Reese and Riley
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Added: 17 Jun 11
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Description: Riley Price wakes horny muscle stud Reese Rideout from a midday slumber only to get his mouth fucked and ass pounded.
Jorge Fusco
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Added: 08 Jan 11
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Description: Jorge Fusco was a fan of Randy Blue before he ever stepped foot into our studio. With his honey brown skin, hot worked out muscular body and gorges face we all knew he'd be a welcome addition to our roster of hot muscle stud gay porn stars. He's got such thick luck body hair that you just want to run your fingers through it, letting them explore every inch as you get closer and closer to this cock and balls, and maybe down to his furry butt. Jorge starts off jerking his nice thick uncut cock to his favorite RB DVD, fantasizing about his favorite model, Reese Rideout. He then tries out the Fleshjack, pounding it's little silicone hole like he's getting some back alley ass and working it for all it's worth. Then he gives a taste of his hot ass, fingering his own hungry hole and really giving you a show. Then it's back to the Fleshjack for more hot jerkoff action before he shoots such a hearty thick load he almost doused our cameraman.
Reese & Riley
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Added: 11 Sep 10
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Description: Never wake Reese Rideout up from a midday nap unless you want to be told to suck his thick meaty cock and be prepared to take that cock up your hungry hole until you're begging to shoot your hot sticky load all over your own chest. Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe that's a damn good idea. This may have been the thought running through Riley Price's pretty little head as he came upon the beautiful figure of Reese flooding in the pool, smooth skin glistening with water droplets, the sun reflecting off each and every curve of his hot muscular body. Everyone knows this horny muscle stud loves working out as much as he loves sex, and we don't need to tell you how much he loves sex. And when given the chance to get a good ass plowing, Riley isn't about to say no. With his handsome face and outgoing personality, not to mention a cock any guy would love to wrap his lips around, Riley has given some of the most electrifying performances on Randy Blue Live. He stands in front a long line of