Kevin Carson and Sonny Stewart
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Added: 09 Sep 14
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Description: Kevin really took control of Sonny, calling all the shots as he got sucked off and sucked, rimmed, and then finally let Sonny ride his cock.
Sonny Stewart Plows Ben Rose
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Added: 26 Mar 14
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Description: Ben Rose is the kind of guy you never forget -- he's got this mesmerizing talent of accomplishing huge feats without breaking a sweat. Any guy he plays around with is instantly in awe of his sexual appetite and ability, lucky they have the chance to reap his benefits for all they're worth. Just ask Sonny Stewart, another inked-up bad boy who also happens to be friends with Ben.
Stewart Jacked off
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Added: 05 Mar 14
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Description: Ultra-straight street urchin of obvious Irish descent, he makes it known that he's the man. Don't mess with no one but women, and don't wanna be messed with. Jacked off just because he needed the money and for no other reason and he wanted more money because he shot a huge load. Poor little clueless Neaderthalithic heterosexual!
Gabriel Clark Pummels Sonny Stewart
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Added: 31 Jan 14
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Description: If there's a God among gay porn performers, it would have to be Gabriel Clark. When he first met fellow French-Canadian stud, Sonny Stewart, he even suggested the two do a little role playing as Jesus and Judas. The two definitely got a kick out of this scenario, but with their finely toned physiques and confident attitudes, who wouldn't want to bow down and worship them?
Sonny Stewart & Marco Gagnon Fuck
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 13 Jan 14
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Description: The last time we saw Sonny Stewart, he was jerking off all alone in the shower. But now he's got a boyfriend named Marco, and they've been together for the past four months. That's right -- Sonny and Marco are a real-life couple, and after watching this scene you'll know exactly why!
Jake Bass Fucks Sonny Stewart
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Added: 16 Jun 13
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Description: As the 21st of December closes in and the imminent destruction of the world approaches, we asked ourselves "Who would you want to fuck with only a few days left until the apocalypse?" A lot of you answered "Jake Bass of course!" And so did Videoboys' sensational new model Sonny Stewart. And even before they ever met, we somehow knew that the sparks would fly if we got them in the room together. But the truth is, when we put these two tattooed cuties in a room together, they really didn't have much to say to each other and we were kinda worried that we'd made a bad match. The photo shoot going along a bit cold until we suggested "Ok, let's try a kiss." That's when the sparks really began to fly. Jake Bass is known for his passionate kisses and we really think he's met a good match in Sonny. This was a face sucking contest the likes of which we've never seen before. And it only got hotter from there. Sonny may be new to video but he certainly knows his way around a cock. And Jake was h
Breck Stewart, Jacob Hall
Category: Jock / Athlete
Added: 11 Nov 12
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Description: Breck Turns Jacob Over And Fucks Him, Always Ready For Sex!
Luke Desmond, Mike Andrews And Ryan Stewart
Category: Twink
Added: 25 Aug 12
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: It's really a no-brainer that we'd team up three of the horniest and most hung boys in one shoot, and this video with Luke Desmond, Mike Andrews and Ryan Stewart is definitely one for all the lovers of big and impressive dicks out there! Mike and Ryan can't wait to get on Luke's big dick, but he's hungry for some too when he sees what the duo are packing themselves. Check out the threeway sucking, and check it out as both Ryan and Luke get their butts stuffed!
Ryan Stewart Jerking Off
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Added: 22 Aug 12
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Description: Sporty twinks like 18 year old Ryan Stewart are always a hit with the fans, and when the guys see this rugby playing lads hung uncut cock and his massive super shooter of a cum load a lot of the other models are going to be lining up to play with him. If you've seen some of the cum shots our guys squirt you'll be impressed when I say Ryan Stewart is possibly the biggest squirter we've had yet!
Prison Breakers, S04
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 05 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:03:05
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Description: presents scene four from Alexander Pictures' "Prison Breakers". Prison Breakers is the kind of movie at which Alexander Pictures really excels. A lot of production houses have titles featuring a prison theme. When you get into the fucking and sucking of it, though, the prison cells seem to have been done by Martha Stewart and it's less than hot. Alexander, though, takes you into the woods to some abandoned construction site with a bunch of sweaty muscle studs, shoots through the grass so you feel like you've happened upon it yourself, and just tells the guys to bring their bug spray because it's going to get nasty. This movie features some of Alexander's regular fuckers with some new faces. There is more testosterone in this place than should be allowed and it is packed with heavy hitters from start to finish. Grab your lube and enjoy the view, boys.
Galen Maganos and Justin Stewart
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Added: 11 May 11
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Galen and Justin find a quiet corner of their sleazy bar to fuck each other rotten. Those ripped and muscled bodies look so good in the shadowy light as they hammer into each other, surrounded by steel bars - which come in handy when they get into some hardcore riding action.
collars and cuffs (uknakedmen)
Category: Straight
Added: 11 Jan 11
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Description: Not only is this an intimate fantasy of one of our viewers its also the first time 'straight' Stefan has fucked a man. The lucky guy on the receiving end of that thick, hard cock was Andrea who obviously enjoyed every minute of it. The two lads are smart for town but Andrea has a trick up his sleeve - a pair of handcuffs. Stefan doesn't mind being restrained, and though he's straight he can't stop himself getting a hard on from Andrea's hot, expert lips. But when Andrea...
Justin Stewart, Tyson Naphal, Tyler Savas, Terence Kiadas, Rick Bauer, Gary Zabal, Daniel Paxton
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 27 Nov 10
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Description: It's an open bar for this horny crew, with all you can eat buffet of cock and ass in one of the biggest gangbang videos we've had on High Octane. There are hot bodies and big cocks galore and any number of couples to focus in on as they trade blowjobs and ass-fucks on-screen.
VIP (uknakedmen)
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 16 Nov 10
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Duration: 0:01:39
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Description: Cocky, reveller Hayden spills the wrong drink as he staggers around the night club. Stefan's bouncer decides on what punishment to extract from Hayden, but to this cock and cum hungry young pup its a pleasure to service the hard dicks of burly Nathan and Stefan's monstrous, fat tool. As Straight Stefan has his cock sucked by a guy for the first time, Nathan is eagerly up to his nuts in Hayden's tight hole. As they shoot their hot loads this spunk crazed man can't wait to lick...
stefan stewart (uknakedmen)
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 28 Oct 10
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Description: Now this guy is RIPPED, handsome, horny, 90% straight and hung. Blonde Stefan has just started doing porn work, but with a thick, heavy cock like that he's going to be in demand. He's so cute and sexy when he said he'd be up for a blow job from a bloke we jumped at the chance - watch this space...