SF #8: Really hot Chris makes all
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Description: This really hot cam-capture shows my friend chris. He is my slave and playing with his dick, insert an aerosol can in his ass, jerks for me and bring me very much cum - all what i want! :)
Milan Beran
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Description: Bartender & sports enthusiast Milan Beran typically enjoys playing with footballs; today, he gets a helping hand playing with his own balls. Enjoy!
Hardworking Thomas
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Description: Only 2 weeks out of a 15 years prison term for armed robbery, this guy is ready to do it all. He's 43 y/o, 5'8", and 140#. Loves sports and dancing, and said he had never had anal sex until his 13th year in prison. Something tells me, however, that he's had more gangster cock in his mouth than we'll ever know. Lucky Bastard!
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Description: You might have seen this semi-pro skater if you watch extreme sports and fantasized about seeing him naked but never realized that your dream might come true. On BoysPissing, they convinced rising skater super star Jay to drop his pants, piss, masturbate and piss more! Somehow, BoysPissing convinces real skaters, twinks, gay porn stars, jocks and frat guys to get kinky and raw while soaking themselves and each other in gallons of piss! Find out why BoysPissing.com has repeatedly been names one of the top hard core gay fetish sites on the net when you take a free tour! Go to BoysPissing.com now to view their massive collection of hard core gay piss porn videos and photos!
Waking Horny Hernando
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Description: Hernando Romano is sporting a big boner, as he ******. Roomie Rafael Lopez comes in and decides to jerk off, but he can't take his eyes off that ******** woodie. So, he starts sucking on it, which doesn't initially please the skittish Hernando. However, Rafael does so well they end up in a hot 69. Hernando then leans Rafael up against the wall and fucks his ass. Hernando takes that Latin hole every which way, until he releases an enormous cum shot.
Aaron Mi Dildo Jacking
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Description: Aaron Mi is proud of his cock and the new tattoo he's sporting. He strips naked and plays with his ass, before bending over to show us a close-up of his hole. Then Aaron shoves a pink sex toy inside, which is kind of interesting, considering he claims to be a top. It certainly doesn't distract from the end goal, as we enjoy watching him stroke out a nice warm cum load.
Wild Looking Greve
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Description: Arriving on his motorcycle wearing leather pants and sporting orange hair, Greve looks wild, but he's actually sensible and intelligent. This is quite a character, and you'll never have a dull moment when he's around. Basically straight, Greve says he doesn't mind getting a BlowJob from another guy. And he also doesn't mind us watching him jack off.
All American Dude Stroking His Cock
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Description: He slides back on the bed and leans back to get a good view of the video he's about to enjoy. When he unbuttons and removes his shirt, he reveals well developed biceps with tattoos on his right arm and left shoulder. Then, he slips off his tank top to reveal an equally well-developed chest. He rubs his cock through his jeans then slips them off. This sexy sailor is definitely sporting wood under the black fabric of his underwear. He teases us by not pulling it out right away. But when he does, it's worth the wait. His cock is thick and long and hard as a rock. He strokes his cock contentedly, watching the video. He lies out completely flat and puts his left hand behind his head, revealing his hairy armpit. His chest becomes flush as the orgasm begins to rise in him. His body starts to tense up. Finally his cock explodes with beautiful white streams of cum, shooting out over his stomach and chest.
Adrian's first time
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Description: Although Adrian tells us he is not shy, he certainly seems a little bit afraid of either the camera or Marty during the little chat... the shyness soon fades though once he starts to kiss Claude. He turns out to even be such a sport as to bottom for Claude as his first appearance on camera.The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!
Arab Rules - Al Tufail, Almahdi Hamaad and Imad Aldin
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Description: Nur has finally made his way into that bubble bath. He's only got his legs in and he's fisting that dick like he means it but then slides to the bottom of the tub to relax in the hot water and the foam. We go from his seductive lip licking and cock rubbing to find a beefy trio sitting back and rubbing on their cocks. Almahdi Hannad, Al Tufail and Imad Aldin all have been hitting the gym and it seems to have built up their fuck muscles as well. It's a short chat before the cock sucking starts. All three guys are sporting a nice piece between their legs. Almahdi is one of those guys whose dick stands tight up against his abs when it's hard and it looks delicious. While a good rim job is hot to watch regardless, when Imad squats down over Almahdi's face to get eaten out it made my prick leak. This is another example of Alexander using voyeurism in a scene to great effect. Almahdi laying back and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head while Al Tufail stretches Imad's hole
Doing the Trick - Antonio Ramos and Felipe Herrero
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Description: Cute, big-lipped Antonio Ramos is looking at some fetching porn mags while waiting on pal Felipe Herrero, sporting a fetching goatee and needing a massage. Once their lips connect, the rest can't be far behind and Antonio gives Felipe's uncut cock a loving near deep-throat. Felipe is all passion in the return volley. Felipe then rolls Antonio onto his back and rims him before fucking him. The smile on Antonio's face and the push from Felipe's dick make it a warm wonderful fuck. In a nice surprise, Antonio gets to fuck Felipe just as well, leading Felipe to dot the leather couch with cum.
Marc Ruffalo
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Description: Marc Ruffalo is back on BelAmiOnline. Gone is the look of last time as he sports a new spikier look. Dreamily handsome, Mark seems to have it all, great body, nice big dick, full lips and cheeky brown eyes. We look forward to showing you more of Mark in the future on BelAmiOnline.com
German Hole Wreckers Part 2
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Description: The German hole wreckers are at it again. First, they start off with a little bathroom water sports session. Then it's on to more hole wrecking.
CAUSA 453 Logan
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Description: Logan was one of my more challenging shoots in that he had an allergic reaction to the essential oils in my light sports blend massage oil. As a result, the glands around the head of his penis became overtly sensitive that further resulted in, shall we say, performance issues. So, quite a bit of this video was left on the proverbial cutting room floor, but wait till you get to the cumshot… HOLY SHITBALLS! It's one of the best that I have captured on video. Logan's chest & face (and the curtains behind him) are covered! Enjoy! CB ~ Casey Black
Badpuppy Tomas Kinsky
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Description: 23 year old waiter by trade, Tomas Kinsky, lists Thai as his favorite food, hard rock as his favorite music, swimming as his favorite sport, and sex as his favorite hobby. With a ginormously thick, eight inch cock, we certainly know why & envy his girlfriend. Enjoy!
Moran Stern and Toby Park
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Description: Power boy Moran is repairing his bike in the scorching sun. The hot Latino Toby passes and gets a boner at the sight of Moran. The chemistry is right and they quickly need a place to release of pressure. An abandoned building is found where Moran can suck the juicy Latino and put his ravenous box to use. Toby pushes Moran's hairy biker ass until the man cream from his cock shoots. Toby can no longer hold back his juice. What luck he found such a horny pig breakdown helper!|
Agua Caliente Part Two
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Description: Hernan's rocking on Diego's cock as the two pair and share. With these hot Latino boys, as long as you're hitting the right “spot,” any place will do. Grabbing his own dick while he rides, Hernan then stands and bends over for Diego's “sport” of choice. They're both out in the woods, and Diego brought his own 'log” along for fun. From below we enjoy a chose up of the boy's new game, “Entrada y Exito.” After a bit, the bottom boy needs a rest and has Diego rim him; nice “water sport.” As he jerks, Hernan blows his thick creamy load, quickly licked up by Diego. Snowballing the fun, the two kiss passionately. Now it's time for Diego to yell “timber;” looks like Hernan will take on the task. Blowing into Hernan's mouth, Diego has perfect aim, just like they've practiced before. The two again “pass the cream” back and forth, nice.