Meaty hunk gets blown and rimmed
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Description: Honestly, I wasn't sure that this shoot would ever happen. Carter, after getting his first "happy ending" massage, said he was going to need some time to think about going any further with a guy. Well, I don't know if it was time as much as the stack of cash he was offered that eventually changed his mind. Carter stopped by on his way to football practice in his workout shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. It was a hot idea that afterward he was going to out there with the rest of his team, knowing he had just been sucked off by a dude. When the cameras started rolling, though, Carter was a little edgy, definitely still contemplating what was about to happen. But as he started getting sucked, the expression on his face went from uncertainty to one of clear pleasure, and his dick was quickly on board for the ride as it hardened in my mouth. I pulled one of Carter's legs back while he was sitting on the bed, giving his meaty ass a lick. Carter let out an appreciative moan and watched as he
Parker Perry
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Description: Parker Perry needs a rest from his long hike. He finds a tree trunk to sit down on and he starts stroking his bulge and his chest. Apparently his hiking got him really horned up because his huge dick is nearly bursting out of his jeans, and he takes off his sleeveless flannel, showing off his hairy pecks and stomach. He spits some saliva onto his uncut cock to work it in and lube up his tube steak and proceeds to feel himself up and jack his big mack. Once his jeans come down around his ankles, he's really getting into the self-gratification, playing with his balls and cock and tweaking his nipple. As his foreskin bobs back and forth over his head, he's really working his cock right with both fists wrapped around it and soon he's jerking faster and faster until he unleashes his load.|
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Description: My affair with Jordon started almost a year ago when he moved in down the street. The day he moved in, he was wearing a pair of baller shorts and a sleeveless shirt that was cut all the way down the side. It caused me to not only grab a double-take, I actually had to stop and introduce myself. I'm sure he noticed my hard cock as I was staring at his ripped abs. Well it turns out that Jordon did notice and our affair progressed on to me doing everything I could think of to get him naked in front of our cameras. I mean I have made him numerous dinners, baked him cookies, I even got him ****** a few times and he was clearly flattered but it wasn't happening. I finally thru in the towel and while he wouldn't show his face, I am bringing you one of the hottest boys you will find in the South. Jordon is 6'2
Beffy Jackin
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Description: This cool beefy guy shows off his cock for you. I love guys like this.