James Martin
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Description: James just turned 19 in May and is quite the young hunk. James lives in beautiful Barcelona, S**** where he still attends school. Tanned and beefy, this young stud is very easy on the eyes. Enjoy!
Osos de Espana (Bears of Spain)
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Description: Amateur Spanish bears showcase their amazing sexual habits of Los Osos de Espana, in their natural habitat, making out, sucking cock and fucking deep and sloppy holes.
Sexo En Barcelona Part 2 - Raging Stallion
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Description: Sexo en Barcelona 2 shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in S**** has to offer. Part 2 of this two-part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Barcelona in summer is hot 'round the clock. Sunset brings relief from the day's heat, but the fire in men's loins remains. Director Tony Dimarco spins the hands of the clock to chronicle a day in pursuit of sex, from morning to midnight. Seven studs from two continents submit to the urge to merge, adding more heat to the equation. Heat that is quenched by the release of scalding cum that sets their libidos at rest…for now. The day begins for Aybars and Donato Reyes with sex on the balcony. Both beauty, both beast, their passion ends with sprays that rival the crashing waves of the Mediterranean pounding below. Marc Dylan is the midday snack for Damien Crosse, whose unwavering gaze turns Marc's cock to stone. Night conceals many things, but not the need that
The French & Spanish Cum Together
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Description: You know how sometimes you just want to be alone with your thoughts with nobody else around? Well, that's the mood Rod Malek was in. He went to the old abandoned house to get a way. Unfortunately for Rod, Martin Clause, an older man from S**** was there and stum**** across Rod. You know what's really bad? I understand more Spanish than I do French. Regardless of whether you speak it or not, you'll have no problem understanding the body language and especially from the domineering Martin. It's clear Martin wants to have sex with Rod whether you understand Spanish or not and Martin has that "cocky bad boy" manner about him. I guess when you look as good as Martin, you can be a bit cocky. As we watch the scene unfold, Martin takes charge asserting himself. At first, it's clear that Rod just isn't that keen on having sex at the moment. Once Martin starts eating Rod's ass and gets him in the mood, Rod spreads eagle bracing himself against the wall. Then we get to see this little pig boy bot
Sexo En Barcelona - Raging Stallion
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Description: Sexo en Barcelona shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in S**** has to offer. Part 1 of this two part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Heralded director Tony Dimarco shows the exploration through ten sexy, muy caliente hombres, who let their huge cocks and hungry holes hang out all over this Mediterranean metropolis. Scorching threesomes bookend the sucking and fucking. Hard and horny Lucio Saints strokes a hardon while he and his guapo boyfriend Donato Reyes wait for their hook up, Adrian Toledo, to arrive. Adrian is onto Lucio's fat pole the moment he's in the door. Antonio Aguilera is a statue come alive. When Damien Crosse spots him by a public fountain, he resolves to have him. Nobody sucks cock like Damien; the hardest face-fucking won't trigger a gag reflex, but Antonio has to stop before he cums, so he can fuck Damien's hungry hole. Local Martin Mazza knows where to pick up fresh hot studs,
Sergio Moreno Solo
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Description: There's sexy men and fucking sexy men. Sergio brought the sun with him from S**** together with a massive muscular body, amazingly hot tattoos, rough masculine features and a beautiful meaty cock. He slowly strips in front of me and I'm mesmerized by him. It's something I can't describe. You have to watch it!
Spanish Bears Bukkake Gangbang
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Description: Ramoso Fiore, Jorcano Garcia, Rhoyne Hill, Fran Jb and Javi Rodrigo are home from the afternoon sun during the Sitges Bear Event in S****. Javi being the horn*** welcomes 4 bears back to his flat from the beach to work out some sweaty, caliente bear loads.
Rhoyne Hill and Gill Reynolds
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Description: After a long hot day in the late summer sun in Barcelona, Rhoyne Hill and Gill Reynolds decide to go back to their flat and work up a more manly sweat with each other. Both guys are beefy and hail from the Barcelona area of S**** which means that they are used to the heat.
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Description: 23 year old Kevin and 21 year old Tommy are from Barcelona, S****. Tommy just loves to bottom and Kevin takes care of his every need with a slow, thorough, guts-deep fucking. The pure pleasure both young guys take is clear in the way Tommy's gaze penetrates Kevin as deeply as each thrust of his throbbing cock. Enjoy the session.
Urs Milano and Steven Phoenix
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Description: Urs Milano and Steven Phoenix and hooked up in Barcelona and these horny bears put on a hell of a show for the Bear Films cameras. Enjoy this sneak peak of the upcoming "Bears of S****" DVD featuring six scenes of furry, burly, Mediterranean beasts boning sucking and shooting their sticky loads. Steven and Urs suck cock and rim each other out, and Urs begs for Steven's fat cock. Steven rams his cock into the Italian's hairy hole until he's close to climax, and he shoots his creamy load all over Urs' furry belly.
Madrid Sexy
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Description: Take a sex filled, lusty European trip with Falcon in Madrid Sexy. This time Falcon lets you cum along for the ride to Madrid, S****`s capital and largest city, and they show you some of the hottest European and Latin men. Madrid lies at the same longitude as New York City, it`s not always warm and sunny, but it`s always hot. It`s the kind of heat generated by young Latino men on the street whose cocks twitch and prostates buzz in anticipation of their next orgasm.
Georgio and Lotto
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Description: 22 year old Lotto is cleaning up in the washroom when he notices his new roomate and co-worker from the bar, Georgio showering in the reflection of the mirror. Georgio is 19 from S**** and has one of the sexiest little round asses we've seen in a while. Lotto noticed and fucks him in the tub and on the tub and over the tub - lots of slippery wet and hot action. Enjoy.
Louis and Pablo
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Description: |19 year old Louis and 23 year old Pablo are both from S**** and have been boyfriends for over a year now. Our two young men both say they are versatile but in this video Pablo gets a good long fucking by the younger Louis after some intense oral action by the pair. Enjoy.
Adrian Toledo & David Dirdam
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Description: We are very excited to release this scene, which is a collaboration between DominicFord.com and Staghomme.com. Stag Homme is known for their Spanish men, and we were excited to collaborate with them on this incredibly hot scene. We hope you enjoy watching the insanely hot David Dirdam and Adrian Toledo go at it! These guys, two of the hottest guys S**** has to offer, take turns fucking each other in the hot tub and the living room of this African-themed apartment. It's hot!
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Description: CRISTIAN TORRENT FUCKS MARCO COSTA IN "SEX SHOOTERS 2012" Filmed in S**** on the Costa Del Sol during a live show at the massive "Alcatraz" leather dance party June 9th 2012. Cristian appears on stage dressed smartly in his tuxedo. Little do we know the transformation that will occur on stage! To the side off stage is Marco Costa, collared & glancing up like a little ***gy at his "Master" on stage, Marco cannot wait to hop up on to the stage but Cristian teases him & the crowd pointing his revolver menacingly around the room. Careful, this is gonna get dangerous! Cristian slowly teases & taunts the crowd, stripping off the tux, to reveal black leather knee high boots & just the smallest red swim trunks, the bulge in the swimwear can already be seen even before the big "reveal"! Satisfied he has the club's attention, Cristian grabs Marco's **** lead & pulls him up on stage. Marco happy now he is in the limelight, muscle worships his "Master", sucking his tits, licking his p
Hot Guys Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones Have Passionate Sex Outside
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Description: Porn Stars Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones show their tender sides while making love in the outdoors of Ibiza. They don't fuck hard but slowly and tenderly while saying, "I love you."
UNCUT COCKS Threesome in Spain
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Description: He's all alone: Jonathan Agassi returns from a brief, solitary vacation away from the island paradise Ibiza only to find it empty and echoing with his calls for attention. He wanders the forgotten streets, filled with still cars and lined with empty shops. A convenient store draws his attention, and while browsing the shelves the quiet is broken by the distant hum of motorcycle engines. Jonathan dashes outside to see Will Helm and Kriss Aston patrolling the streets. They explain to Jonathan that the island is deserted; everyone fled after terrible news was passed down via mass communications. If Jonathan wants to know what it is, he has to follow them. Kriss and Will lead Jonathan back to the home of Issac Jones, who shows him a looping broadcast: the tampering of scientists searching for the elusive Higgs Boson -- the God Particle -- at the CERN facility in Switzerland has caused instability in the Earth's core, and the world will end in six days. These are Jonathan's last days aliv
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Description: Cristian & mate Igor went out to S**** in the boom times, however fuck ups at work ****** them into bankrupcy & having to take odd-jobs where ever they could find the work. Pissed off, Cristian moans about the sad situation they both find themselves in, Igor despondant & angry gives Cristian a hard time sitting on the dirty floor of a derelict building complex. In the distance Igor sees one solitary bar amongst the delapidation & orders Cristian to knock at the door to scrounge more work. The bar owner mistakenly takes them as the live sex show act & immediately orders them both inside to fuck for the punters inside. A job's a job ain't it? Who's gonna turn down the prospect of a few extra bucks to ease the hole they both have found themselves in... 100% bareback, Cristian & Igor in one long hard, sweaty fuck...Two exceptionally high volume, creamy cum-loads climax to this fast paced, frenzied, hole hammering flick. Just watch how the movie culminates with Cristian's hot wad
Deep Plunge, S01
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Description: JuicyBoys.com presents scene one from Studio 2000'S "Deep Plunge". Beautiful, hung men enjoy a nice vacation in Majorca, S****. Their vacation includes plenty of hot man-sex, and passionate kissing.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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