Sean rubs one out
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Description: Sean called one day, saying that he was in the neighborhood and wanting to know if he could stop by. This out-of-nowhere phone call could only mean one thing-- he was horny and wanted a place to jerk off away from the barracks. No problem! I think just about every room in the house has had someone do a shoot in it, except maybe SpunkWorthy Central; our own little man cave. It was about time to de-virginize it. I set up the cameras and let Sean pound one out watching some of the boy-girl videos from the site. Twisted as he is, Sean made an enigmatic comment to me afterward about there being "a surprise at the end." And a hot one, it was. As if fingering himself while jerking off wasn't enough of a treat, after busting a load onto his stomach, Sean scooped up the cum and sucked his fingers clean.
Handsome hung marine gets a face full of cum
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Description: This week marks the 4th anniversary of, so I wanted to dish up something special for ya' -- anyone for a thick slab of military meat? Reed is a 22 y/o str8 Marine who's heard from several of his girlfriends that he should do porn. I couldn't agree more! He's a cornfed jock with a helluva nice bod and a thick cock that made my jaw drop when he pulled it out. And Reed isn't shy about showing it off, either. The idea of doing it on camera seemed to turn him on even more which not only made for a hot video, but created an undeniable sexual tension while we were filming. After letting Reed give us a look at every square inch of his body, I took a chance and pulled out the ol' measuring tape. Ya' know... just to make sure I got an accurate measurement on how big his cock was (wink). The verdict? Just shy of 8 inches long and a thick 6 inches around. Reed didn't flinch much at me touching his cock, so I gave it a few more rubs. "Whoa," he said at first, looking a little st
James gets serviced
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Description: When James was in the Navy, he had gotten a blowjob once from a sailor buddy after a long night of drinking. He didn't remember much of it, and said he might be up for trying it again on camera (and sober this time). Enter Ryan. He's a cute 21y/o gay college student who jumped at the chance to do the honors. Ryan told me he's
Jerkin' off big-dicked Mason
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Description: Mason decided to come back for his first handjob from a guy. He's a pretty open-minded straight guy whose bi-curiosity blurs the boundaries a bit. I pulled out an Ice FleshJack to see how Mason would like it. Plus I wanted to see his big 'ol dick fill the thing up! Mason is on the edge for most of the shoot, and ended up blowing all over his stomach in one of the loudest, most enthusiastic cumshots in the whole SpunkWorthy collection!
Tattooed str8 guy jerks off
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Description: Seth is the kind of bad-boy you'd be a little afraid to meet on a dark street. Let alone ask him to get naked and jack off for you. Despite the tough exterior, he's a nice guy who, luckily, likes showing off his stuff on camera. And why not? Seth says he gets naked all the time to show off the tattoo on his dick to his friends. He's also a bit of an instigator and says he's talked most of his buddies into jerking off with him. As Seth puts it,
Connor beats his meat
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Description: Connor is one hot beefy 22y/o str8 dude from northern California who moved to San Diego for his job doing construction. We met when he was doing some home improvement work for a friend of mine when I happened to drop by. Of course, he immediately caught my eye. We got to talking and I mentioned some work I'd like to hire him for and slipped him my card. It was a week or so before Connor called. He was a bit apprehensive about jerking off on camera at first, but figured that making cash for showing his dick to the world was a lot easier than hanging drywall. When it came time to drop the denim, though, Connor seemed to get into the moment and released his inner porn star. He warned me that he had saved up for a couple days and when he busted, shot a big wet load up his stomach and down the side of his chest.