Latinos Outdoor Bareback
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Description: After kicking the ball on their soccer play they wanna kicked each others butt using their hard dick. two skinny soccer player sucking and fucking outdoor and release his cum in the face of one
Horny Soccer Player
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Description: Cute asian twink patient getting horny on a Medical checkup, they need it before they go to their soccer game. Sucking his doctors cock and do some hot threesome fuckfest.
Dennys And Roberto
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Description: Nothing calls for an all-out bareback fuck than two horny, sweaty Latino soccer players alone together after a game. They abandon the plan to unwind with a game of billiards and get wound up with each other on the billiard table!
Soccer Team’s Annual Gangbang Orgy
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Description: Nine of the fittest, horniest players from the football team hook up for their yearly gang fuck in this series. The meaty slap of solid, muscular thighs banging up against bare bubblebutt and the slurping sound of wet blowjob action fills the room as the studs pump out every drop of their fresh, A-grade jizz. // Part 1/4
Sammy Danko
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Description: Sammy Danko is a 22 year old soccer player with a washboard stomach and a thick uncut cock. Enjoy!
Str8 Loads 6 Paco - First Time - Part 2
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Description: A visit to the local Adult Video Arcade paid off when I discovered Paco coming out of a viewing booth (he had a "bodyguard" watching his door so he wouldn't be bothered!). We struck up a conversation over a cigarette and I discover - what a coincidence! - he wants to be a porn star! Paco is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, 150 pounds and he's a soccer player in college. He seems pretty cool on his first visit and it doesn't take long to realize that big surprises do often come in small packages...He lets me touch his cock to measure it - 9''x6.5'' - so I start to stroke and then suck the ''monster''. ''Where are all the hot co-eds?'' he asks...Paco's girlfriend starts to page him but that doesn't stop me from throwing his legs up and giving his ass a tongue bath! He says he's curious so I take out my cock and he starts to suck it! Paco tells me how he likes it done as I stroke his monstrous cock with both hands, and when he's ready to cum he pitches a huge load on the bed and in his hand.
Footy Gear Lads Get Off in the Lockerroom
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Description: Romeo Courtis smells fucking great in his sweaty, dirty soccer gear, and Cyril TBM looks good enough to be a profi player. Inked Romeo has to get on his knees for a sloppy deepthroat and soon opens up his sporty ass for Cyril's deep fucking.
Barebackin Backyard Twinks 2 Pt1
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Description: Soccer is not the only sport down at; have a taste of these boys as they “team up” for some fun. Licking and playfully biting quickly turns into a “sport” we all will enjoy. They say Latino's are full of emotion, well, this one boy on his knees, is also full of cock, while he blows his friend. Two soon become a trio as a third amigo arrives and adds his cock to the mix. Growing those “bananas” big, the double sucking leads to a “hole” bunch of fucking. The bottom is very much the “team player” of this game; one munches while the other two suck whatever they can get their mouths on. With a feast between the two tops, the middle boy is ready to serve up a good time. Watch and play along as all the senses are filled, as well as the bottom's ass. Each takes a turn at the bottom boy and suck while fucking; what a team. The second part of this video will drench you in cum fun as all get theirs, and share.
Hot Soccer player becomes a cock sucker
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Description: Hot Robert Vanderhoff USED to love playing Soccer! So what does he love to do now? Sucking hard cocks!!! Watch this hot Soccer player turn into a wild cock sucker now! He will receive awesome facial cumshots too!
Jake & Kellan
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Description: We took Jake and Kellan up Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood Sign. Since we were there, I asked them who their dream porn match up if it could be with any celebrity. Kellan chose Ryan Gosling while Jake chose soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. But they
Goin' Str8 Down - Dante
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Description: Dante is 19 years old, 5'7'', 150lbs., a recent high school graduate and sometime soccer player. He's part Brazilian (the best part!) and a lover of ''younger'' girls (which gets him in trouble!). Dante stops by after work at the restaurant and quickly strips down. After picking out a new porn flick he oils his big uncut cock and kneads it until its rock hard. I waste no time with small talk and swallow his piece to the hilt, teasing him with my tongue and slippery strokes. Soon Dante is moaning and spurting out a massive load, half of it going down my throat. ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Oh! Man!'' he laughs.
Str8 Flava #1 - Mondo
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Description: When I get the chance I cruise down to the local university and check out the student bodies, and while on a recent visit I see the inspiration for this series: Deep, dark, and delicious "Mondo". He's a 19 year old freshman soccer player originally from Nigeria, only 5'6" tall and 150 lbs-with most of that weight between his legs! When he stops by my pad he strips down and reads a Hustler mag while I lube him up. In no time he's rock hard and it's apparent this one is going to be easy! I gently stroke his 8" cock and when I feel no resistance I go right down on it. When Mondo stands up and I start going down all the way on his dick, check out that incredible bubble butt as he grabs my head and starts to fuck my mouth. After he gets a nice rhythm going he shoots a creamy load all over my face and down my throat. Mondo may be a straight man of few words but his cock has a nice downward curve that fits perfectly in my mouth-so tasty too, just like candy!
Lockerroom Anal Fucking
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Description: Igor and Mike had just finished another soccer game and returned to the locker rooms. Both feeling knackered, sweaty but randy, Igor made a pass at Mike and the action began instantly! Igor gets his cock sucked to full effect, before priming Mikes tight ass ready for fucking. No condoms used here, as Igor plugs Mikes hole with his fat cut cock, long, deep and at times very hard. See how many positions you count as Igor fucks Mikes hole in so many different bare backing positions! 140 exclusive images of this amateur jock shoot and 33 minutes of exclusive video, only at WankOffWorld!
Adam Rhodes and Rocky Fitch
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Description: Rocky Fitch is a new model to Jason Sparks Live and he is from Winston in North Carolina. He's a soccer player and won a scholarship to college for his skills. He's paired with Adam Rhodes who is a gymnast - so we just know that these two hot jocks are going to be burning up the screen! Jason finds all the hottest new models first and this pair are no exception.