Rusty and Mikey's sexy shower outdoors
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Description: After a sexy boat trip that included some hot blowjobs, brunette twinks Rusty and Mikey are back at home and ready to relax. Watch them taking a sexy shower in the garden while flaunting their hot booties and sexy cocks. They definitely look very hot and they're ready to keep the party going with a sexy make out session!
Jeremy Torrez and Mike Anders
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Description: Latin, uncut top Jeremy Torrez makes good use of Mike Anders' mouth, cock slapping and face fucking it before focusing on turning Mike's asshole inside out and showering it with jizz.
Sexual workout
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Description: Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich give us a little hint as to the amount of effort it takes our boys to maintain their perfect bodies. Of course hard work should always be rewarded, and after a refreshing shower the boys decide that they should reward each other with some post workout fucking. As we all know that Marcel is a natural born bottom it is no surprise to see Brian on top here. We can tell Marcel is happy as he shoots a huge load all over his belly before swallowing Brian's j!zz.Nobody does it like!
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Description: Jerry is a 26 year old skinhead from Prague, and he's going to jack off for us. The scene opens with him on a sofa. After standing up to strip naked, he sits back down and goes to work. This guy is definitely an uncut shower, and also has plenty to be proud of when it's hard. With a little bit of play, Jerry's cock is standing at attention. He lays back for the long stroke show, grabbing his balls and squeezing them quite a bit along the way. He likes working his big dick with one hand and sometimes both. Eventually, he picks up the pace, and we can see that Jerry is getting close. Then he releases his cum onto his smooth belly.
Champ and Adrian
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Description: Hot, black, and hung stud Champ Robinsons lays it down thick and hard when he meets lust-filled bottom Adrian. Champ turns it out, intensely pounding away at Adrian's hole before covering his asshole in a shower of cum.
Stud Ass Blast Cum
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Description: Gay lovers had a sexy time and brought it to the highest level in a few seconds. Extreme anal sex follows with hardcore fucking and non-stop cum after cum. Hardcore anal fuck then back and forth until the final Cum Blast in the face showering lover's lust.
Khan's "Ichiro-ing" For A Hand
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Description: Khan, in yellow, has a friend over for some hand-to-man action. Typical for these Asian hotties, the fun starts with a shower, and soap. As these twinks play, the lather and hands go everywhere on one another. Oops, I forgot to say, the friend is Ichiro; seems to have quite a “bond” with Khan. After their bathroom time, they sit on the bed and explore more. As the camera hovers, the sweet twinks lick, fondle and harden one another; they're not the only ones aroused by touch. Khan, a true nipple worshipper goes right on to Ichiro's areolas, both Khan's mouth and fingers tantalize. With their legs interlocked the boys, face one another and begin some oral stimulation; I think ever since Khan saw that nice big head on Ichiro, he's been “Ichiro-ing” to get his mouth on it. Khan then becomes the receiver of Ichiro's oral abilities; the hottie has Khan twitching from the first mouthful. Getting some “good vibrations” going, Khan uses a toy on Ichiro, and
Tommy Lima In Brazil - Cosme, Francisco, Joam, Paulo and Tommy
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Description: fter a short walk and a few muscle ups, Tommy dozes off on the rocks. The dream we glimpse through his mind's eye is packed with more muscle and meat than I'd think possible. If I dreamed like this guy I'd never wake up! Relaxing in a pool together are Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo, Joam Ferreira, and Paulo Colimbra. At first he's just watching and jacking in the shower. Tommy is soon invited to join in the fun, though. He's quickly engulfed in the kisses and caresses of these studs and shortly after they help each other out of their trunks. The four friends climb out of the pool and line up side-by-side for Tommy to partake of their sweet buffet before the guys split off to get down to the real sucking and fucking. Joam Ferreira and Cosme Diaz take one side of the pool and use a deck chair in ways never intended by the manufacturer. While Cosme doesn't have the biggest dick in the film, he has some biceps that you can't take your eyes off as Joam pounds him from behind. This comes afte
Spanish Playhouse 1 - Carlos Vega and Cesar Santos
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Description: But he'll again have to wait, for when Tommy opens door number three, he gets a nice eye full of candy with the over-muscular, multiple-tattooed Cesar Santos sensually showering for his slim, horny friend Carlos Vega. Cesar's bulging biceps, plump ass and 10-inch cock are a huge attention-getter, and in time he hops out of the steaming shower and gives Carlos a little show. After Cesar jacks off for a while, he gives in and lets Carlos have a taste of his rocket-headed cock. He makes Carlos' small frame get out of bed – cock throbbing – and get down on his knees to worship and suck. Cesar eventually can't help it and gives Carlos a good ***gy-style ass fucking. After a fuck fest worth a million bucks, the two blow loads even manly men would be jealous of.
Shower Room Bareback
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Description: Will keeps things in repair in his locker room and when Jon finishes repairing the water heater for the shower, Will steps in to find Jon half naked. Will compliments Jon on such a sexy body, then reaches over and begins handling the Jon's cock. Jon offers no resistance, and the bareback scene begins and finishes with full
Meeting At Makoto's, Khan Enters
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Description: Meeting at Makoto's apartment, he, in the black, chats with Khan, in the white. The pair soon realizes the connection they share. Attracted to one another, this is going to be a far “deeper” bond than either first thought. films just what happens when chemistry is felt and desires are explored. As Makoto sucks on khan's dick, he watches the reaction and adjusts his oral abilities to heighten their pleasure. The boys trade places as Khan blows Makoto. Looking at his partner, Khan engulfs all, and then teases Makoto's frenulum with his flickering tongue. Standing, Makoto plays with his large, sensitive nipples. Moving inside, the boys wash one another up and suds all the “good parts.” Making out in the bedroom, Khan will be topping Makoto, who lies down and receives more of Khan's skilled abilities. Enjoying the “extra bath,” Makoto arches his back and squirms at all the sensations filling his body. Rolling under Makoto, Khan then lies on his back, h
Good Morning Masturbation
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Description: After the good morning shower I got really horny and came all over me with a big cumshot! Who would like to shower with me again?