Horny bottom boy Jeremy Feist
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Description: Jeremy is a student and part -time restaurant server. He is from a small town outside of Montreal and just beginning to get out and explore what the world has to offer. He just turned 18 a few months ago and recently took up the sport of kickboxing. Most exciting of all, Jeremy is making his first tentative steps into the world of gay sex (and so far it hasn t lived up to the hype). Jeremy Feist is 18 years old, is 5 9
Massively hung Jessy Karson
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Description: You might recognize Jessy from Squirtz back in 2005. Well Jessy has changed his job, changed his look and changed his role in bed. Sometime in those 4 years Jessy made the transition from a twink boy who was a submissive bottom, into rough skinhead type who is an aggressive, dominant top. And from what we can gather from those you have ***** with him, he has found his calling. Jessy Karson is 22 years old, is 5 8
Blue eyed lean skaterboy twink William Prince
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Description: Having just turned 18, William is taking a break from school and is up for pretty much anything that seems interesting. He loves to dance and he loves to spend hours on his computer. And donĂ½t let those cute innocent looks fool you. William admits to being a sex fiend with the girls. And listen carefully to what he says about what he might be able to do with a guy. An open mind is a wonderful thing. William Prince is 18 years old, is 5 10
Really Hot Hung Dominant Latino Jock Oswaldo
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Description: Oswaldo works at a nice hotel here in Montreal and is originally from Mexico. He takes great care about how he looks, as you will see from his fine, gym-trained body. In fact he almost wasn t going to do this Squirtz video when he arrived because he felt that the haircut he had just done was a bit too short in the back. But once we started going, Oswaldo s powerful horniness took over and he just had to go through with it. Oswaldo is 23 years old, is 5 9
Hot muscled latino bottom boy
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Description: Here from Mexico studying French, Noe is loving his time in Montreal. Though he really hated the cold weather of the winter months, the spring weather is warming him up and stimulating his sex drive. And even coming from a passionate latin country, Noe is finding that the streets of Montreal have some exciting things to offer. Noe is 24 years old, is 5 7
Tall bottom boy Emanuel spread his cheeks
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Description: It took us a bit of effort to get Emanuel talking but eventually he started opening up to us. He admitted he is a bit shy and for sex that just means he doesn t approach people. They come to him. But this seems to work for him since, based on what he told us, he gets some exciting sexual encounters. Many of them in the great outdoors. Emanuel is 19 years old, is 6 0
18 year old tall blond boy Zack
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Description: Zack has the qualities in a young straight guy that many of us lust after: A talented athlete, good looking, in good shape, very popular and he gets ****** on a regular basis. Unfortunately, he is so popular with the girls he doesn t really need any help from his buddies. But they do have group sex from time to time so at least the opportunity for experimentation is open still.
Blond twink boy Leo Lafonce
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Description: We have known Leo for a few years and he has always been the kind of guy to just say what he is thinking and this interview was no exception. Leo has a tendency to get mixed up with the wrong crowd so we don t believe his experience is an accurate reflection of Seattle. We love Seattle. But we are glad he is back home and glad that he is back on the prowl for his new-found desire: giant dicks. Leo Lafonce is 22 years old, is 6 0