Jersey Shore Hole
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Description: Glenn, a surfer from the Jersey Shore is blessed by his Puerto Rican ****** with a big Latino cock! Glenn, however, is one cocky Guido! Bold and outspoken he tries to antagonize me throughout the shoot. Shamelessly he boldly squats, opening his ass crack to us while his bouncing cock and balls dangle between his hairy legs.
Straight Stud Spencer
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Description: It all gets better when the pants come off, a big thick dick and six pack to boot! Young and eager Spence spread his cheeks this way and that for my camera, and I made sure to get ALL of his best angles.But in the end his best work was done on his back, when he almost glued his hand to his pole! Long ropes of pearly jizz jumped out of his shaft, ran down his arm and nestled into his dark brown hair patch. He lay there smiling and sweating with visions of soccer moms dancing in his head.
Rock The Boat - Ian
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Description: Ian is absolutely adorable. The Irish lad wears his lucky green soccer shirt and blue shorts and says after just a few minutes of wanking, "ah shit Joe, I tink I came a way too quickly." Ian not's getting away that easily. We make him go again with the hand held camera and get up close and personal to his nice uncut dick this time.
Latinos Outdoor Bareback
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Description: After kicking the ball on their soccer play they wanna kicked each others butt using their hard dick. two skinny soccer player sucking and fucking outdoor and release his cum in the face of one
cock resuscitation
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Description: In a soccer practice, Arjo has been on an accident and he's hurting pretty badly. His friends call for a medic and Dr. Vahn responds to the call for help. Upon arrival, the kinky doctor gets right to work on diagnosing the injury and must administer first aid. He told the others to leave them alone so that he can fully check him. Doctor Vahn performs mouth to cock resuscitation to get the cute Asian boy's feelings under control.
Horny Soccer Player
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Description: Cute asian twink patient getting horny on a Medical checkup, they need it before they go to their soccer game. Sucking his doctors cock and do some hot threesome fuckfest.
Ian Up-close
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Description: This absolutely adorable Irish boy arrives wearing his lucky green soccer shirt. After just a few minutes of stroking his cock, he says he thinks he's cum already. Not so fast Ian! You're not done yet! Take this hand held camera, get up-close and personal with your uncut dick, and try again.
Stepbrothers Flip Fuck
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Description: In this scene,Kenny and Blake are playing soccer off campus. After kicking the ball around, the two decide to ball each other. Rim jobs, blowjobs and finger fucking are just the beginning of this outdoor fuck session. The two feels each other's ass on the tailgate of a truck, while voyeuristic onlookers watch them shoot loads of cum.
Frat Boy Jocks Fuck
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Description: After college soccer tryouts, young Skyler sweet talks brawny and built Bryce into some sex outdoors. These frat boys give each other what their girlfriends cannot. Bryce shoves his nine inch cock deep inside Skyler's ass, and gives his dorm room buddy a proper good fucking.
Dennys And Roberto
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Description: Nothing calls for an all-out bareback fuck than two horny, sweaty Latino soccer players alone together after a game. They abandon the plan to unwind with a game of billiards and get wound up with each other on the billiard table!
Soccer Team’s Annual Gangbang Orgy
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Description: Nine of the fittest, horniest players from the football team hook up for their yearly gang fuck in this series. The meaty slap of solid, muscular thighs banging up against bare bubblebutt and the slurping sound of wet blowjob action fills the room as the studs pump out every drop of their fresh, A-grade jizz. // Part 1/4
Simon Beber & Rado Zuska
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Description: When muscle daddy Rado Zuska stops to ask for directions to the soccer stadium from hung twink Simon Beber who is walking on a cold, snowy day, things quickly escalate after Simon joins Rado in his car. Making out in the front seat soon turns to sucking & fucking at Rado's flat. In no time, these hella hot Czech guys are naked & swapping oral on each other's thick, uncut cocks. That eventually leads to Simon's hot, wet tongue lubing up Rado's manhole. Simon's tongue is joined by his finger as he prepares his new muscle daddy for one helluva smashing. Needless to say, Rado is schooled in the wonders of getting pounded by hard boy-toy cock! Enjoy!
Sammy Danko
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Description: Sammy Danko is a 22 year old soccer player with a washboard stomach and a thick uncut cock. Enjoy!
Muscle Bound Scene 1
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Description: Muscle Bound Scene 1 Rock Hard Entertainment Join these sexy muscle bound studs as they suck and fuck anywhere, even on a soccer field, just for your viewing pleasure!
spurt locker UKNAKEDMEN
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Description: sweaty jocks and uncut cocks, our burly rugger buggers and soccer studs get it on sexy stylee at UKNAKEDMEN
Str8 Loads 6 Paco - First Time - Part 2
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Description: A visit to the local Adult Video Arcade paid off when I discovered Paco coming out of a viewing booth (he had a "bodyguard" watching his door so he wouldn't be bothered!). We struck up a conversation over a cigarette and I discover - what a coincidence! - he wants to be a porn star! Paco is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, 150 pounds and he's a soccer player in college. He seems pretty cool on his first visit and it doesn't take long to realize that big surprises do often come in small packages...He lets me touch his cock to measure it - 9''x6.5'' - so I start to stroke and then suck the ''monster''. ''Where are all the hot co-eds?'' he asks...Paco's girlfriend starts to page him but that doesn't stop me from throwing his legs up and giving his ass a tongue bath! He says he's curious so I take out my cock and he starts to suck it! Paco tells me how he likes it done as I stroke his monstrous cock with both hands, and when he's ready to cum he pitches a huge load on the bed and in his hand.
Tommy Lima In Brazil 3 - Esteban, Mateus and Tommy
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Description: Shortly after finding his seat Tommy takes off into the inner sanctum of the stadium. What he finds is a small locker room occupied by Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca. The soccer jocks are chatting and it is quickly turning hot as they start to grope each other a little bit. When Mateus notices Tommy spying he calls him out. When Tommy starts rubbing Esteban's shoulder, though, Esteban points to the ground and pulls out a heavy handful of soft cock. Tommy goes to town. Mateus isn't one to pass up a good thing, though, and he pulls his meat out for head before then dropping to his knees to return the favor. Esteban cops a squat on the bench and shows off his big dick. His fat ass-spreader sticks up past his fucking nipples and is almost too big around to grip! He strokes off long enough that I was beginning to think Alexander hadn't been able to convince Tommy to sit down on it. Alexander didn't let us down, though.