Mack and Steve: Abduction and training
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Added: 08 Feb 14
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Description: Start where Steve Parker is hand cuffed & thrown into the back of MACK's big black sinister looking windowless van & taken to a secure location across town. He's collared, leashed, & led like a sack of fuck meat behind bars where his shirt is torn off & that beautiful hairy chest & abs we all love so much are shown to you by MACK like a hunters trophy. And then true to form MACK uses & *****s Steve with total disregard for Steve's needs and in doing so Steve gets exactly what he's needed for a long time. The pretty boy is caught jerking off so MACK puts him in a locked chastity belt & leaves him leg ironed to the bars for hours with nothing but a pair of his stinking week old cum & piss stained briefs to make sure “things remain hard” for Steve. Along the way, Steve is humiliated and ******. MACK mercilessly fucks & tortures the sweet unused hole between those amazing fuzzy globular ass cheeks. Every scream & holler of hurt is real as MACK trains Steve to pleasure a Man with his pu
any holes a goal 2
Category: Twink
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Description: the stink of sweaty boys jock straps , cum and hot cocks, get the boys going
Nasty Army Masters
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Jan 14
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Tags: domination submission bdsm fetish army uniform

Description: In their army uniforms, Master Dave and Master Mike drag in pathetic new sub jonah who fights back feebly but is soon stripped naked after a beating. The ******Tops make him squirm on the floor as he has to kiss and lick their filthy boots before removing their stinking socks. Once the Masters pull off their trousers, the distraught sub is pulled upright and has to smear his face into each of their rears. His tongue rubs up and down their rancid assholes. We get a close-up of his quivering mouth making contact with each of the Tops' rose-red holes. To completely humiliate the defeated sub, Master Dave finally ****** a buttplug up him, kicking him for good measure, before flipping him over and pissing all over him.
Master Uses Human Urinal
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 17 Nov 13
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Tags: domination submission pissing urinal boots fetish S&M

Description: Fishing his penis out of his underwear he instructs peter to "Swallow EVERY LAST DROP..." ******Tops Master Kieron won't suffer fools gladly, and when he gives an order, he expects it to be carried out to the letter. Unleashing a torrent of warm Master's piss straight from the tap, sub peter struggles from the get-go to consume the heavy flow, spilling lots of stinking yellow nectar over the floor and his Master's boots. The ungrateful cunt doesn't seem able to follow the simplest of orders, but Kieron is quick with the leather strap to correct peter's error, making the sub clean the piss from his boots while being punished. Every drop must be devoured.
Sock Fuck on the Tram
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 13 Aug 14
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Tags: sneaker sex sex feet foot sox sneaker sneakers sneax nike tn blowjob german prolls twink chavs

Description: At a tram stop Jaden bumps into gang ringleader Ronny, who, while smoking, can't stop gobbing on the floor and spreading the spit with his white TNs. Jaden is already a tad nervous and doesn't know where to look. On the tram Ronny calls out to him and uses him for a thorough personal licking service. He gets his big schlong out of his pants and gets blown by the lad in public, presses his sneaks onto his face and lets him sniff at his Lacoste socks which stink so much that tears come immediately to Jaden's eyes. Then Ronny fucks his tight little arse in the middle of the carriage and shoots a load of cum straight into his face.
Hairy Sportsman Spanked
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 31 Jan 13
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Description: After a hard game of cricket sporty Guy goes into the makeshift locker room at BreederFuckers and is disgusted to see that it’s a space also used by the grounds men. It’s time this star player and hairy stud gets taken down a notch and learn what it’s like to be sexually used and ******* by the men who watch him lustfully from the sidelines all day. He’s bound in place by the pervy men who strip down his trousers to reveal his sexy jock strap. Adrian and Dave test his mettle by kicking him in the nuts and pounding his hard torso with their fists. His magnificently hairy ass is beautifully framed by the twin white straps. They make it blush by whacking it with his own bat. The mouthy cunt curses his captors, but that only encourages them to bend him over and give him a royal fucking with a cricket pole. Seeing as he has such a dirty mouth his fragrant jock strap is soaked with piss. The wet stinking strap is wrapped around his head so with every breath he takes he has to taste a
Army Private Stripped
Category: Straight
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Description: At, Private Gerry Davies has an insatiable sex drive. Even though he should be cleaning and preparing for inspection he's sprawled naked on his bed jerking his dick with all his friends working around him. Staff Sergeant Walker discovers Davies isn't taking his duty to the military seriously enough. The naked joker is subjected to exercise punishment, a stink test and has his freshly milked balls roughly handled as he's relentlessly questioned about his slack attitude.
Army Hazing Barracks
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 25 Aug 12
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Description: At when Privates Towne and Davies return to the barracks in the middle of the night full of ****** and moxie they pick on Private Rob Chance. The dozy hairy hunk is totally at the mercy of his randy friends as they push him through exercise drills and replicate the sergeant's pervy inspections. They tease him about his big full balls and the manly stink emanating from his gooch and anus. Pinning him to the bed with his exposed ass in the air they pour and spit ***** into his ass crack while tugging on his dangling genitals. The humiliated young squaddie has to take whatever the guys dish out without knowing when it will stop.
Nasty Cops
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 26 May 12
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Tags: Domination masters submissive bottoms tops BDSM S&M groped analplay dildo cocksucking bondage spanking cum cum

Description: Master Derek and Master Toby are cocky handsome young cops who like nothing better than to strip a prisoner and make him suck their big hard cocks. And they have the law on their side. They dole out vicious kicks, punches and verbal humiliation upon their captive sub. Suspending the bottom by his neck to a pipe Derek and Toby face fuck the useless cunt with their thick hard cocks, the noose around his neck choking him as he tries to comply. Using the captive man's mouth as a urinal the Masters make him kneel in a pool of their piss, stinking yellow waste dripping from his body, broken and humiliated.
Sweat and Stink
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 04 Apr 12
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Duration: 0:00:30
Tags: Domination masters submissive bottoms tops BDSM S&M groped analplay dildo cocksucking bondage torture whipping spanking cum cum pissing rimming armpits sweat

Description: The ******Tops Masters have installed a sub in their locker room whose duty it is to service their stinky sweaty bodies with its mouth. An inventive use for a bottom's sloppy wet tongue, able to dig deep between a firm pair of athletic buttocks and lick clean a sweaty puckered hole. Master Nick and Derek have been so busy that they've not had a shower in over a week. Their feet, cocks, ass crack and armpits are all rank with dried in sweat, the odour is enough to make your eyes water and sting. Using the sub's mouth as a shower the two Masters clean every inch of their stinky sweaty bodies in it and get their pungent assholes eaten.
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 13 Mar 12
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Description: The lads return home after one hell of a workout at the gym. Both settle down outdoors to chill out, but Manuel can't help but smell a really strong odour. Cristian is convinced it isn't coming from him, but Manuel sees the long line of sneakers on the floor at realises it is the stench from the trainers that is causing the stink! Torrent, unconvinced makes Roko sniff his sneakers, pushes him to the floor & the wildest, deep, punishing, fuck ensues. A nice filthy long hard fuck climaxing in some pretty heavy, thick cum shot straight at you!
barcelona heat (uknakedmen)
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Added: 12 Sep 11
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Tags: Macanao Dennis De Nello uncut cocks hairy naked men

Description: Dennis and Macanao turn up the heat. These hairy horny fuckers, fuck and suck their way to a sweaty sticky climax, the screen stinks of hot sex.
Coming Out of my Dirty Old Converse
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 27 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:06:31
Tags: feet foot barefoot sneakers sneaks converse smelly socks sweaty sox toes

Description: ***This video comes complete with my own verbal description of what you, the viewer, cannot feel or smell*** Normally, I'm a guy who likes to keep his feet clean and stink-free. (Although I sometimes like another guy's feet to be slightly smelly) Anyhow...I went fishing with a buddy of mine the other day and wore my old dirty converse hi-tops for, what ended up being, about 10 hours. 10 hours of trudging around the lake and woods in my old beat up converse allstars getting really sweaty, dirty, and wet. Man!!! My feet were so sore, tired, smelly, and soaked with sweat, that it seemed a waste not to make a vid for all you people who are into sweaty smelly feet. So I did.