Zdenek Zimola and Mirek Spirik
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Description: 24 year old Zdenek Zimola and 21 year old Mirek Spirik are at Zdenek's house. They begin kissing in the shower and mutual stroking of their uncut cocks. Zdenek encourages Mirek to his knees, to give him the oral attention he was craving! Zdenek guides Mirek over to the shower wall where he gives him a blow job in return. Zdenek then takes hold of Mirek's cock, guiding him to the bedroom, where they 69 each other, ravishing each others cocks simultaneously. Mirek lays face down, cheeks spread while Zdenek gets in some good tongue and rim action. Mirek gets on his knees and Zdenek begins fucking him on all 4's, thrusting him hard. Zdenek leans back on the bed and Mirek faces him as they continue fucking lap style. Mirek now on his back, legs up while Zdenek lets him have it! Zdenek pulls out, kneeling over Mirek's face. Mirek keeps stroking, blowing his load and Zdenek follows right behind him, letting lose, giving Mirek a creamy mouthful and facial!