SF #8: Really hot Chris makes all
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Added: 05 Dec 09
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Description: This really hot cam-capture shows my friend chris. He is my slave and playing with his dick, insert an aerosol can in his ass, jerks for me and bring me very much cum - all what i want! :)
Pille, LeeRoy & Marcantonio
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Added: 05 Apr 14
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Description: Piss baldy Pille wants to suck two big dicks but to his surprise the action turned the other way and soon enough two big sausages enter his well shaved little asshole. Leeroy and Marcantonio and doing the most amazing fuck Pille can imagine and soon he is asking for water. But what does he get: a big load of piss
Cum Addicted Skinhead Puts Out
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Description: In this nasty 3-way a shaved headed punk reveals himself to be a perv sperm junkie. After the fresh faced twink is used as a cumdump by his two mates, he wipes down his smooth chest and wanks himself off while sniffing the gluey cumrag pressed up under his nose.
Breno Lopez & Jay Roberts
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Description: Punk rat Bruno shows Jay where his place is, namely as a slave at his side. With relish Jay blows Bruno's stiff rod. The greedy slut just can't get enough of Jay's tight butt and demands to lick his ass. Bruno takes his victim and pushes him to fuck position. He rams that hole hard until the rosette glows. But this is a well seasoned pig that withstand a lot. Jay really deserves the cum shower to the at the end of Bruno's piston! |
Ass Play And Exhibitionism
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Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Bradley is a daring boy, hauling out his tasty cock on the balcony and jacking off for all to see. His exhibitionist streak is sexy as hell, but once he's given all curious potential viewers a horny outdoor show he's heading to the bedroom for some real horny action.
Pre-Shave PAAARTAY!!
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Description: I Hope you all get turned on by this as much as i do evrytime i watch myself
Argentine Assets 1 - Carlos Morales
Category: Latino
Added: 16 Mar 14
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Description: "Argentine Assets 1" ends with a great solo performance by darkly handsome Carlos Morales (not the Venezuelan-American porn star of the same name). Longhaired Carlos shaves his face, leaving a dark chinstrap beard that accents his angular handsomeness very well. Then his black shorts plump up in the crotch while he admires his reflection in the mirror. When he flops his dick out of the shorts, it's easy to see why he can get turned on to his own image. Even soft, it's a monster. Carlos hops in the shower and lathers up, and his huge dick just seems to get fatter every time he runs his fingers over it. Then he sits on the ledge in the tub and starts to seriously jerk off, and his dick gets even bigger (not an exaggeration at all, he's easily the best hung in a cast of very well hung men), turning into a long, thick club that his fingers almost can't reach all the way around. Carlos' abs get taut as he spurts, covering his hairy crotch with cum.
Chris Hacker
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Description: Beautiful eyes and beautiful artwork, Chris is a walking sex machine. His buff body and stunning looks are enough to make any man melt! Chris is a simple guy that likes to give simple pleasures. We certainly felt he was more than a simple model in this solo!
Rod Painter, Pille & JoTey
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Description: Rod Painter is again the master of the sling. First he works up his Pille and then big dick JoTey is the next companion to play with. Rod becomes a double sandwich or Pille is the water toilet getting enough to drink. Pille is the most popular guy and is awarded the name: sling mattress.|sling, threesome, interracial, shaved heads, fucking, pissing, rimming, oral, big dicks, sling, leather, cum shots, bareback, WurstFilm Club
AWOL Spunk C.J. Boots N Camouflage Part 2
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Description: After a quick shower and shave, C.J. dresses for his return to duty, but Vinnie has other ideas and soon C,J, is giving it up in uniform… A long, hot stroke 'n' blow session follows with C.J. finally spilling his nut all over the floor… No time to dawdle, off to save the world… My Hero!
Andre, Seth and Jake Bareback Cum Eaters
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Description: Jake leaves his boy, Seth, in their hotel room. When he returns, he finds Seth getting his ass plowed damn good and deep by Andre. Jake joins the duo. He and Andre use Seth's holes, stretching, eating, pounding and breeding his pretty, shaved, red, freshly spanked ass. After Jake breeds Seth, he pulls his load out of Seth's ass and feeds it to the boy. Andre jacks a hot, creamy load into Seth's hungry mouth. Jake and Andre tease Seth, snapping his jock strap and tossing him around. All's well that ends well.
Shaving Dusty
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Added: 02 Jan 14
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Description: Dusty reclines back on the box and keeps his eye on the prize while continuing to stroke himself. Until, as if by magic, a helpful hand appears to guide him towards his goal. Sliding up and down the smooth shaft of this big military cock, the helpful hand grasps tightly and ekes excess precum welling deep in Dusty's pendulous furry nuts. The hand really seems to read Private Layne's mind as it begins picking up speed and intensity driving that orgasmic explosion of hot white semen all over Dusty's happy trail like a spike being pneumatically driven into a railroad tie. All Dusty can do at this point is lay there paralyzed while every last bit of cum is squeezed out of his glistening piss slit. Mission Accomplished.