Twink Bareback Penetration Pt. 6
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at Our boys Jon, Carl and Sean where hanging out in the break room where Jon was explaining that he feels a little cold and wondered if maybe Sean could help warm him up. Sean obliges and begins sucking our handsome young studs cock. Not wanting to miss out on the action Carl joins in. We now have three naked twinks with rock hard cocks enjoying each others smooth lean bodies. Carl is sucking Jon while Sean is sucking on Carl's cock making for a nice three way twink cock sucking. Later Jon and Carl team up on Sean's cock and ass. These boys all take turns on each others asses while sucking each others cocks in this twink three-some. Carl is the first of our boys to be on his back as Jon fucks his ass bareback. Jon has a nice sized cock on him as well as you can see his bare cock slide in and out of our young twinks ass. No condoms here in this hot twink three-some. All three of the boys take their turns
Orlando Ink & Dylan Saunders
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Description: Jock studs Dylan Saunders and Orlando Ink are a match equal in body size-but it's clear from Orlando's 9 inches of throbbing meat that Saunders will be the one to take it deep.
Dildo Fucking Timo's Hole
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Description: With his legs up in the air, he struggles to get one more ball in, then he gently eases it back out. Now it's time to try the pocket pussy. Stuffing his cock into the white spiral, he moans with pleasure before grabbing the blue vibrator. He presses it up against his own dick to compare size. It's just about an even match! Timo hops onto his knees with his butt sticking up in the air. Then he jams it into his hair lined hole before turning on the vibration. With the vibrator still stuck in his sphincter, he grabs the pocket pussy again to pleasure his cock. Then he goes on to his back for a little more penetration before he jacks himself into a frenzy. With one final grunt, jizz goes spraying into the air; landing on his rippled abs and thick bush.
Black Cock In Twink Holes - Goncalo Morales and Riu Melo
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Description: When Riu Melo starts rubbing Goncalo Morales' cock through his pants, you are immediately aware of the size difference between this little twink and the big black stud who's clearly going to fuck him. Riu's hand looks as if it will barely wrap all the way around Goncalo's fat prick. When Riu wraps his lips around that black schlong, the difference in size is even more noticeable. No matter how much he works his throat, he can't get his nose all the way to Goncalo's pubes. After a good bit of trying to get it all the way down the boy's neck, Goncalo goes for the ass. Riu sits on the big fucker and takes it like a bitch. His whining and moaning only make it hotter that he's getting tore up by this amazing cock. When Goncalo flips Riu over, though, he's fully in control and really gets his dick balls deep up that tight hole. That's enough to get them both shooting spooge all over the place. I still wonder which lucky fuck gets to help clean up these messes on the set.
Black Cock In Twink Holes
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Description: Anibal is a tall guy with a big dick. The only thing about him bigger than his dick, in fact, is his desire to take huge, black cock into his mouth and up his hole. Julian Real is all about satisfying that desire. His cock looks to be about the same size as Anibal's forearm except it might be a little thicker. Anibal's cock is hard just from sucking on Julian's giant prick. It makes you excited to see what happens when that heavy foreskin gets peeled back and that black snake is up the twink's little hole. After giving it some fingering, Julian lets Anibal slide his tight hole down the length of an altogether too-fat cock. It takes some concerted effort to get it all in, but neither of these guys seems to mind the work. The look on Anibal's face is one of pure ecstasy as he slowly gets further and further down the giant black bone that is inside him. Julian helps him out with some hard upthrusts and gets nearly all of an impossibly girthy dong inside that tight hole.
8 Inches From Brazil - Denis Torres and Jefferson Garcia
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Description: It's gonna be sweet. Especially when big-muscled Denis Torres is licked and tongued by super-young Jeferson Garces. When Denis' cock is finally fully exposed, we are treated to a suck-off session of gargantuan proportions. His cock is the entire size of Jeferson's boy-face, but he manages to devour it anyway – deep-throating his man-partner until he decides that he wants to take the huge ½-meter pole into his awaiting man-hole. Even though his cute, firm ass doesn't even look big enough to envelop Denis' entire cock, he somehow manages to take it all. The fuck frenzy continues as the tatooed top roughs up his boy-bottom-buddy until they both explode in a noisy cum-splattering fury.
Glen's 5-day load
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Description: Glen was introduced to me through a mutual friend, recently. Glen was between jobs and needed a way to bring in some cash, so our friend suggested he get in touch with me to try his hand at porn. Glen is 28 y/o, 6' 3" tall, with size 14 shoes. He was a wrestler and football player before signing up with the military for a stint. It was in Army basic training that a buddy of his brought some porn into the barracks and the two of them ended up horned up and jerking off together. "Battle buddies," as Glen put it with a laugh. Sounded like there might have been a hint of curiosity about guys while he told the story, so I tucked that thought in my pocket. Glen showed up with a 5 day load stored up, so he was raring to get started. He seemed to get off on the cameras pointed at him until it came time to show off his ass. Bent over the chair, Glen's cock started to lose its luster which I saw as my opening. I reached in to give him a little tug and see if I could bring it back to lif
Neighborly Twink Fuck Part 2
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Description: Sandwiched in between the daddies, Toraemon gets himself ready to satisfy these two. As the pair work on the youngster, the boy does make twitching a very sexy sight. With Toraemon's hole on full display, they show him how an ass should be worked. Lubing up “the ringer,” they discuss how the bottom is a size queen; he shows with his hands how big he likes his plugs. While Toraemon plays with the rings, the bottom moans with enjoyment. Up and gloved, Toraemon jerks for a bit and then “dives” in. From the get go, the top pumps away easily; the other daddy works the bottom's nipples. As the trio toil together “polishing the silver,” the thrusting goes faster; looks like Toraemon has the bottom “standing at attention.” Pulling of his condom quickly, Toraemon spews all over the inside of the bottom's thigh, dripping onto the floor.
Grunting Primal CUMpilation
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Description: The gradually building climax is almost too much to handle as these rough and tough men of the Armed makes release their full pipes and blast that delicious jizz all over eagerly awaiting mouths. Load after load canons from beautiful cocks of many colors and sizes, all for your pleasure. Try to pick your favorite and you may be up all night only to greet the dawn's early light STILL indecisive and with a sore wrist. This seed-soaked video is saturated with everyone's favorite part of every scene... the sweaty, grunting, primal unloading of the hot, sexy men who keep this country safe. God bless America!
bareback stallion
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Description: When Esteban asked us a for real and hungry bottom for his first Fuckermate bareback video we immediately thought of David. It takes a special hungry bottom to accomodate Esteban's Xxl size and our Fuckermate from the Canarias Islands is the perfect mate. Esteban fills Davids hungry hole with his huge hard raw cock in this extreme, wet and hard bareback session. This video is extreme penetration, complete dominatiom and 100% raw! You can't miss how David is dominated by Estebans monster cock and feeds of his big hot load. Enjoy.
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Description: I encourage him to get more comfortable and he starts playing with his cock while staring at my crotch. He pulls out a nice sized, purple hued specimen from his pants and starts to stroke. Then he jumps up on his knees and sticks his butt way out so I can see his hole. He gently slides one finger, then two into the tight sphincter. Laying on his back he continues to self-bang his pucker while jerking his meat. His body tenses and he moans slightly. A stream of jizz bubbles from the tip of his cock and splashes into the black bush below then several more thick globules of love juice burst forth as he pants heavily.
Fabian's Hot Latin Hole
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Description: Chatting it up on my couch, we have super hot Danny the Viking and foxy Fabian. For the first time ever Fabian is actually nervous about what he is about to do. Never in his life has he had a cock in his ass, and when he saw the size of Danny, I thought he was going to jump out of his tighty whiteys. After a steamy makeout session, Fabian mellowed out a little and happily gobbled down Danny's uncut dick like a power bar. I have never seen a straight boy deep throat as well as he did with minimal gag reflex! Danny likes his girls on the ethnic side and super toned and tanned Fabian seems right up his alley. After an hour of the fuck and suck fest the action never waned. These guys were like two hungry ******s at the zoo at dinner time. Getting fucked missionary style made Fabian squirt a massive load all the way up to his neck. Danny got the wise idea to use Fabian's cum as lube. He mopped up the latin boy's load and spread it all over his dick before shoving it back in that tight hole.
Muscle Stud Gets Railed by Young Stud
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Description: Timo eases his long schlong into Brock's tight manhole. Timo grunts and grips the staircase as his pink meat slides between Brock's cheeks, invading his most private work space. Timo, who is more than excited to fuck on a new canvas takes this opportunity to get creative and hammers away on Brock's ass using every leverage point he can reach. When Brock's thick trunk-like legs start to give out, the boys take their lunch break to the couch - covered in painter's cloth. Is there any other way to hide the mess you make fucking on the job? Timo turns out Brock's ass, bouncing his cock in and out of the chest hair covered brick-house. Timo then hammers away in missionary until clock-out time. Timo pulls out and circles around the couch, where he hangs precariously over Brock's head while they stroke out big man sized loads all over Brock's carpeted heaving pecs.
Badpuppy Carlos Dido
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Description: Carlos Dido has his cool going on during the preliminary interview, and when questioned about the size of his dick, he sheepishly grins. Once the Q&A is over, Carlos whips it out & WOW! This furry, uncut cub is indeed hung like an old army mule! Enjoy!
Hardcore Party - Concalo Morales, Gaspar Loronha and Gustavo
Category: Brazilian
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Description: Sometimes when you watch porn you feel like the guys just got together to fuck for some cash and that's it. The dudes in this scene, though, make it clear that they are enjoying each other and that the fucking is as much fun as anything they've done in a while. Concalo Morales, Gaspar Lornha, and Gustavo Alvez are hot and hung and ripe for a good time. Watching Gaspar on his knees helping his buddies out is made even hotter by the size of meat sticking out of his crotch. It's matched by the size of the meat about to tear up his ass and his throat. He's a power bottom who takes great pleasure in getting tore up by these two hot studs. The cum is plentiful and inspiring. I was urged to make a load of my own, in fact!
Three Schoolmates Blowing Each Other
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Description: Three curious guys jerk off together and measure each others' hard dong. Two twinks comparing dicks' sizes and getting super horny in the process as one of their gay schoolmate saw what the two were doing. Before you know it, they are buck naked, giving each other blowjobs and jerking off their hard dicks.
Bi Guy's Solo
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Description: Fresh out of the marines, tribal tattoos, and a faux-hawk to boot, I had a small slice of you*g America ready to bear it all for me. Behind that pretty exterior was a you*g man with a few experiences of his own under his belt. Kade and a jerk-off buddy of his even roped a sailor into coming along and joining in a suck-fest 3-way! Confident Kade knows he has what it takes to be a real man's man. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom...just like the marine base! All joking falls wayside when Kade gets to work on his cock. He pulls out a nice thick knob with a set of large egg sized nuts and starts stroking it's gentle curve to the left. Neither of us can take our eyes off the throbbing schlong, the poor guy was about to go crosseyed he was concentrating so hard. All that work came to a head when Kade came all over his chest tattoo, gave a sigh of relief, and told me how good it was. I know Kade, I know.
Rico Zaas Travels Back
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Description: Back, way back in 2002, Rico Zaas was here. He never did any guy on guy stuff for us, so when I ask him today, he says, “we'll see.” Now at 34, this Straight Rent Boy has the same build and size he did years ago; even his cut cock looks no worse for the wear. A “traveling man,” he's up for a “girl in every port.” Rico sits back and lets his hands do the work. Up fairly fast, he rocks himself on the edge of the couch then leans back; his tight balls and hairy hole present themselves for the camera. “Twerking” his cock, Rico has a snug grip on things and then stops to admire his member; “he” is a beauty. In the zone, Rico glances at the camera, as he keeps his hands busy. Stretching out, this boy's not what I would call “hairy,” but he does have some great tufts of the stuff. With a bit of nipple play, Rico gets closer and moans softly. Right before he shoots, the abs stiffen. Adding to his “travel money,” Rico seems up to the guy on guy stuff and I have just the
babyface blond jerks
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Description: Charming yet alluring with piercing blue eyes and a smile of a gentleman. After an intense work out, he went back to his spot and enjoyed the majestic view. Feeling slightly sweaty he decided to jump in the shower. After gracing his cock with the soap… lift off began. He appeared to get hornier and hornier and needed to release. He left the shower and headed to his king size bed. Stroking his cock and humping the bed almost sent me over my ***** pressure. A bust at the end was the icing on the cake for such a long and productive day.
Texas Sized Steak: Brett Bradley
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Description: Former Texan, Brett Bradley, transplanted to Florida for the surfing. Although he's straight, he needs some cash for gifts; 'tis the season. He is comfortable with doing hand and blow jobs; apparently this is not his first rodeo. At 26, he stands 5'9" and is 137lbs., but that's not the statistic that catches my eye. When I ask how big he is, he says 9"; I know, get in line. Pulling down his underwear, this boy shows that "things are bigger grown in Texas;" "Lord have mercy." Brett will do a solo today, but with a cock like that; I have plans for this cowboy. Once he starts stroking, his cock just keeps getting larger and thicker; a cock to surely make any man happy. Working his wondrous meat, Brett moans and strokes in a very entertaining way; he's quiet, but very intense. As he stretches out, his tight, lean body reddens and flexes. Giving out a, "fuck," he keeps pounding that cock; I know at least two guys who would love to stroke it for him, but we really nee
Jimmy Ellis: I'm Here To Film Porn
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Added: 06 Jun 14
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Description: Jimmy Ellis is a great 22 year old. Laid back and "really horny," he's here to bust a nut for Yep, he knows it's gay porn, but says that when he checked, it pays better and you get to have more scenes; this straight boy is in it for the dough. Keeping an open mind, he's 5'8" and 145, single and smart enough to get my "old" jokes. He likes porn and dope; seems the more he smokes, the more he jerks; I like this guy. Comparing his jerking to a nice meal, I think we're all going to feel satisfied after he's done. Damn, feeling generous, Jimmy takes down his underwear and pulls apart his cheeks; a very nice hairy pink hole is calling my name...ah, if only. Asking about his dick size, he says he's average, but girls comment on his thickness. As he lies back and "grows," I see this boy has got masturbating down to a rhythm. "Thwacking" his balls against his legs, Jimmy stops just long enough for some hot moaning, and then goes back to it. His tigh
35fr sounding
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Description: First time this size actually went all the way in.
Hot Latin Stud and His Uncut Cock
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Description: Joey has always wanted to help others, so he recently got the idea to go into the Navy to serve on humanitarian missions. He wasn't sure he wanted to be part of military life but now he has decided this is the course he wants to chart. He also likes the physical challenges that life in the military present. The job he's going to be doing is classified, so he really can't tell us too much about it. He's showing off his tattoos today, which are stretched across a canvas of fine, tan skin and developing musculature. He unbuckles his belt and works on his cock through the cotton of his underwear for a few moments before he whips out a good-sized, uncut monster. He slumps a little on the couch as he gets more comfortable, stroking his cock against a black bush of pubic fur. He pulls the purple foreskin all the way up over the pink dick head while caressing his balls with the other hand. Slipping his shorts down to his ankles, he spreads his legs wide, giving a glimpse of his anal crack. He
Near Monster Cock
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Description: This week on Dirty Tony, cums a video from Tony's secret vault. The hunky Carson shows off his massive 9.5 monster cock in his own home! This studly man has a ripped torso, sculpted arms, and beautifully designed tattoos, which only enhances his muscular body. Carson works at a gay bar, despite being straight, however, he says the thought of hooking up with a guy has crossed his mind once or twice. But fear not, he is still looking for the right guy to try it with...if he ever does. He definitely has the makings for a rough, dominant top and hopefully he will make his debut one day. Carson sits on his chair in the living room, rubbing himself down, slowly making that gigantic dick grow into its full size. He works it up and down, stroking his long, hard shaft making it more eager to bust his awaiting load. Carson finally pushes himself over the edge blowing out a great stream of hot, white jizz over his gigantic manrod.
Edward Gonzales: Straight, Married and Corruptible!
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Description: Edward is 20, 5'6", size 8 shoe and 120lbs. He does have a small build, but he sports a nice six pack of abs. He seems very quiet and reserved, but something about that big tattoo has got me wondering. The meaning behind dragon tattoos lies in their "raw energy;" Edward doesn't really fit the bill for "power," but I have a good feeling about him; he may be silent, but I think he'll leave an impression. Download the full HD video at
Scott Johnson Solo
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Description: Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for college. Although not into labels, he has been with guys before; the first time was at a frat party. He is here today to jerk off; this SDBoy watches some gay porn, gets hard and blows a creamy load. Lying on the couch, he tugs to get hard; adding his own spit for extra lubrication. As he rises, I think we are in for a big treat. As he gets to his happy place, he rubs his nice hard nipples and bites his lips; his eyes are constantly glued to the guys on the TV. As the camera angles from above, we see he is indeed a nice size with some girth. His legs start to tense and release as he works his cock. He slaps his dick against his body; we can appreciate his nice piece of meat. Now moving the camera to a side view, Scott seems to really like his head, with his hands; all the sudden he says, "I'm gonna cum;" he oozes out a creamy load down his shaft and onto his fingers. A quiet cummer, but a nice p