Rusty and Mikey's sexy shower outdoors
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Description: After a sexy boat trip that included some hot blowjobs, brunette twinks Rusty and Mikey are back at home and ready to relax. Watch them taking a sexy shower in the garden while flaunting their hot booties and sexy cocks. They definitely look very hot and they're ready to keep the party going with a sexy make out session!
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Bareback Sofa
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Description: Brian is just out of the shower when his hot date Lex shows up at the door. Brian gets on his knees and starts undoing Lex's belt and drops Lex's trousers and before long Brian has Lex's big cock fully hard. Gay sex gets really hot with some 69 sucking and ass eating and concludes with Lex bareback fucking Brian on the black leather sofa in multiple positions before releasing his cum.
Dude takes his first big cock
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Description: Michael Evans flip flops for the very first time! His first experience tells me it’s likely not his last. After a shower and some intimate time with JJ Swift, Mike fucks JJ and take his first cock in his ass. Can't wait to see more.
Matt vs. The Brazilian Pig Part 2
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Description: It's suckin' in the shower, fuckin' in the sauna, and sex in the steamroom in a Brazillian penthouse between Nasty Matthias von Fistenberg and a hot Latino
Sex In The Shower - Renato and Henrique
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Description: Renato has a boyish look that belies his ability to use his healthy cock for more manly pursuits. Henrique happens to be the manly pursuit in this fuck scene. After a swim, these guys need to clean up. While they are at it they use this shower just like countless other men and Henrique lets Renato slide that long prick up his hole. The fuck-sounds in this scene are fantastic.
Triple pleasure
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Description: Kevin turns out to be quite the little house keeper. When he comes back to the apartment, Jaco is still in the shower and Billy is still in bed. Within a jiffy though he has the place clean, only to find out that while he has been working, Billy has been playing with himself (not that we could blame him) and as soon as Kevin has finished in the shower, and Jaco in the bathroom, they are all helping Billy out, playing with his dick.Nobody does it like BelAmi!
Prison Shower Part 4 - MEN.COM
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Description: Johnny Rapid is almost ready to get out on parole but he needs a recommendation from the prison shrink. Landon Conrad seizes the opportunity to get in Johnny's tight ass and shares the treat with prison guard Cooper Reed!
4 Ripped Studs Bang Luke
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Twink Fucks His Muscle Stud
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Description: David's big dick slides nicely into Mikes hole. David pumps away in ***gie style before flipping him over and doing him on his back. The slapping and moaning gets louder and heavier and Mike's hairy nuts jiggle up and down on David's pounding shaft. Mike yells at David to cum. He's close and doesn't want to wait. He can't hold it so he blows his big fat hearty load all over his own stomach. David pulls out and stands over the Cadet. He's moaning as Mike begs for the cum. He finally blows and he hits Mike's face and showers his chest with his white gold. Mike looks to camera and smiles a giant smile. He's been ridden hard and he's going to be put away wet!
Tyler's Gang Bang
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Description: Tyler's lips say no (kind of, but not really). But his eyes say yes, yes, yes! Happy as happy can be, he services the dicks waving in his face, takes being cock slapped on the cheek, and gets plowed by thick cock after thick cock. The guys go round and round on Tyler, making sure every hole of his has a dick in it at all times. Timo invokes his favorite move and sets his ass on Tyler's face for a clean licking while America plows in-between his spread legs. After the boys have their way with Tyler's pink pucker, they take turns shooting huge jock loads all over his face and painting his tanned and tattooed pecs. After the last load has been dumped on him and Tyler is still seeing stars, the boys take him to the showers for one last round.
Flip Fuckers
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Description: Max wants to show his semi-straight buddy what it feels like to have a sphincter stretching. He knows he's got a massive cock, so he goes slowly at first. Once Conner is getting used to the feeling of having his colon expanded, Max starts to shove it in deeper and harder. As he does, Conner starts to groan louder and louder until he crescendos with a massive explosion of red-headed step***** spunk. His abs and chest are coated in clear stud juice that reaches all the way up to his neck. This pushed Max over the edge. He withdraws his schlong from the pink chasm creating a void where cock used to be. He kneels above Conner's face and glazes his donut with delicious twinky filling. The two chatter about how they're going to miss my place as they make their way to the shower.