Handcuffed in punishment
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 23 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:01:42
Tags: young bastards piss ns BDSM fetish bondage hard kink toys hardcore german

Description: On the building site Kirk is bored shitless and out of negligence nearly drops a bucket full of rubble onto his boss's head. As punishment Kirk gets handcuffed, must suck his boss's fat dick and to top it off his cute little arse takes the rap for it.
Jef Tickled By Domek
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 09 Dec 12
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Duration: 0:00:32
Tags: tickling tickle tickled fun shoe feet foot suspended suspending college guy sole boy MASSAGE cute boys tall group barefoot gay licking boots huge giant stud sock socks shitless kissing cute funny Big Big Guys Kiss Muscle Stockings Shoes Tiny

Description: This is a clip for tickling fans... Jef is tied spread eagle on the bed and Domek, an experienced tickle top, eyes him up with glee. Domek wastes no time in enjoying this beautiful guy laid out before him like a tickle feast. He starts with the delicious pits that Jef has exposed and from Jef we hear an low moan "oh oooh ooohhhhh" followed by a cascade of laughter in what sounds almost like a sexual climax but it is a crescendo of tickle induced laughs. As Domek works round Jef's pits and sides the restrained lad howls with laughter showing his perfect white teeth in broad smiles and grins. His lean toned body wildly wriggling in his bonds. Domek is a past master at the tickle and really takes Jef all the way with this spectacular upper body tickle, but it does not end there. Domek starts a long slow tickle journey down to Jef's feet. He pauses to tickle bulging underwear and this produces gales of laughter. Then on to the back of the knee and Jef's legs are peddling madly as he laughs