Super Cumshot Loadblocked sounding in HD
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Description: I held a long session sounding (16mm and 17mm). Finally I shot my load due to the fantastic electro stimulation while the 17mm sound was still in my cock. Resulting in one of the best bator cum shots I've ever had! (O.. and in two versions of a vid, enough material to separate the camera material). This is the version filmed in HD. Enjoy! And fuck the system.
Poppering and Sounding
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Description: Estim and sounding with a lot of poppers. Sniffing poppers through some textile (like an old sock) is much more intensive than direct from the bottle. (by the way; thnxx for that tip!)
Swim Club – Kie and Poj
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Description: Our story begins with Moo aka ?Touch?, a handsome Asian college boy looking for something to do over the summer break. He sees a note on the community board advertising openings in the local Swim Club. With visions of victory and access to large cocks outlined by wet speedos floating in his mind, he goes to the coach?s office to sign up. As he approaches he hears sounds coming from the office that give him pause. Peeking in he sees that the assistant coach Kie has his mouth wrapped around his intern?s hot little cock!
Nature Bareback
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Description: Out for a nature walk, Daniel and Vilnis are enjoying the warmth of the sun and the invigorating fresh air and seclusion is giving them some horny ideas. They stroll into bushy area and the horny action begins. After some face fucking Daniel rams Vilnis with his big tool. His moans of pleasure blend in with the sounds of nature as Daniel cums to climax and spurts his pearly load all over Vilnis' face.
Obedient boy takes older shaft and a thick load
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Description: This was just way too much to handle. Look at this candy-like twink plaything, just lying there wearing nothing but these goofy boxers. Like we said, it was too much. The older lover fished out the boy's dick – bingo, it's hard already! Oh this twink slut. The man's lips closed around the admirably thick shaft with a loud slurping sound. One thing led to another, and there the obedient boy was, taking the geezer's cock all the way in his love tunnel like the good boywhore that he was!
Caspar and  Ulises Black Madness
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Description: After only a short chat, Caspar Loronha and Ulises Cuen start kissing as if they are starving. It's one of the hottest makeout sessions ever. All the while, they are groping at each other's cocks and grinding their hips into each other. Once they get their shirt out of the way and their pants off, Caspar has his cock right against Ulises' ass and he's rubbing that bone right up Ulises crack that he lubes up with his own spit. He lays his black cock into that Latin hole like a ton of bricks. Hands on hips, he picks up a nice rhythm and the sound of balls slapping on ass are the percussion of fucking. Ulises uses his time on bottom to get him cranked up for his time on top. Caspar looks a little nervous as he waits for Ulises cock to plug is hole, but he keeps pulling on his bone just the same. When these guys finally get off, it's no small thing.
Cali Newbie sucks daddy cock
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Description: New to California, Rocco is 26 and ready for porn. This eager beaver is chasing the American dream; fucking and money. I just happen to have a soft spot for a guy that wants into the business so bad. He's willing to do anything. Anything. I like the sound of that! This straight guy gets a little more comfortable once I sweeten the deal with a little extra cash. His pasty-white fire-crotch is a nice contrast to the darkness that ends up next to it.
Uncut hottie puts huge muscle man on his back
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Description: Fighting, fucking, and pussy is all these two care to talk about, and when it comes to porn, Devin has a bit more in the experience departament. Being the good guy he is, he promises to show America the ropes. And I know for a fact that America has some ropes of his own to show Devin. I've said it before, and I will say it again, Devin sure does suck a mean dick for a straight guy. America even raises an eyebrow when the tip of his cock met with Devin's tonsils. Flexing, fucking, and cussing ensues as these two macho men do the damned deed. Muscles everywhere, smell of sweat and sex, the sound of balls slamming against another man's taint, and the muffled cries for mercy escaping Devin make for one great day at Tony's.
Ink'd muscle man fucks hung Lifeguard
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Description: Clayton yanks down Mark's boxers and glides right in. Ahh, the sound of muffled straight-boy yelps is seriously music to my ears. Clayton shows no mercy for Marks semi-virginal ass. He gets right in, and all the way into Mark and starts drilling away with a smile on his face. He fucks Mark long and hard, biting his back and telling him to take it like a man. But when Clayton pulls out, Mark is the first to cum. Pearly straight boy jizz tumbles out of his pink pecker and onto his hairy happy trail. Inspired, Clayton takes his turn and nuts all over Mark's toned tummy-his hairy chest heaving, their respective loads mixing into one spectacular tasty mess that even I wouldn't mind cleaning up.
Casting Couch - Alex Canon
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Description: With each stroke, he pulls the foreskin over the tip of his cock and rubs the extra skin together before pushing it back down, uncovering the the purple swollen tip. Finally, he strips his shirt off so he lets the muscles and chest hair run free on the couch. His balls bouncing between his legs occasionally bang against his taint, creating a slapping sound. Every so often, he spits on his fingers then rubs the head of his cock with the viscous moisture. Thick white ropes spring from his cock, landing on his fuzzy stomach as it heaves. A few drops make their way higher, landing on his chest and the pillow under his arm.
Franco Stops By For A Tickle
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Description: Franco is a cute Asian boy who happens to be a neighbor to the studio where we shoot. He's a friendly guy who was curious about all the laughing that comes from our studio. He came by to introduce himself as our neighbor and so we invited him in. He mentioned that it sounds like we often are having a good time in here by all the hysterical laughing, and that it sounds like we have regular tickling parties and if so, he loves to be tickled. So naturally we invited him upstairs to the tickling chamber room and tied him to the bed. Franco has really cute Asian male feet, with soft clean soles and quite ticklish. So I unleashed a couple of my Asian tickle boys on him to introduce him to the world of tickle fetish!
What You Didn't See
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Description: Often we get requests from dudes who wanna be on the set and think they should be fluffers, but they ain't interested in being on cam. Well, check this scene out and understand why that's not necessary. Even though these three gave one of the greatest marathon fucks of all time, they didn't even take stop during downtime. I had to take a piss and told the guys to “take five”, but while in the bathroom I could hear a slurping sound. I came back out; grabbed my cam; and got what I could…I didn't bother to shake my dick!
Heres to the heroes of 9volt and 16mm sounding
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Description: Here' to the Heroes of 9volt estim and 16mm sounding Estim and sounding my cock. The 16 mm sound shoves in completely and I was so horny in my Budweiser shirt and Adidas Glans short...
Cock Self Tort... BDSM my own cock
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Description: My second cumshot of the day.. Was still in the mood for some tor...ring my cock as I love to do. Sounding, fingering my cock, estim, poppers, pissing myself; the whole bunch.
Ginger rubbed down & jerked
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Description: When I asked him about getting a happy-ending massage, Seth wasn't too fired up about it at first. He'd never done anything with a guy before and, even though the money sounded good, he wanted to "keep it straight." And then his car broke down. Suddenly, that pile of cash was sounding even better. Seth wasn't sure what to expect and admitted that he was a little nervous. Once he realized that all he had to do was lay back and enjoy the ride, Seth relaxed, closed his eyes and drifted off to his happy place. After rubbing down his toned back muscles, my hands managed their way down to Seth's firm ass. I pulled his legs apart, revealing the dusting of red hair that lined his crack. Seth's cock started poking from between his legs, so I could tell it was time to get to work on his front side.