Guy and Jake
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Description: It has been my great pleasure to appear on-camera several times with the very sexy Guy Jones. I have massaged him and serviced him and now, for the first time, we take things a step further and have the kind of give-and-take sexual experience that left me dripping with excitement. Guy has a fabulously beefy body, a beautiful bubble butt and a nice, thick cock. No wonder he is one of the favorites on this site as well as We took things nice and slow, starting off with a hot make-out session before taking turns sucking each other's dick. I love rimming Guy which was the perfect appetizer for the main course of getting lubed up and inside that hot ass. It was such a turn-on watching him shoot his load all over his six-pack before adding my cum to the mix.
Jackin' It
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Description: These ten straight boys don't care who sees them shoot their loads. They're getting off, beating off, & getting sucked off. Ten cocks. Ten loads. You get to see it all!
Erik Finnegan and Patrick Ekberg
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Description: Young country lad Erik arrives in Frankfurt for the first time. At the station he meets Patrik who quickly whisks him a way. Patrik teaches Erik how hot sex with guys is: Erik deep throats his fat pipe, then Patrik passionately licks Erik's ass until Erik begs him to stop. Patrik fucks Erik from behind, then he turns him on his back and pounds him hard until Erik shoots a tremendous load in a high arch. Patrik then squirts his sperm on Erik's cock.
Sexual workout
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Description: Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich give us a little hint as to the amount of effort it takes our boys to maintain their perfect bodies. Of course hard work should always be rewarded, and after a refreshing shower the boys decide that they should reward each other with some post workout fucking. As we all know that Marcel is a natural born bottom it is no surprise to see Brian on top here. We can tell Marcel is happy as he shoots a huge load all over his belly before swallowing Brian's j!zz.Nobody does it like!
Tyler Griz and Dayton O'Connor's Filthy Flip-Fuck
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Description: Dayton turns around and straddles his new trainee, to see what he has learned. He slides down the full length of Tyler's rock hard cock, and gets a ride he will not forget. Just to show he knows where Dayton's g-spot is, Tyler pulls Dayton's head back and drives it in deep. With Dayton's back arched it is clear he has taught his newbie well. As soon as Dayton comes up for air, he is primed and ready to shoot his massive load high in the air before he licks the remains off his leather. With a few more power drives, Tyler is ready to let loose to. But instead of an air shot, Tyler grabs the back of Dayton's head and pulls his eager mouth in for a full taste of that huge load. Dayton licks it all up making sure not to waste any of that load before he spits it back into his trainee's mouth.
Alexandre & Andre
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Description: We joint muscular Latinos Alexandre and Andre in bed and already down to their underwear. As they make out, the top is already getting hard and soon has cock in hand. We don't have to wait long for the bottom to go down on that monster. He sucks his man for quite a long time and then gets on all fours for some fingering and ass rimming. The ass play continues in several positions, before the bottom gives his top another cock servicing. With that uncut dick nice and hard, the bottom lowers himself onto it and the fucking begins. A change in position, and some hard fucking, does the trick. The bottom shoots first and then takes a load of warm cum on his face and chest.
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Description: Let's keep on with the orgy show: The hooded mares are fucked hard. They don't see the fuckers, they can only feel the dicks. They feel all of it big time. The concept of the horse meat market is that the holes will be fucked by a horde of juicy giant pricks. The main thing is to feel the shooting cock. All these submissive mares can't wait to receive their load by a big number of dicks. Don't we all dream about this to happen to us all?|
r149: Go Deep
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Description: Clay and Trey face off in a deep throat challenge. Who can take the other's equally thick cock down the deepest? Both guys are competitive, both swallow cock until they choke and, in the end, they both shoot extra-large loads.
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Description: James Darling is an award winning FTM porn star and director and a super hot stud! Watch him and I go at it in this hot fuck scene. First he starts out sucking my cock then I go down on him sucking his hot boy clit, then we move onto me fucking his boy hole until I shoot my load into his mouth and he spits it back it into mine turning into a hot snowball fight!
Maddock Explodes His Hot Steamy Load
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Description: Maddock slowly strips for the sexy USMC, making Sam salivates on all fours, taunting him with his dangling shaft. Finally, completely naked, Sam moves in toward his awaited treat and continues to suck on his new friend's thick tool. Tired of being on his knees, Sam flips over on his back allowing his throat to open up more so that the Firefighter can face fuck his wet stiff down Sam's hungry mouth. Barely holding it all in, Maddock explodes his hot, steaming load all over Sam's face. Shooting thick white streams of cum across Sam's tired cheeks. Sam could hear Maddock cumming as a hot load landed in his ear. Completely satisfied, Maddock's breathing lightens as he watches his warm, sticky cream drizzles down Sam's rigid mug.
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Description: Reid strips down and gets on all fours so he can feel his hole stretched by the thickness of Liam's brown cock. Liam begins to thrust his hips forward as Reid jerks himself off, moaning as he feels the girth inside him. Finally able to handle the splitting f*rce of Liam's cock, Reid rides him eagerly, staring his partner in the eye as his butthole is opened up. Having had enough impaling, Reid sprays his load onto Liam's stomach, still riding his bull. With Reid's load still pooled on his abs, Liam leaps to his feet and shoots his wad onto his buddy's outstretched tongue.
Sean rubs one out
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Description: Sean called one day, saying that he was in the neighborhood and wanting to know if he could stop by. This out-of-nowhere phone call could only mean one thing-- he was horny and wanted a place to jerk off away from the barracks. No problem! I think just about every room in the house has had someone do a shoot in it, except maybe SpunkWorthy Central; our own little man cave. It was about time to de-virginize it. I set up the cameras and let Sean pound one out watching some of the boy-girl videos from the site. Twisted as he is, Sean made an enigmatic comment to me afterward about there being "a surprise at the end." And a hot one, it was. As if fingering himself while jerking off wasn't enough of a treat, after busting a load onto his stomach, Sean scooped up the cum and sucked his fingers clean.
Porn Addicts
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Description: When Eli doesn't have a dick up his ass, he's watching porn. Literally all day. Last week, I was hanging out with him, stroking my dick, looking at the TV. Landon stum**** upon us. He was looking for his car keys to meet another hookup. I guess he couldn't resist taking another load before hitting the road. I kept jerking off while shooting this vid!
Hot muscled Latino jerking off
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Hot Cuban big dick jerking off
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Hot masculine Latin thug jerking off
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Tatted Latino jerking off big dick
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g120: Trey at the Gloryhole
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Description: Trey heard about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole from a buddy of his. He just wants to get his rocks off, and does he ever! He shoots his load in another guy's mouth and has his sensitive cock licked clean.
His Thick Throbbing Cock
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Description: It didn't take long for Mikey to lose control over his thick throbbing pecker. Mikey began shooting streams of thick creamy white ropes all over his furry chest and chiseled abs. To help out his new found friend, Mikey began to vigorously finger Tyler's tight ass. This overwhelmed Tyler with unexpected excitement. He quickly blew his load all over his own washboard abs. Tyler outdid Mikey's cum shot with a thicker load of creamy silk threads that glistened in the lime light. Finally, when they were washed up they both commented on their first time experience. They genuinely put a smile to each other's face, an experience they'll never forget.
The Fist Code Pt. 2
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Description: The action never stops as Alpha fisters Attila and Boris Karloff shoot loads of cum into dirty pig Omnipervert's asshole before tearing him a new one.
a065: Alec's Audition
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Description: 24-year-old Alec has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. He beats off to straight porn on his phone and shoots a thick load while Franco films him.
Firefighter's Geyser of Cum
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Description: Hero or not though, this man needs to get off and when he does it sprays out like a geyser on full blast. His cum shoots everywhere, watering his abs in every area with creamy white jizz. Jacob is extremely vocal, too. When he cums, he lets every one know through his loud ************ moans. He truly expresses his orgasm in the most genuine way known to man. Which man would not like to get off and have a mind blowing experience like Jacob? Just look at how he felt shooting his steamy load that trickles down as white rivers, rushing to the edge of a beautiful, creamy, cum-filled waterfall.
Tony Plays with Joe's Hole
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Description: I stare down at his bulbous ass cheeks as he bobs happily on my dick. I can't resist the whiteness of his ass, and push my finger deep into his cavern. His sphincter constricts on my third knuckle as I penetrate him as far as I can. As I pull out, he winces as his pucker tries to retain my finger. I shove my cock into his crack and feel the fur around his hole while his hole stares at me. He reaches up and starts sucking my cock as he jerks off furiously. He starts to moan with his mouth still full and then leans back to shoot his load on his stomach. When he's finished pumping out his white goodness, he sits on the blue sofa waiting for his next oral treat. I climb up on the couch and shove my dick in his face. I explode white streams into his wide open mouth, covering him like a glazed donut.