Recruitment for firefighters
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Description: We haven't seen Kameron Frost in a while, but we caught up with him on his new job. Kameron is now a recruiter for firefighters. On this particular day there was an individual waiting to see Kameron, Gael Gocova. When Kameron called for him, there was no response. So Kameron got up and went into the lobby and we find out why. Gael is Spanish and does not understand French that well and didn't realize that Kameron was calling him.
The French & Spanish Cum Together
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Description: You know how sometimes you just want to be alone with your thoughts with nobody else around? Well, that's the mood Rod Malek was in. He went to the old abandoned house to get a way. Unfortunately for Rod, Martin Clause, an older man from S**** was there and stum**** across Rod. You know what's really bad? I understand more Spanish than I do French. Regardless of whether you speak it or not, you'll have no problem understanding the body language and especially from the domineering Martin. It's clear Martin wants to have sex with Rod whether you understand Spanish or not and Martin has that "cocky bad boy" manner about him. I guess when you look as good as Martin, you can be a bit cocky. As we watch the scene unfold, Martin takes charge asserting himself. At first, it's clear that Rod just isn't that keen on having sex at the moment. Once Martin starts eating Rod's ass and gets him in the mood, Rod spreads eagle bracing himself against the wall. Then we get to see this little pig boy bot
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Description: Imagine opening your front door and seeing Zane standing in front of you - a 19 year old, half Spanish / half Italian, Abercrombie / Hollister built, hazel eyed Adonis. And then imagine once you get him naked, watching as his cock continues to grow and grow and grow and grow. Now, imagine you being the first guy to ever play with this beautiful Adonis and his ginormous manhood... Uhm, I'm confident that you all would think the same thing that I did, "Gawd, I never want this to end!" I'm quite confident that Zane is going to be right up there with Kole in terms of popularity - and for the dayum-good reasons above described. And happily, this is another smokin' video of a self-identifying straight guy exploring his natural curiosities! Zane is a rather quiet individual by nature, but the looks that he gives me throughout this shoot are that of both bewilderment & awe at the same time. It's the look of, Oh my gawd, sex has never felt this good before!
Marko Bulto and Viktor Karmen
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Description: Marko and Viktor appear as completely respectable members of their tight knit, old-fashioned Spanish communities. Behind closed doors however, these burly hombres are as nasty as two Catholic sex pigs can be. Sucking, rimming, sweating and fucking hard is all these Spanish Bears want, and they roll like thunder, ass-banging until they are both drenched with sweat and sticky cum.
Blind Date on Cam
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Description: Michael and Danny are two guys who have never met before and have just been introduced on cam. Michael is a dark-haired, sultry-eyed Brazilian who says that he is nervous but excited with this “blind date.” Danny is a 27 year old curly-haired Spanish bisexual who has never been on cam but is raring to go nonetheless. Upon meeting, the two are pleasantly surprised with each other and express a willingness to do everything and they get right down to it. They begin touching each other on the chest and abs, grabbing butts and feeling each other wherever their hands can reach. Danny lifts his shirt up and gets licked while he puts his hand on Michael's crotch. They lick each other's bodies and suck each other's nipples as their shirts come off... View this exclusive video at
Formal Introduction
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Description: We're constantly getting requests for more fresh meat on Menatplay, so this week we are very happy to introduce not one, but TWO brand new faces the this week. And coincidentally they are both named Tony! In one corner we have the dark, and stunningly handsome Tony Rivera making a splash in the online world of Man-on-Man sex and what a great addition he his. So sexy in a suit and equally horny stripped bare with his muscular tanned body. And not to mention an ass you could eat for hours! And since it was his first shoot ever we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pair him up with another newcomer - the muscular and hung Spanish stud Tony Gys . What emerged was an intimate, sizzling and very real encounter between the two friends, who get intimate for the first time. Fucking each other deep and passionately for our cameras. We predict big things for these guys, so watch out for more from them very soon on Menatplay.
Driven, S01
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Description: presents scene one from Studio 2000's "Driven". Get ready for a rough, cock-throbbing, and turbo-charged ride as Studio 2000 brings you legendary superstar Spanish sex god Rafael Carreras having his ass pummeled onscreen for the first time by donkey-dicked D. C. Chandler in John Travis's Driven! The matchlessly sublime Carreras has become a superstar by proving himself again and again as one of the world's most awe-inspiring sexualists -- but always by sliding his colossal pinga into grateful bottoms. We've been pining all along to see that exquisite ass get the attention it deserves. And who better than the perennially gorgeous D.C. Chandler, who took Ace Hanson's onscreen cherry and willingly offered his own ass up for a flip-flop fuck in Ace in the Hole, to indoctrinate our Spanish stallion?
Gored! S01
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Description: presents scene one from Studio 2000's "Gored!" Studio's 2000 ever-brilliant director John Travis brings you his most ambitious f**kfest to date with Gored! For anyone who's ever shot a load at the thought of being impaled on a matador's cock come Studio 2000 exclusives, Spanish sex gods Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras in a guaranteed to be classic bullfighting epic combining the color and flavor of old Mexico with some of the most blazingly hot powerhouse f**king, mammoth dick deep-throating, expert asslicking, and fingerbanging ever caught on film.
Spanish Playhouse #2, S03
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Description: presents scene three from Alexander Pictures' "Spanish Playhouse #2". After hot sex between Tommy Lima and Manuel Lozano, they fall ******. They are having even hotter dreams about what happened around the playhouse they are in. What did they dream? Five hot sexy scenes with the most gorgeous, horny guys in the country.
Ass-Drilling Fuck Scenes
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Description: Mike Colucci and Harry Louis aren't afraid to make some noise as Mike slides down Harry's thick, uncut cock and rides it with a fury. Then Mike climbs off and gets on all fours so Harry can slam it deeper all the way in his tight hole. Harry flips Mike over and spreads his legs wide so he's ready to take another round of power fucking until Mike cums all over his stomach and Harry shoots his load into Mike's face. Then gird your loins for some of the loudest, nastiest, hottest sex that's ever been filmed as Jonathan Agassi and Adam Killian flip fuck as if their lives depended on it before unleashing their creamy loads. James Hobbes doesn't stand a chance against intruder Rafael Alencar's mammoth tool. Rafael gives James the aggressive fuck of a lifetime, not relenting until he fills James' mouth with his hot white cum and James blows his own wad. Finally, Spanish thug Carlos Caballero rams his thick, juicy meat into fellow Spaniard Sergio Serrano's warm hole. Then Sergio pounds Carlos
Underground Sex: Metro Disco BCN, Jalif
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Description: If this is your first time in Barcelona and you want to start your holidays with lots of sex and fun Metro Disco BCN is the place to be!! This is what muscled Spaniard hunk Tony Duque doens when he is in the city! A long and exciting night is waiting for him, with no limits!
Hot Spanish Men FUCKING HARD!
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Description: International sluts Tiko and Ivan Rueda discuss their proclivity for outdoor sex, their first and last sexual encounters, and whether Spanish or German men are filthier before sharing a passionate kiss and letting their sex drives take over. Ivan can't wait to swallow Tiko's uncut Venezuelan meat all the way down to the base. After face fucking Spanish hottie Ivan, tattooed Tiko takes a turn getting Ivan's meat wet and giving his tight hole an intense spit bath. Ivan groans in pleasure as Tiko works his ass over with his tongue and teases it with his massive dick. When Ivan's ass is good and ready, Tiko lets him bounce up and down on his thick pole before pushing him onto all fours and ramming him hard from behind, with van matching him thrust for thrust. Then Ivan shoves Tiko onto his back, riding his dick, shoving his own cock down Tiko's hungry throat and grinding his ass into Tiko's mouth. Tiko throws Ivan onto his back so he can unleash his creamy load onto his furry stomach. Then
Driven, S02
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Description: presents scene two from Studio 2000's "Driven". Get ready for a rough, cock-throbbing, and turbo-charged ride as Studio 2000 brings you legendary superstar Spanish sex god Rafael Carreras having his ass pummeled onscreen for the first time!