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Description: I spent the whole day in a small restaurant watching boys at the nearby basketball court. And I almost fall in love with one of them. So after I had three ****s I decided to try my luck. I offered the slim, sportive angel crowns to show me his butt and his body. And yes, he agreed - it was too easy. Then I made the mistake to offer him money for more in front of his friends. I still think he would have agreed but he was too shy as his mates were listening. What a stupid amateur mistake. But then I realized that another boy seemed to be interested. He looked at me and left the court. I followed him and offered a nice amount for a blow-job. For an even nicer amount we went to a remote hotel-room.
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Description: When people talk about Czech boys they always think about the golden boys of Prague. This is actually not quite fair. Because the further you go East - that's at least my opinion - the more beautiful the boys are. Today I met a young lad from Ostrava. A sportive student of economy. He came to Prague to visit a friend. And as his friend has to work daytime he made some sort of a sightseeing trip. I noticed him in front of a church at Namesti Miru. He seemed to have noticed me before running around with my cam. So he was already curious why I was doing so. I started to ask him some adult questions. He seemed quite open. Especially for money. But then he turned out to be more shy than I expected.
Fucked Football Player
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Description: Handcuffed and struggling Yanni is stumbling into the room. He is supposed to be the new toy of Jimbo, a former soldier at the French Foreign Legion. He gets rudely stripped and spanked before he has to give the soldiers an intense blow-job. To complete his humiliation he gets kissed like a girl. The light is dark and the air is full of smoke in the old wardroom. The rebels just seized the whole area from the retreating government makes. Jimbo, a former soldier of the French Foreign Legion, joined the Tchukistani Liberation Movement half a year before. He lightens a cigar when he hears Becko bringing in his new order. A boy-toy from the street. Sportive and pale but not too beefy. And there he comes. Yanni, a 22 years old midfielder from “Red Rocket Novo Sazky”. He only plays in the 2nd team of the club but still he is considered a big talent. Our Yanni is handcuffed and struggling a lot when he stumbles into the room. Becko pushes him right towards the sofa and his mate Jimbo
Hot recruit in ***** - extended I
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Description: Hamza was told to conscript at the local barracks. As he arrives his humiliation begins with a public strip-search. Afterwards the basic training starts and in a few minutes he will find himself tied, fondled and with a dick in his mouth. When duty calls there is no choice but to conscript at the local barracks. As the rebels gain further ground in the northern mountains of Tchukistan the government decided to send extra makes into the breakaway region. Hamza is a 20 y.o. sportive guy who used to work in a garage in Novo Sazky. He is a proud husband and the ****** of a 2 year old ********. They started to build a small but new house just a few months before the civil-war broke out. When he left home for the army he was close to tears but he didn't want to show any weakness to his family. While entering the barracks he encountered Mecko and Becko who at that moment were the officers on duty. “What a nice piece of meat” Mecko thinks as he orders the guy to show his ID. Then his be