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Description: The young jock waiting for the court's verdict is considerably bigger than the older guard watching him – but it looks like it's not gonna help him when the cop decides to smooth the waiting over with some gay sex! Justice is taking over, huh? Watch him make the youngster suck his dick, spank his ass with his stiffening love club – and then stick it in when it gets hard enough! This sexy young convict's ass is going to get stretched into gaping – and decorated with a nice portion of jizz!
r167: Chest Cum
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Description: Roughhouser Blake Barnes meets soft-spoken Southern boy Dixon today. They spank each other with their belts, jack their cocks together and shoot their loads on each other's chests.
Asian Ticklish Birthday Boy
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Description: It's Jake's 20th birthday and his 3 best buddies have invited him over to celebrate. As playful gay Asian boys will be, they decide the traditional birthday spanking is in order. But Jake is resistant so the boys gang up on him and pin him down on the sofa and lower his pants to expose his cute smooth bubble butt. They take turns issuing the ass spanking as the others hold his struggling body down on the sofa. Michael is restraining his legs and feet and decides he likes Jake's shoes. So he teasingly strips off his shoes, then socks and notices how soft and smooth his soles are. He says, "Wow, you have nice feet! Are they ticklish?" and instantly the hazing turns from spanking to an all-out tickle fight! The boys hold him down while they each take turns tickling his feet making Jake howl with ticklish laughter. Well it turns into a frenzy and they strip him naked to tickle ever inch of his body. Then they put the wrist cuffs on him and take him under the staircase and tie his arms up h
r161: Dirty Tricks
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Description: Gage and Blake B. play the Bowl of Tricks for the first time, and since Blake is into BDSM, there are some especially rough cards to draw. It's an afternoon of sneakers to the face, belt to the ass and the two guys' own dirty tricks.
Rod Painter, Peto Coast, Thomaas & Slotmachine
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Description: Slotmachine likes to swallow a big load and has a big hole which needs urgently to be filled. At the Wurstfilm dungeon he is the perfect fuck buddy for our stallions Rod Painter and Peto Cast. Huge big cocks work hard to nail down the throbbing hole. There is also a juicy fluid refreshment. Thomass watches greedily and then it is his turn to swallow everything up to the last drop.
transvestite self-spank with cane
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Description: a clip of bigass crossdresser beating his fat butt with a thick bamboo cane
Dungeon Play Bruno & Alan
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Description: The Master has called and a slave must respond immediately. Bruno and Alan engage in a bit of BDSM with some light spanking and bareback anal sex.
r157: It's Thick (Bareback)
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Description: David is a wild guy with a hot wrestler's body that he's willing to try just about anything with. Today he gags on Reese's thick cock before getting fucked bareback by it.
Inside Prague Scene 6
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Description: Inside Prague Scene 6 Lucas Entertainment Michael Lucas and Jonathan Vargas delve deep Inside Prague, where they fuck hardcore with a fresh cast of kinky twinks begging for a pounding! The unedited Director's Cut version features seven**** guys, two bonus kink scenes, water-sports sequences and runs nearly three hours. You will not be disappointed in these European studs, guaranteed!
r156: Nerd Spank
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Description: Nerdy guys Tex and Reese paddle each other, but since Reese couldn't take all his whacks, Tex gets to cum on him. Even so, Reese still gets his big dick sucked and shoots a huge load.
r155: Taylor Hazed Bareback
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Description: Franco and Zander conspire to break in 20-year-old newbie Taylor. They set up him to suck dick, get paddled and take Zander's big dick in a hard, bareback fucking that makes them both blow huge wads of cum.
Ryan Lynch Fucks Anthony Rex
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Description: Perfectly suited for each other, Ryan expertly bends Anthony's fine tanned ass over the bed and rails him from behind. Ass muscles clenching and abs drawn taut, these two jocks sure are doing battle. Anthony's cheek is bright red from the good spanking he is receiving and couldn't be happier about it. Sneakers still on and pants around his ankles, Anthony is thrown onto his back and fucked with his feet in the air. His hairy hole pointed to the ceiling so Ryan can drill even deeper. These two are never going to tire out! All that anal penetration was too much for Anthony to hold out. He rockets a white river all over my sheets while Ryan is still going to town on his canal. Ryan then whips around and graces Anthony's pretty face with a big pearl mustache. I'm betting that they go for "best two out of three". Oh, to be young again!
Baysian Love Ep3
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Description: Getting back from his trip, Dax checks his email and finds that Coda's “been busy.” In for a bit of a spanking, the bad boy bends over. Dax wants the “punishment” to fit tightly in Coda's hole and has the boy suck him until hard. Swallowing Dax orally is impossible, the guy's just so big; looks like the bad boy's going to have to find another “opening” to appease his partner. Dax turns his attention to his favorite part of Coda, his hole. Face fucking the boy before he fucks him, Dax references “the cock” that the twink had while Dax was away. Presenting his “dirty little hole,” Dax takes the boy and bends him over the couch. Hitting it hard, “the slut” gets all of Dax as a reminder of who really owns his ass. In a missionary position, Coda jerks himself while satisfying the top. From behind both guys, we can enjoy the reprimand as balls hit taint and a “Filthy” hole is pounded. There's just something very fitting as to the way the “hung” socks keep wagging righ
r152: Bare Play
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Description: Adin likes to please and likes to get fucked, so he's the perfect gift for super horny Zander. He spanks Adin, fucks him bare, and after cumming on his back, shoves his dripping dick deep in Adin's hole.
What Straight Guys Do Scene 3
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Description: What_Straight_Guys_Do_-_Scene_3_-_Factory_Video Street Trade Video's What Straight Guys Do is your window into the secret fantasies of straight men. Director Joe Serna takes us into their minds, sharing with us all their secret erotic desires in three hot scenes. Are you ready to take a walk through the mind of a horny straight man? Deric McCoy's girlfriend is out of town, leaving Adam Isacc and Shawn Sket to take real good care of him. They get things started by rubbing his body down, taking out their hard cocks and letting him give them a good sucking and stroking. They finger and spank Deric's ass as he sucks both their dicks. Adam's got a fat head on his cock, but that doesn't stop him from pushing that bad boy deep into Deric's tight asshole. He fucks Deric hard as Shawn eagerly watches. Adam pulls out and blows a huge load all over Deric's face, leaving it covered in jizz. Deric is next to cum, stroking his dick hard and finally cumming all over himself and Adam. Finally Sh
Smack My Ass - Scene 3 - Factory Video
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Description: Smack My Ass - Scene 3 - Factory Video Bad boys gettin their asses spanked and fucked! With Hunter Hanley, Alex Wolf, Zeke Skye, Jake Brentwood, Tommy Dragon, Jason Phisher, Robert Wood and Franco!
Smack My Ass - Scene 2 - Factory Video
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Description: Smack My Ass - Scene 2 - Factory Video Bad boys gettin their asses spanked and fucked! With Hunter Hanley, Alex Wolf, Zeke Skye, Jake Brentwood, Tommy Dragon, Jason Phisher, Robert Wood and Franco!
Smack My Ass - Scene 1 - Factory Video
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Description: Smack My Ass - Scene 1 - Factory Video Bad boys gettin their asses spanked and fucked! With Hunter Hanley, Alex Wolf, Zeke Skye, Jake Brentwood, Tommy Dragon, Jason Phisher, Robert Wood and Franco!
Young DJ Jerks Off
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Description: In this solo jerk off scene, 18 year old DJ is in his room and bones up in no time. Spitting onto the shaft of his cock, he strokes it softly, before rolling over and dry humping the mattress. DJ talks dirty as he gyrates across the bed sheets, as he works his way to a cum shooting conclusion.