ClubAmateurUSA Bi-Curious Shia Cumshot
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Added: 06 Sep 09
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Description: I also learned is that it takes Shia awhile to nut (even when he's takin' care of himself). He reminded me of former barely legal CAUSA model Tate in that they both beat their dicks to death when jacking off. I swear my balls ached, while editing this video, just watching Shia's balls bounce off of his legs. Both he & Tate are savage dry jackers (and as you'll hear me question Shia regarding the dryness of his cock). There were two things that I noticed made Shia rock hard... neck & ear play and massaging his manhole. It finally came down to Shia savagely stroking his own cock in order to reach orgasm. Oh yeah, and lest I forget to mention -- and me fingering his ass & massaging his prostate at the same time! That was definitely a first for Shia, and as you'll hear him say with a Cheshire cat grin on his face,
ClubAmateurUSA Bi-Curious Shia Part 2
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Added: 05 Sep 09
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Description: CAUSA Shia gently licks his lips and moans while I go down on him, having been the first man to ever do so. When I found this result was positive, I moved to fingering his ass and massaging his prostate while sucking him off and stroking his cock.
ClubAmateurUSA Bi-Curious Shia
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Added: 04 Sep 09
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Description: Shia is absolutely adorable with a nicely-toned swimmer's build, a natural growth of pubes, and a healthy endowment. So, I was quite pleased to capture him on video having a first-time sexperience with another guy providing him the pleasure. Given that this shoot was two hours over two days, boy howdy, it was definitely a fun workout!