1st Time Suking Dick Uncut Stud
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Added: 14 May 11
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Description: Today I'm really excited for the meating between perfectly sculpted personal trainer, America, and furry toned twink, Alex Andrews. They begin chatting about the cold weather where they live, sports they're into, and what they want to do with their lives. It doesn't take long before America asks Alex to give him a helping hand with his bulging uncut cock. Alex starts by kissing America's beautiful chest and stomach before yanking down his pants sucking his pulsating hard-on between a pair of soft lips, while unbuttoning his own pants to set the stage for little bit later. America, incapable of putting together a coherent sentence, finally decides now is the right time to give his first blowjob and pulls Alex's shorts down jerking the other uncircumcised dick in the room and hesitantly rubbing his lips on it before wrapping them around it and giving Alex a proper blowjob. Alex can't keep from shouting out with pleasure as America slides his face up and down and his urge to fuck some tig