Ambushed and Fucked
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Added: 19 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:01:29
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Description: Jaden explores the factory site with a camera and suddenly Tommy and Max attack him, take his camera and then make fun of him. Tommy stands on a delivery ramp and gets sucked and pushes his socks into Jaden`s face while Max prepares his ass for a good session. After fucking and cumming on him, they take a few photos as souvenirs and leave Jaden behind.
I Still Have A Souvenir
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Added: 02 Feb 12
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Description: Chavs are really not my thing, but this guy was rather cute - and it did make me laugh how he kept his socks on during sex. So i just had to film it. The bad boy even eats his own cum. I'm not scared of chavs anymore. I still have that fucking ugly cap of his.
Bareback sucking sportsman
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Added: 30 Nov 11
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Description: Un beau sportif croisé dans les bois et un souvenir très présent après cette aventure délicieusement juteuse ^^
Thumbs up
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Added: 09 Jul 09
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Description: Had 500+ guys watching me when I shot this load last night. Decided to record it to send it to some of them as a souvenir. (Sorry my face is cut off, I know some of you have complained about that in the past. It s not intentional.) Enjoy!