Spanking at the Wet Bar
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Added: 07 Dec 12
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Description: Young Jake West still has to pass this second interview. He’s nervous to meet the big boss, Spencer Williams, because he really wants to model in Asia. But he never expected to be asked, “Why don’t you bend over my knees and let’s see how firm that ass really is.” Jake braved the spank test, so Spencer continued with the cock endurance test. Watch and see if Jake passes during this week’s episode of The Asiancy “Spanking at the Wet Bar” starring Spencer Williams and Jake West.
Category: Asian
Added: 13 Oct 12
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Description: Jessie comes out to check on the pool boy (Peter Le), when Spencer says, "After all this time, your lines are still the same. Didn't I teach you better than that?" Spencer realizes Jessie is surprised to see him and explains that he is here to stay. Jessie asks, "...after all this time, you think you can just come back like nothing ever happened?" But Jessie can't help himself, because Spencer was his first real love and he can't resist his hot naked body splashing around in the pool. That's when it happens, like all of the years they have been apart never happened. Two lovers, interlocked in love making in this week's episode "Pooling Together". Starring Spencer Williams, Jessie Lee and Co-starring Peter Le.
Bathroom Revelation
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Added: 11 Oct 12
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Description: After Mitch was rejected by his boss and secret love Eric, he threw himself into his work trying to forget how he was used. Then out of nowhere Spencer appears, a knight in shining armor, well at least a rich and powerful secret partner in The Asiancy. But why did he return and what is Jessie's reaction when he finds out his old lover has returned. Sex, intrigue and a whole lot of fucking on this weekís episode, "Bathroom Revelation"î starring Spencer Williams, Mitch Vaughn, Eric East and Jessie Lee.
My Horrible Gay Boss: the Intern and the New Guy Fuck!
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Added: 20 Jul 12
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Description: In this scene from the upcoming "My Horrible Gay Boss," the intern Kyler Moss offers new guy Spencer Williams some valuable dirt on their pervy boss--but the blackmail material comes at a cost, Kyler wants to get fucked! Spencer decides getting revenge on Mitch Vaugh is worth paying for and he takes the horny boy up to his bedroom. After sucking each other's cock, the gorgeous muscule-stud fucks little Kyler hard until he cums and the intern ends up taking Spencer's hot load in his mouth.
Boyfriends: Mitch Vaughn & Spencer Williams
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Description: In this scene, they each take turns fucking each other. Then, they give each other facials! With sex like this, their marriage is going to last a long time. I'd never break up with either of them, that's for sure!
Trevor, Mike and Spencer
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 01 Apr 12
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Tags: trevor knight mike martinez spencer williams hot birthday fuck sperm

Description: Trevor Knight just wants to relax and read a book for his birthday. His boyfriend, Mike Martinez, has other plans. He brings in Trevor's present which consists of Spencer Williams wearing a banner reading "Happy Birthday" and nothing else. Trevor gives out a good laugh and a big smile then points out that it's the birthday boy who should be the one in his 'birthday suit'. It's not long before everyone is naked and having fun. Even though it's Trevor's birthday it's Spencer who becomes the center of attention. He winds up in the middle of a man sandwich getting fucked first by Trevor's huge cock, then by Mike's long pole. Spencer continues to alternate, taking turns riding Trevor and Mike side by side on the couch! Spencer drops to his knees while Trevor and Mike each pop their load onto his waiting tongue. Still on his knees with two studs hovering above him, Spencer blasts all over his leg. "Happy Fucking Birthday!" exclaims Trevor.
Alabama Takedown
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Added: 18 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:02:38
Tags: Ken Mack Cliff Rhodes Jon Galt Owen Hawke Spencer Quest Blu Kennedy Jay Armstrong Joey Milano Luke Montana Colby Keller Bobby Williams Damon Demarco Zack Evans Joe Gage TitanMen

Description: Alabama Takedown is another cunningly crafted classic from the master of cineporn, Joe Gage. This three hour brawl is a hefty serving of Gage hallmarks, with buddies jerkin' it together, older dudes showing younger men the ropes, and unshaven, sweaty wranglers in rough, no-holds barred manplay.