Twink Bondaged By Blacks - Gustavo Alves and Riu Melo
Category: Brazilian
Added: 23 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Left to take another catnap against his tethers, Riu is still in captivity. This time Rodrigo shows up with Gustavo Alves and his big boner in tow. They have a matter of fact chat about the twink on the ground while Gustavo rubs his prick through his jeans. Rodrigo leaves for a second and returns with a hood to mask Riu's face for Gustavo. Once that's in place, it's straight to the little twinks ass for some spanking and fingering. Gustavo takes advantage of the mouth hole in the hood to get his dick wet and ready before getting around to his real goal. He dives into Riu's ass like he's been needing something to fuck for a good long while. Gustavo takes what he needs from the still hard Riu and cums a bucket load from his big, black dick.
Dungeon Daddy
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 12 Jun 14
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Description: Kamrun likes it hard and heavy, and since that's how Gant loves to give it they made for the perfect match up.
Cock and Ass Torture
Category: Asian
Added: 23 May 14
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Duration: 0:02:02
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Description: Yuu and Tsuyoshi are back for and anal play is the game of the day. Speaking in Japanese language, we see a more playful Yuu being spanked and cuddled by Tsuyoshi. The top, Tsuyoshi tugs on Yuu's dick while Yuu is busy deep throating him. Being a good bottom, Yuu obediently swallows all of his boyfriend until there is nothing left but hair. Gagging, he comes up for air and rolls to his back; Tsuyoshi now rubs Yuu's penis with lube, this is to both boy's delight. Whimpering, Yuu is encouraging Tsuyoshi to do more; Tsuyoshi adds spit to the lubricating mix and continues to polish Yuu's knob. As Yuu squirms with pleasure, Tsuyoshi aggressively rubs his boyfriend's dick then slaps it against his own hand. In a rotating motion, Tsuyoshi palms the head of the penis; this seems to be one of Yuu's favorite things to receive. Almost at the edge before climaxing, Yuu moans, "yeah," now thrusting his hips toward the massaging hands of his boyfriend. Tsuyoshi now goes faster and fas
Sleaze 4
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 02 May 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: bareback hardcore big cocks fetish dildos sling fisting pissing bondage

Description: SX Video continues its popular hardcore series with this latest installment of fisting, watersports, leather, bondage, spanking, domination and big toys.
Quick Pull On His Pole Before Bed
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 20 May 14
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Duration: 0:01:57
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Description: Horned up from watching Internet porn, this scruffy twink-next-door has to bust his developing cock out of his underwear and empty his loaded ballbags before bedtime. With his slender, smooth legs hiked up as he jacks off we get a great view of his tight rosebud asshole, twitching as he spanks the monkey.
Gravity's Not Stopping This Rocket
Category: Asian
Added: 18 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:05:11
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Description: Rocket is 18 and deliciously fresh. He's “pansexual,” and looking for whomever gives him that spark. As I shoot, and I do mean “launch,” Rocket is one of those models who not only looks hot, but he is the “hole” package. Born in the US, he is of Korean descent; a first generation, with “ass- pirations” of his own. He chose his name because of his “distance;” which he does live up to. Chatting, he also mentions that he'd like to try some bondage and spanking, but for now, “I really just want one guy to fuck me good,” which hasn't happened yet. Stripping with the music, his porcelain skin contrasts nicely with his red briefs. As a model, he's got what it takes and he's willing to share. As Rocket gets a morning call, he “wakes himself up” and begins to rub. Done with the call, he is not done with himself; using both hands, Rocket thrusts his hips and moans, touching his nipples and spreading his legs. Getting up to shower, he's not “shot” yet, but I'm
Roommate Spank & Fuck
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 05 Apr 14
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Tags: Helix Studios Andy Taylor Ian Levine Spank This spanking spank spank and fuck rimming jockstrap College guys twinks Brunette Porn Stars

Description: Andy Taylor knows when his booty call Ian Levine has been a bad boy and needs some playful punishment. As he takes an evening sunset ride over to Ian's house there's only one thing on his mind and that's delivering a firm lesson to his bottom boy's inviting bubble butt. Andy knows how to work Ian's best asset by beginning with some light spanking to get him hot and horny begging for rimming and his hard cock.
r134: Jason and Milo
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 30 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:01:29
Tags: straight gay-for-pay dares paddling spanking teabagging big dicks big loads

Description: Franco sets up a gay-for-pay game to see how far he can push new straight buddies Jason and Milo. They take a pass on eating ass, but still are willing to teabag, paddle, kiss, spank and dickslap each other. Jason even cums twice, once on Milo and once on himself, before Milo pops off a big nut.
Guiding Onto His Cock
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Added: 31 Mar 14
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Description: Perfectly suited for each other, Ryan expertly bends Anthony's fine tanned ass over the bed and rails him from behind. Ass muscles clenching and abs drawn taut, these two jocks sure are doing battle. Anthony's cheek is bright red from the good spanking he is receiving and couldn't be happier about it. Sneakers still on and pants around his ankles, Anthony is thrown onto his back and fucked with his feet in the air. His hairy hole pointed to the ceiling so Ryan can drill even deeper. These two are never going to tire out! All that anal penetration was too much for Anthony to hold out. He rockets a white river all over my sheets while Ryan is still going to town on his canal. Ryan then whips around and graces Anthony's pretty face with a big pearl mustache. I'm betting that they go for "best two out of three". Oh, to be young again!
18 year old Billy's shower tutorial - Public Humiliation task!
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 15 Mar 14
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Tags: sub submission dom dominated master slave bondage bdsm tied twink humiliation first-time cp belting spanking tied

Description: As one of the forfeits for losing at a guessing game, Billy must do a 'shower tutorial' that will be posted widely across video sharing sites. Ah, the humiliation!