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Description: Jay Roberts, Bruno Jones, and Sasha Dov give a new meaning to “scenic route” in this first, sexually explosive scene. Amidst green foliage and a running stream, Bruno Jones swallows every last inch of Jay's throbbing cock. But little do they know that Sasha is looking on from afar, and the bulge in his tight, black Speedo is growing larger with every passing second. When he can't stand it anymore he joins in with the fun, taking both Bruno and Jay's swollen cocks into his mouth, sucking on them until they spew streams of cum all over his face! As the scene shifts, Israeli sex-god Jonathan Agassi is servicing Naor Tal's sleek, 7-inch cock on an open balcony. The more Naor pumps Jonathan's mouth, Jonathan yearns for some action of his own, and they switch positions. Naor laps up every inch of Jonathan's cock, and even licks his stomach and chest out of pure excitement and passion! The scene transitions once more, and Christopher Smeyt's massive, thick, uncut dick takes up nearly the enti