Hero Worship
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Added: 08 Sep 09
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Description: a friend wondered why I like lycra so much so a horny Spiderman showed him
Devils Defeat
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 26 Feb 09
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Duration: 0:02:12
Tags: wrestling domination slave bearhug *****er scissor ass anal hole Hungarian eastern european suck dick fuck punishment twink muscle humiliation gangbang hunk euro musclemen bodybuilder bi straight domination bj blowjob fetish

Description: James Jordan v Dark Devil NEWCOMER Dark Devil is an excellent slave inspite of his name. This beautiful young man is an ideal object for humiliation, he s even more gorgeous when anguish is radiating from his face. Crazy Master James Jordan did his best to bring out tough emotions from this young, (and finally) broken stallion. First he subjects his slave to gutpunches, nipple torture, face spitting and very agressive verbal humiliation while his slave is chained. Then he orders his slave for a sensual massage but slave Devil does not deliver so James punishes him in a speedo and naked wrestling match after he beat up the rebellious boy with his chains. Then James pushes him onto a barell and beats up his ass very hard, even James' hands hurt because of the strength of the slaps. Not satisfied with that, he makes Dark Devil to smell his speedos, then put his red speedo onto Devil s head and calls him spiderman! You think that is the end of it but he is not done yet ! He