Cum in the ass
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Description: The good Doctor can only fuck a twink so long before the prostate stimulation reaches a climax. His patient Golf is no exception, but the boy shoots his load in two stages and then swallows Dr Twink's own healing elixir to complete the treatment.
Twinks Orgy
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Description: he luckiest couch in the world is the stage for a 6 twink orgy! We've got blonds and brunettes - big dicked smooth twinks sucking, licking and fucking their way to a tsunami of cum.
Club Orgy Part 1
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Description: Dayton O'Connor sets the stage for a steamy group fuck session sucking Max Cameron while Ryan Jamieson and Blue Bailey worship his cock.
Erik Finnegan & Patrik Ekberg
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Added: 14 Aug 14
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Description: Patrik takes his new found lover to a techno Club. Men are dancing with alot bare skin, but that isn't enough for some guys: cocks are being blown deep and hard right on the dancefloor, asses are first licked and then fucked with dildos. The bustle is always orgiastic, finally two athletic guys on the open stage are sucked off and spray ex long into the crowd.
Backstage Fuck Buddies
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Description: Daji and Ping are super cute gay asian thai boys who kept giving each other the eye during the rehearsal of a community play. Being the only two stage hands and night security boys, they wait until night when they are alone. Daji starts sucking Ping's face as he rubs his hot smooth torso and crotch. They kiss for a good while and soon they are on the bed fucking. After Ping fucks Daji, they switch and Daji fucks Ping and they both shoot their creamy loads!
Sex en Rouge
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Description: The curtains part. The stage lights come on. The bed is lowered into position. Helix presents Sex En Rouge, an exotic and stylish homage to European cabaret sex shows. Enter Liam Riley, Helix's freshest face joined by resident stud Andy Taylor. The two begin a flawlessly choreographed performance of seduction as the audience looks on in delight. Their chiseled bodies moving, touching, kissing, licking, sucking and grinding; as the costumes come off the show escalates into a full-on fuck session heading to a spectacular climax. Sex En Rouge is a groundbreaking film as visually stunning as it is erotic.
The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2 - Lucas Kazan
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
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Description: Worshipped by his guests, the innkeeper (Sasha Byazrov) flirts with everyone, but loves no one. Not Arsura (Max Veneziano), not Albafiorita (Vilem Cage), not Fabrizio (Matthias Vannelli), the hunky waiter who's fallen in love with the boss, but settles for the village twinks (Matt Van Dorn). When gruff Ripafratta (Michele Luppo) professes his freedom from the allure of beauty, Sasha sets out to win him over. And win him over he does, teasing the sullen guest, charming him and finally conquering him. Meantime, the suitors take comfort in each other's company (Vilem with Eric Flower; Max with Vilem and Giorgio Salieri); the innkeeper in Fabrizio's arms. THE INNKEEPER - HOTEL ITALIA 2 is based on Carlo Goldoni's famed play, "La locandiera", first staged in 1752. It was filmed in the Tuscan countryside, not far from Florence, in June 2003.
Category: Massage
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Description: I've been chatting with Dex since before the site launched in October 2003. He scheduled a couple of appointments and no-showed, and finally last week when I contacted him, Dex was ready to take the plunge. Other than DP-ing a chick with a buddy, Dex has had no sexual interaction with another guy -- but that doesn't mean that he hasn't thought about it... Dex was ready from the word go when this shoot began. Knowing that he's penetrated himself at home with his own fingers, I thought that I would show him what a real prostate massage feels like. Needless-to-say, he was on the verge of popping several times during that stage of the shoot (and he left a big ol' precum puddle on the sheet). But what was truly telling just how much Dex had anticipated that day and that moment when another man explored his body and allowed Dex to explore his curiosity, was shortly after laying him on his back on the CAUSA massage table, Dex couldn't hold back and unexpectedly popped his first load.
The Best Of Ramon Mendez - Ramon, Antonio and Jefferson
Category: Latino
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Description: After all of his cock-stiffening fantasies, Ramón finds himself in a disco, dancing and stripping with Antonio Jacques another big-muscled, dick-stuffing hottie. In the back-room behind the stage, Jeferson Garces finds himself in the middle of the two erotic models pleasuring both of them as he stuffs his mouth with one gigantic cock after another.
Frat House Cream Episode 3: K.O.K. Shots - NakedSword Originals
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Description: While Kev (Hunter Page) is trapped in a locked truck back at the frat house, his fellow K.O.K. *******s (Doug Acre and Lucas Knight) are living it up at the Powerhouse underwear night. In the third episode of NakedSword Original's Frat House Cream, the guys find that if love is strange, lust is stranger. Doug and Lucas are disappointed when they don't get picked to work their rumps on stage so the boys each get on their phones to find a match with the "Mister" app — and find each other. So while Kev cries out for help, Doug takes Lucas in the back for a little *******ly love.
Kouta - Passing the Time
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Description: We met Kouta on the street passing the time of day and took a chance. Kouta was happy to "bust a nut and make a fast buck" for us and on short notice and not really prepared, the SUV became our center stage for this scene. Kouta settles into the back seat and after talking with him, he takes off his pants and starts to play with his cock still inside his underwear. Soon after the play time started, off come his colorful briefs and he settles back and starts jerking off for us. It's tight quarters, but Kouta manages to lay down on the seat and spread his legs exposing his hairy hole. Even better, he throws a leg up over the back of the seat. Enjoy this private time with Kouta in the back seat as he bust one out for us. Download the full video here!
Twink Cuffed
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Description: Boyfriends play with boundaries in this "Twink Cuffed" video. sets the stage, but it's these two that make the fantasy "cum" true. Handcuffing his partner, the top begins by sucking and fondling. Watching the lean body of the bottom twitch as he is sucked is a real turn on. The top then takes his boyfriend's face for a fuck; grabbing the cuffs to manipulate the bottom's mouth. The two move into a sexy 69; the bottom is still handcuffed, but that does not affect his oral abilities. Wanting more than oral affection, the top gels up and fingers his boy, fucking him "digitally," both are ready for more. Let out of the handcuffs, the bottom happily rides atop his partner, bouncing into the top's cock. Needing to feel more "friction" the top rolls his boyfriend over and rides him from behind. The two switch out to a missionary stance as well. The fun "Boykakke" shot is a blast as the top splooges onto the boyfriend's face and couch. He then takes his dick, like a chap stick and
Kiss Me
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Added: 17 Nov 13
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Description: Adrian heads over to Fernando's house for some midday fun. They're in the beginning stages of a relationship and Fernando just loves kissing Adrian. Who wouldn't, right? The boys start out on the couch with plenty of wet kisses before Fernando starts peeling Adrian out of his clothes. Now it's time for Fernando to do plenty of kissing on that young tender cock and Adrian certainly doesn't mind the attention. Adrian sits on the arm of the couch while Fernando kisses, sucks and licks to the delight of Adrian (and his cock). Adrian pulls off Fernando's boxers and it's time to "get down" or should I say "up" as in up Fernando's ass? Fernando bends over the arm of the couch as Adrian slips on a condom and "up" he goes. Look at how Fernando rides Adrian even in ***gy style. This is one hot little twink! When the boys are ready to blow, Fernando lays back on the couch with Adrian standing over him and jerks off in his face and Fernando licks it up and cleans off his dick. Then Fernando sits b
Aussie Mates Fuck In Leather
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Description: Mature Aussie mate Blake is back once again at Amateurs Do It, but this time he chose to top his playmate this time around, the sexy hot Silverdaddy Patrick. Both men show up wearing leather garb and looking SO sexy! An old abandoned building is the setting and with a nice day at hand, we set about filming a sensational sucking, rimming and fucking video that left very little to be desired. Patrick wasted no time dropping to his knees in order to engulf Blake's big dick with his hungry throat and this set the stage for one hell of an ass fucking shoot!
Jan Losch, Karl Schiffers and Niklas
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Added: 19 Dec 13
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Description: Jan Losch can go from top to bottom in 2 seconds flat. After pounding the hell out of Karl Schiffers, an anonymous online hook-up shows up and the two devour the bearded hunk.Jan's tattooed, starburst asshole practically swallows Karl's cock. He then straddles the stranger, his balls still heavy with saline and rides the eager stud. But cock hungry pigs like Jan can achieve maximum satisfaction from being penetrated only if they're in a sling! So off he goes. There, Karl gives Jan all the raw cock he can handle, slamming into him until their regular fuck buddy, Niklas, shows up. He soon takes center stage, his legs up in the air for a bareback tag team fucking.
The Big Stage Performance at Hustla Ball Berlin 10th Year Anniversary
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 29 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Sebastian Keys gets used and humiliated on the big main stage at Hustla Ball Berlin.
The Yura Challenge: Round 1
Category: Blowjob
Added: 23 Jan 14
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Description: Got a little contest going on for us today at We have, in the red, Yura, a “hole” man with the ability to bottom his way into anyone's hard-on. And Takashi, in white, who's “staying in” stamina is “well felt.” In this battle of the “sexiest,” both will endure lots of pleasure for our enjoyment; yep, whatever has these two teaming up, works for me. Takashi begins with a nice jab to his throat; he swallows Yura all the way. As the twink moans, the top continues to give his all, orally. Now I know this is supposed to be a duel, but I'd say they are “playing on the same team.” Yura then goes for a tight lip-lock on Takashi's nipples, before going for the “low blow.” Camera zoom in for all the action as the crowd goes wild. Oh wait, that's just Yuri's “hovering.” With thrusts and “slows,” both men set the stage for a real “pounding;” I do love officiating these match ups. Yura gets on his back and give Takashi a great look at what's at “steak.” The top then uses his hands in
Ordered To Suck Cock
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Description: At BreederFuckers Bobby's arms are bound together and tied to the ceiling. With his cock and balls firmly tied to his feet this boy isn't going anywhere. No matter how much he squirms he can't do anything to stop the bad man from fondling his hefty cock and sliding his finger around the sensitive circumference of his sphincter. This straight boy is made to become familiar with every stage of being fucked. He's presented with a stiff dick in his face which he's ordered to slick up by drooling copious amounts of saliva through his gag. His tight arse is then split into and he's ruthlessly screwed. Bobby si then ordered to deep throat cock which is rammed right to the back of his throat making one of the most vividly intense gagging scenes ever filmed.
Beefy Hairy Andrew
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 10 Aug 13
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Description: We were introduced to Andrew a couple of weeks ago when we paired him up with cute twink Max. Well, Andrew was an instant success, thank you everyone for such positive feedback!!! Today, we give Andrew the center stage and let him show off his own beautiful big beefy muscled hairy body. And our man does not disappoint. Andrew cruises into our studios fully decked out in his biker gear. All leather, mmm! He gets into the fun teasing and stripping while still in his helmet, then he gets into his solo action with a special toy that we bought him. We loved getting in close with the cam and checking out all that fur, watching him flesh jack himself and then finish off with a handie, exploding all over the floor. I think we will have to get Andrew back for more!!!
Dominic Gets Dirty with Tony
Category: Blowjob
Added: 07 Aug 13
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Description: I found Dominic on-stage at an all-male, all-nude strip club. His lean, muscular build, natural body hair, and striking good looks kept my gaze focused on him the whole evening. I approached him and asked if he'd be interested in showing off his body for some of my videos. His eyes lit up and he practically hugged me from the stage. Now that he's on my casting couch, I'm going to see if this supposedly straight boy will try a few more things. When I reach in to measure his penis, I decide to give a few extra strokes; just to see what his reaction will be. He smiles as I caress his cock gently. Instantly, I feel the swelling in my own jeans. I whip out my cock and ask him to give me a hand. Instead, he immediately leans in and starts to slobber all over my sausage. His warm mouth feels great as the velvet of his oral cavity envelopes my hardened rod. Wanting to show me all of his abilities, he uses his hand to pump the load from my nutsack toward my piss hole. I can only take so much of
Bareback Master 3
Category: Bareback
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Description: Ben Archer is real horny for hole; Christian Luke gives it up in the prison cell; Marky Bruno piston fucks Michael Anthony through a glory hole and fills his tight hairy hole with cum; Derek Steel gets Ben's seed as Bret Parks plows and breeds Derik's used and worked man hole in the dungeon; and Daddy DeAngelo, the voyeur, jerks it to the live action he stages in Tony's Fuck Club... the THIRD in a series of ass pounding fuck films by creators Tony