Sicilian athlete
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Description: tanned, uncut, thick black hair, deep dark eyes, this hot 18 year old jock epitomizes the splendor of youth, with an all-Sicilian twist. He's a gifted athlete
HOT Sicilian jock
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Description: They don't come more Italian-looking than this HOT jock, do they? Swarthy, black hair, bedroom eyes and a sexy, mischievous grin you can't ignore.
Sicilian hunk
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Description: Up close and personal with this Sicilian jock: 19 year old, horny, uncut
Sicilian jock
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Description: 20 year old Rosario embodies the 'idea' of the Italian jock: tall, swarthy, green eyes, black hair and a cocky, sexy attitude. Think a younger Raoul Bova but more handsome, more muscular and much, much kinkier
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Description:  Multi-talented musician/singer who lists as his special characteristics "SOUP on his tweebles (?), and a BIG COCK". He's 23 y/o, 6'1" and 170# and is of Sicilian descent. Handsome, personable fellow.
Sicilian jock Manuel
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Description: He's all-Sicilian, tall, buff, horny and nasty. Above all, this 27 year old hunk is the most verbal applicant I've lensed.
Sicilian hunk Fabrizio
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Description: What is it about these hot Sicilian boys? Meet Fabrizio Leonida, 23, a hot body, a BIG smile and a bigger personality.
Sicilian newcomer
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Description: A Sicilian immigrant working in Belgium, 21 year old Tano is a knockout. His boyish charm and a compact, muscular frame are sure to make this jock an instant fave of yours
Sicilian jock
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Description: "I'm an exhibitionist," says Luca M: "I love showing off on my webcam. I'm into orgies and swingers' clubs..." At 22, this handsome Sicilian jock has none of the inhibitions many Italian men have.
Stefano Furia
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Description: Behind the scenes with italian newcomer Stefano Furia. The most inventive and hyper-active amongst the Lucaskazan men, Stefano Furia is always 'on'. Stefano's outgoing, theatrical personality well fits his Sicilian looks: curly hair, furry chest, hazelnut eyes and rock-hard buns.