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Description: I spent half the day in a usually crowded area without finding anyone attracting me enough to offer him a small fortune. Well, actually I must state that I met 2 or 3 guys but they were not willing to even listen to my offers. Not my day so far. But then I saw this young guy leaving the metro station. I almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from Ceske Budejuvice (a smaller Czech city) and was going to visit his girlfriend. I was happy to hear that he came from far away. Guys from Prague appear to be a bit spoilt recently. I told him that I record funny clips to upload on youtube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. How far would he go for real money?
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Description: I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was standing there alone and seemed to wait for somebody. When I finally decided to approach him I realized that the access to a path leading up the hill was blocked. And he was just there to inform the people about it as this park is quite popular for skiing and sledding. Yes, that might sound strange for a few of my Western friends but this is some sort of a relict from the communist times. However, he was not really talkative although I though he should be happy that somebody offered a conversation. Must be really boring to stand there the whole day for about 500 crowns. So I offered him money for a small favor. It really took a whole while to convince him.
Stephan Nash
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Description: This week I'm excited to bring back one of our most popular models! Stephan is thrilled to be back on TR for the second time this time with a solo. Stephan is from a small town in Idaho originally but moved to southern CA when he was just 18 to try some porn. He loves performing in front of the camera and when he's not jacking of on Cam he's at the beach showing off his body to all the loca California boys. Enjoy!
Str8 Loads 6 Paco - First Time - Part 2
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Description: A visit to the local Adult Video Arcade paid off when I discovered Paco coming out of a viewing booth (he had a "bodyguard" watching his door so he wouldn't be bothered!). We struck up a conversation over a cigarette and I discover - what a coincidence! - he wants to be a porn star! Paco is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, 150 pounds and he's a soccer player in college. He seems pretty cool on his first visit and it doesn't take long to realize that big surprises do often come in small packages...He lets me touch his cock to measure it - 9''x6.5'' - so I start to stroke and then suck the ''monster''. ''Where are all the hot co-eds?'' he asks...Paco's girlfriend starts to page him but that doesn't stop me from throwing his legs up and giving his ass a tongue bath! He says he's curious so I take out my cock and he starts to suck it! Paco tells me how he likes it done as I stroke his monstrous cock with both hands, and when he's ready to cum he pitches a huge load on the bed and in his hand.
Tommy Lima In Brazil 3 - Esteban, Mateus and Tommy
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Description: Shortly after finding his seat Tommy takes off into the inner sanctum of the stadium. What he finds is a small locker room occupied by Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca. The soccer jocks are chatting and it is quickly turning hot as they start to grope each other a little bit. When Mateus notices Tommy spying he calls him out. When Tommy starts rubbing Esteban's shoulder, though, Esteban points to the ground and pulls out a heavy handful of soft cock. Tommy goes to town. Mateus isn't one to pass up a good thing, though, and he pulls his meat out for head before then dropping to his knees to return the favor. Esteban cops a squat on the bench and shows off his big dick. His fat ass-spreader sticks up past his fucking nipples and is almost too big around to grip! He strokes off long enough that I was beginning to think Alexander hadn't been able to convince Tommy to sit down on it. Alexander didn't let us down, though.
Fun Is Fun - Timmy, Aaron and Ryan
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Description: Three may be a crowd, but this is a friendly crowd. After coaxing Aaron and Ryan to strip, Timmy strips himself. Aaron is first to throw some wood, and gets a little encouragement and help from Timmy. Encouraged by the friendly response he is getting, Timmy bends over and swallows—ALL of Aaron's formidable wood. Tugging off his knit cap, Timmy looks hotter and hornier. Ryan, new to this scene, has a little trouble getting hard and so he concentrates v-e-r-y hard. Feeling sorry for his new bud, Timmy gets a little goofy and offers Ryan a manual “jump start,” before asking, “mind if I try something else?” and swallowing Ryan's increasingly responsive cock. Aaron, in turn, leans over and easily swallows Timmy. Still far from rock hard, Ryan tries some lubrication and a new position on the floor. He gets extremely tense and intense, crouching and jacking in a way that shows off his tightly muscled bod. Breathing heavily, Ryan rather unexpectedly busts a pretty small nut in his pubes, eats
Twinks Hotties
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Description: Tito and Alex are crazy about each other and the two twinks get horned up looking at a gay porn mag on the sofa. All gay sex breaks loose and the two hotties begin a hot bareback fuck fest on the small sofa until the cum shoots.
8 Inches of Marine Meat
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Description: Staring intently at the TV screen, he massages the bulge that is rising. When he pulls it out, he reveals a full 8 inches of marine meat. With deliberate strokes, he gives his organ a good workout. Private CJ is getting a little warm and decides he needs to get a little more comfortable. So, he slips off his shirt to reveal a slim but well defined chest and upper body. His right shoulder is adorned with the initials USMC. There is a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest. Then he takes off his pants and we get a glimpse of pure sex. His cock is rock hard and his balls hang slightly between his legs. He begins to slide his hand more rapidly up and down the shaft. Finally, he explodes with streams of cum splattering across his abs and chest.
Dew and Moo
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Description: Fang takes his shirt off and rubs his nipples. This time he finds a blog called “Fuck Buddy”. Dew and Moo walk arm and arm talking about last nights fuck… “he was so small and worse yet a 'two minute man'.” They walk to the clubhouse and begin to strip one another. Kissing and cuddling they suck on nipples and gently caress. Dew with his swimmers body is active licking Moo's long and lean form. They move into a sixty nine wetting each others hardening dicks with active tongues.
Room Mates Bareback
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Description: Two dorm roommates just can't help themselves and start making love in the tiny room. No condoms, no big bed, just a small space and a small bed but these two horny twinks manage just fine as they eat ass and fuck bareback till cum flies!
Curious Kade's Jerk Off
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Description: Fresh out of the marines, tribal tattoos, and a faux-hawk to boot, I had a small slice of you*g America ready to bear it all for me. Behind that pretty exterior was a you*g man with a few experiences of his own under his belt. Kade and a jerk-off buddy of his even roped a sailor into coming along and joining in a suck-fest 3-way! Confident Kade knows he has what it takes to be a real man's man. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom...just like the marine base! All joking falls wayside when Kade gets to work on his cock. He pulls out a nice thick knob with a set of large egg sized nuts and starts stroking it's gentle curve to the left. Neither of us can take our eyes off the throbbing schlong, the poor guy was about to go crosseyed he was concentrating so hard. All that work came to a head when Kade came all over his chest tattoo, gave a sigh of relief, and told me how good it was. I know Kade, I know.
Mark hitch-hiking
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Description: Hitch-hiking through the city because of his small stature, was I ever surprised when he whipped out that LOG. Small packages sometimes hold BIG surprises
Better Laid Plans
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Description: Ryker Madison comes home from a stressful day at work to find boyfriend Connor Maguire relaxing on the couch. Trouble on the home front starts brewing when Connor decides to go see a concert instead of spending time with his tired twink. The tension in the room is palpable as Connor heads out the door leaving Ryker alone to worry if their relationship is in trouble. Will the two sexy young men reconcile or is this small misunderstanding the beginning of the end?
Otter Hottness
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Description: Dusty bends over to reveal his perfectly round hairy ass. He moistens one of his fingers and probes into the depths of his hole. He moans as he continues to stroke, pleasuring himself anally. Ready to cum, he flops over onto his back. With a massive grunt, his cock squirts out giant streams of spunk onto his hairy chest. He moans several more times as more jizz escapes onto his otter belly. A small droplet of cum glistens in his beard hair as he smiles blissfully.
Dj Aloha
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Description: DJ recently rang me to say that he was moving back to Hawaii. I knew that I wanted to bring him back in one more time before his departure. DJ was one of my very first models and has been shooting videos for CAUSA since September 2003. Knowing that he's okay with small toys, I decided to have fun with the silver bullet and a little oral -- the difference being me in control of the silver bullet and pushing DJ's boundaries a bit. As you'll soon witness, DJ thoroughly enjoyed the little, silver vibrator, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy watching DJ in the heights of pleasure! Of course, I wish DJ all the best in his new adventures and am looking forward to a trip to the islands and shooting more vids with him.
Blacks On Tommy Lima - Andre, Tommy and Efrem
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Description: Seems like Tommy Lima's ass would get worn out but he's a champ! When he wakes up from another nap and finds Efrem Da Paula and Andre Ferreira making out and stroking on his bed he doesn't even flinch. He just lays back and enjoys the show. He's not much of a spectator, though. He's quick to get in on the action and that is due in no small part to the size of Efrem's cock I'm sure. After sucking on their cocks he continues working on Andrea while Efrem starts getting lined up to attack that hole with a prick that seems it shouldn't be able to fit inside that pink pucker that it's being aimed at. Tommy opens up like a pro once Andre's warmed his hole up with his own impressive dick, though. Efrem takes his time getting inside Tommy and the look on Tommy's face is pure desperation while he waits. Once he decides it's time there's no stopping him and Efrem is balls deep in Tommy's ass before you know it.
Seth's Mouth & Danny's Cock
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Description: A towering Scandinavian Danny makes our Seth seem so small, sitting next to each other on my couch. They quickly get along and talk about the difference in cultures. The huge viking says he was drawn to California for the sunshine, while Seth seems drawn to Danny for the promise of a huge cock for his ass. They soon get to business making out and feeling each other out. Big Danny can't wait to get his pants around his ankles and Seth's mouth around his giant cock. Danny fingers Seth's tight hole and they fuck every which way but upsidedown. You will just have to watch to see who shoots first, furthest, and some of the longest ropes that have ever graced my oh so lucky couch... and floor for that matter!
Ugly faggot with tiny cock licks dirty ass of 83 year old boyfriend
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Description: Ugly faggot sticks his big nose in dirty 83 year old asshole. This pathetic small cock loser is born to lick the dirty assholes of old men
Czech Hunter 104
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Description: I have spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mountains together with some friends. Always when I come back to Prague from there I have to change the train at a small station at the outskirts. And this was the first time ever I noticed a young guy who tried to sell some contracts to passengers. He looked quite cute so I pretended to be interested in his products. After a while he told me that he gets only paid per contract. And that business was bad the last days. Well, this was almost some sort of invitation for me. I offered him some money so I could check out his body first. He agreed and I soon realized that I liked what I saw. I offered him more for a blow-job. Right at the train-station.
Czech Hunter 100
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Description: I was walking down the Badeniho, a beautiful small street in Prague, when I saw two sportsmen. But they seemed to busy or to literally run away from me. So another guy attracted my attention who was sitting on a park bench near the Spanish embassy. He was quite naive and he appeared to be shy. I was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although I tried my very best - he didn't agree to do anything more. Tough shit. So I went on to a park and there I met a young boy. I wasn't sure whether he was maybe even gay. He liked to go to theater and was really not talkative. When I seduced him to follow me to a hotel and to give me a blow-job I had to find out that he was a 200% straight.