, blindfolded and jacked off by another guy. Franco makes Warren cum using a masturbation sleeve on him, but can Warren cum a second time for extra cash?
r111: Michael and Eddy
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Description: It's the first time straight guys Michael and Eddy have jacked off with another guy and you can feel the tension. Eddy cums first, and when he does, Michael uses the visual to help him shoot his own load, even with his girlfriend just outside the room.
Milos and Bili
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Description: Milos is fucking adorable in this video and Bili is the lucky cum-slut-of-the-week who gets to sample the goods, first hand. He starts with Milos' huge cock, using his oral talents to bring Milos to the brink of ejaculation, but he's not ready for the prize just yet. Instead, he opens up his hole and guides Milos' naked cock straight up his willing, quivering hole. Milos gets busy, pumping away and working Bili's body like a finely tuned machine whose sole purpose is to make Milos' horny cock blow a fountain of hot white cum. Milos can fuck like a jack rabbit for such a skinny little twink, his hips pumping at lightening speed as his horny fuck stick stabs Bili right where it counts! Soon he's balanced over Milos' lap, hoisted up with Milos' gigantic cock. It's hard to tell who gets the better ride: Milos with this hot muscle stud bouncing off his cock, or Bili, who gets the privilege of riding one of the hottest bare backers around! Of course, all that strenuous ass-work does not go u
Randy blasts 6-day load
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Description: Randy was a little unsure about doing porn at first, but since his best friend and fellow Marine Sean recently took the plunge, he figured maybe he'd give it a try. Marine buddies can get pretty competitive with each other and, lucky for us, this seems to apply to their porn shoots, as well! I'm not sure who did "better" though, since both guys are sexy as hell. I'll let you guys be the judge.
Latin Straight Stud's Solo
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Description: Putting on a little show for the camera he bends over and shows off his virgin straight guy asshole, which looked absolutely perfect for ********* Ð I need to have a conversation with him about what would be standing between such a fantastic hole and another man. For the grand finale, Eduardo moves over to the chair to recline back and passionately throttle his meat until it in series of shudders his hot monster cock explosively spurts scorching hot semen all over his tattooed stomach and chest. Such a beautiful specimen of hetero bad boy for the vaults!
Straight As Can Be - Kullen and Noah
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Description: Kullen is watching a porno on the TV as Noah creeps up behind him. Noah sits next to Kullen and it¡¦s not long before their pants are off and they¡¦re telling each other how horny they are. The jeans are off and they¡¦re both stroking themselves through their underwear. Noah slips off his briefs to reveal a huge thick throbbing cock that he takes firmly in his hand and starts jacking it. Kullen gets his underwear off as hands starts roaming to the other persons cock. Both of them are sitting on the couch stroking each others cocks. Kullen gets some of Noah¡¦s pre-cum onto his fingers and puts it into Noah¡¦s mouth. Kullen then leans over and proceeds to kiss and lick Noah¡¦s thick cock before getting both his lips wrapped around. For a boy who hasn¡¦t even jacked off with another guy before Kullen sure is getting into sucking a dick. Noah wants some of Kullen¡¦s cock so he moves to the floor and starts deep throating **** boys thick dick. They trade off a few more times before shooting
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Description: Eddie and I are headed to the train station to pick up Damien. I actually filmed him some years ago. Watching him come down the stairs, he looks good and seems happy. Letting Damien know what Straight Rent Boys is all about, kinda perks up his interest. Once we're back at the studio, we chat. Damien's been doing, "odd jobs;" he can just add this to his résumé under "services rendered." So if you are into Damien, check us out on Facebook or Twitter. I must say he is very outgoing, talkative and up, or in, for about anything. Being, as he says, "heteroflexible," Damien’s 6', 140 and has green eyes, at least that what Eddie says. Download the full video here!
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Description: Mateos has a one arm “bandito,” his perfect cock. This Straight Rent Boy’s body is a like the cream on top, plenty of cream on top. As he pleasures himself, and us, his moans become more audible and salacious. When he pops his rocket, the hot jizz just keeps heaping upon his chest. Mateos has got what it takes; now if you will excuse me, I’ll go and lap up that rocket “fuel.” Download the full video here!
Straight Stud Jacks His Cock
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Description: A thick shaft and swollen head looks so good in his straight guy hand as he strokes and glides it to full erection. Andy gets more comfortable and unlaces his boots and kicks off his pants to expose a perfectly round marine ass. He bends over and gives me a view of his hairy hole and strokes his cock down not missing a beat. Andy spits in his hand and and lets his index finger do a little exlporing of its own. After all that anal excitement Andy is about ready to burst. He sits back on the chest and pumps his meat faster and faster intil a white rocket spurts from the head of his cock and onto his taut six-pack. With a sigh and a smile Andy expresses the relief he so richly deserves.
Rugged hairy football player jacks off
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Description: Preston first contacted me about two years ago. I guess he was nervous about doing porn because it took him that long to finally get in front of my camera. Or maybe this big bear of a guy was just hibernating all that time.
When She's Not Around - Christian and Jayden
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Added: 19 Jan 14
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Description: These two horny boys are spending the morning watching a porno. They both drop trou and pull their cocks out. Whacking away Christian keeps looking over at Jayden's cock, clearly wanting to take matters into his own hands. So that's what he does. Without flinching Jayden looks down at his cock being handled for the first time by another guy. Taking off all their clothes, Jayden kneels up on the couch and wants more attention from Christian, who is more than happy to oblige. Christian actually spends more time with his hand on Jayden's cock than he does on his own. With a sly look to us, Christian points his cock towards himself and shoots a nice load all over his torso. But with Jayden taking his time wanking it, Christian offers to help. With a big smile on his face Christian takes a firm hold of Jayden's dick and wanks it for all it's worth. As Christian keeps jacking him off, Jayden isn't able to hold back any longer and shoots a huge load onto his abs.
Mature Lazlo 1st Time On Cam
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Description: Bleached platinum blonde Lazlo is a matured gay guy who was excited to undergo his first on cam wank off appearance. He goes straight to the bed and lies down, completely stripping off everything. While stripteases are hot, there's something to be said about a man who just gets right down to it by getting naked immediately. Lying on the bed, he proudly shows off his sexy, smooth and beautifully toned body. One also gets to fully admire his incredibly hot cut cock adorned with not one, but two cock rings. He proudly displays the entire 7 inch length of his manhood as he starts to jack off, slowly and gently stroking and squeezing his cock. Gradually, it swells and gets harder as his hands explore the rest of his body, caressing his chest, nipples and abs. He goes down on all fours, showing off his smooth ass. But he pays the most attention to his beautiful, delicious cock, as any horny guy truly would.
Pulling Out His Hefty Cock
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Description: Furry and muscular blonde guys are always a treat in my book, and today I've got a real fine specimen of straight hunk. Jack Dillinger exceeds all of my expectations, and then some. We begin discussing his goals in porn, his limits and the chances of me getting to push some of them. Jack takes it all in stride and immediately goes to work getting the crotch in his jeans to bulge till the breaking point of capacity. Jack quickly undoes the fly and pulls his hefty cock out from behind the elastic waistband of his stretchy boxer-briefs. Using his right hand to hold his boxers down below his sweaty balls, Jack jerks his hot dick until it's rock hard and ready for me to measure. It feels so good in my hand as I'm pressing the measuring tape against it just under 7 is the final verdict and it's perfectly proportioned. Laying back in the chair, Jack continues whacking off, building up momentum towards the white fireworks show we're both eagerly waiting for. He stops right before letting it...
Mustached Straight Dude Jerks Off
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Description: 39 year old Dean is a handsome matured guy with a nicely trimmed mustache, dark hair and sexy eyes. He is totally straight and has not even thought of doing it with other guys, but he has agreed to put on a show because of his exhibitionist tendencies. Touching his body, he gets himself in the mood for some horny solo action. He gently caresses his chest before putting his hand inside his shorts to play with his own manhood which grows longer, thicker and harder. As it grows, it eventually becomes too big to be contained within his briefs. It greatly stretches the fabric before he decides to finally whip it out. His cut cock is now fully erect and we see that his cock is long, thick and hard as a steel pipe. He jacks it off using...
Delta Scout's First Guy Blowjob
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Duration: 0:01:51
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Description: Officer Trent is here for something a little different. Delta Scout David has never had a blow job from another guy. He's a bit uncomfortable with the idea, but not nearly as uncomfortable as our straight cop is with sucking another guy's dick. The guys are trying to concentrate on the video while they jack off next to each other on the bed. Trent knows the task at hand isn't nearly as much fun as jerking his own meat. So, he keeps at it. He strokes his long cop cock, making sure to work on the head extra good. David is also a little apprehensive about letting a guy suck him off. He's staring straight at the TV across the room, so that he doesn't accidentally get a glimpse of the hard cock next to him on the bed. When both guys are boned up good, we get Trent to lean over and start to suck. David's dick is super hard and about 8 inches long. Trent has a hard time going all the way down. His gag reflex is still totally in tact. He feathers the end of David's dick for a little while, the
Trent Takes Six Loads to the Face
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Description: GAY/STRAIGHT/BI/GAY/GAY/GAY Today was yet another monumental day at Tony's. Trent Atkins is in for a surprise! Tony invites 6 fit hunks to bust their bladders and loads on Trent Atkins. This hot as fuck line-up includes buff un-cut America, slim and sexy RyAN Lynch, mighty muscle stud Clayton Archer, blond bombshell Philip Aubrey, tall and twinky Josh Bensan and a tall dark and mysterious new cummer. Trent goes off by sucking one by one, down the circle, as the guys are aggressive to get blown by Atkins. The circle of guys jack off and harass Atkins to suck them off good. Suddenly one by one, the guys start Cumming, as they cover Atkins face and mouth with their warm loads of cum. Atkins makes sure no cum is waited by continuing to suck every drop of cum from the guys hard dicks. Atkins then rubs one out and licks every drop of his own Hot cum that had landed on the floor. 11.14.2011
Corey jacks off
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Description: We meet up with Corey again this week. We ask him what he's been doing the past few months since the last time we saw him. He tells us about some random straight guy he met at a bar during his spring break. The guy was there with his girlfriend, so he got Corey's number in the bathroom. Later that night they hooked up at his motel and Corey let the straight guy fuck his ass. After telling us about his straight conquest, Corey is horny and worked up. He jacks his big dick until he says he wants to fuck something. So he grabs for his gel tube and rams his dick in and out of its hole. He continues thrusting his dick into the toy until he explodes.
Spasming Cock Oozing Cum
Category: Military / Uniform
Added: 01 Aug 13
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Description: Lifeguard Jacob has been working at the local city pool keeping an eye on the ***s and grownups to make sure everybody is safe. Once a couple of girls got in over their heads and he had to jump in to save them from drowning. He even had to administer CPR to one of them to revive her. This slim blue-eyed guy says he's straight. But he's not afraid to get naked an jerk off today. He pulls off his jeans and underwear and starts massaging his fuck stick while he stares at the porn across the room. His cock starts to grow into a sturdy 8 inches. As he gets more interested in the scene he's watching, he decides to get completely naked. His smooth swimmer's build evidences his hours spent in the pool. Pulling and stretching his meat, he deices to lay down and really enjoy himself. As he whacks his harden, his balls bounce happily against the hairless taint and pucker hole. He stands for awhile and continues jerking, a cocky expression on his face. Laying back down, he's ready to let loos his
Blonde Gay And Uncut
Category: Amateur
Added: 31 Jul 13
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Description: Cheeky blonde gay Lockie might best be described as a try-sexual – meaning he will try anything just to get himself off. Although admittedly gay, he has actually tried it with a girl before. But his main fantasy right now is to get down and dirty with a straight guy. He has experienced mutual jack off sessions with some of his straight mates, but that has only made him yearn for more. For this reason, he gets more aroused watching straight porn than gay porn because, as he says, the idea of a man dominating a woman (or maybe him) is a great turn on for him. His exhibitionist tendencies become apparent when he says that his favourite places to jack off are the balcony and public places, where the excitement of getting caught adds to the tension and heightens pleasure. Otherwise, any place will do – bedroom, bathroom – you name it. He is one horny gay dude and wants to share himself with everyone by performing on camera.
Slurping His Entire Contents
Category: Military / Uniform
Added: 30 Jul 13
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Description: It's a battle of the namesakes as two branches of the military fight for their honor. Petty Officer Chris has spent many hours onboard ship serving in the U.S. Navy. Private Chris is a grunt in United States Marine Corps. The military hunks start off with a show of ****** by arm wrestling. After they prove who's the strongest, the two settle in for some porn watching and jerking off. Our Marine is first to whip his dick out and it's not long before the sailor is sucking happily away on the uncut sausage before him. Military men know about unit cohesion. So it's not long before the sailor is getting his own uncircumcised dick sucked by the hunky marine. While he's down there, Chris isn't afraid to get his tongue buried in some straight guy ass. Then he bends over on the sofa to get his ass rammed Navy style. The seaman is feeling extra friendly. So he rolls his comrade onto his back and fucks him missionary style. Marines really know how to take it in the ass. And Chris is no exception!