Bill and Jesse share the bed
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Description: Watch Bill and Jesse as they go wild in this hardcore gay video. After making out and exchanging blowjobs, it¿s time for a hot booty to be fingered and licked before it gets spectacularly mounted into a breathtaking anal orgasm.
Raw Magnum Daddies Part 2
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Description: Since we did the young bucks last week in Raw Magnum Fuckas 2, we figured for ******'s Day we should represent for the Daddies! Troy and Lance were hanging out telling war stories about finding hole that can handle deep dickin' Daddies but little did they know they were actually sharing the same piece of ass! It's Troy's turn to give up the tapes about the night before…and it happened to be the same date! But they both get so worked up that start to get into their own thing!
Michael's Shower
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Description: Sweet sexy gay Asian Michael shares some sexy moments alone with you as he soaps himself up for some fun in the shower. He teases you by showing off his lovely soles up close and worships his feet, sucking his toes and teasing you with his enormous sex appeal. Then it's time for him to stroke out a creamy load for you for a satisfying conclusion. This boy is adorable!
Fuck, Fist and Piss Mates
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Description: Rowdy slams Kyle down onto the table, lubes his cock with spit and slams it into Kyle's begging, open hole. Rowdy fucks the hungry hole sensually, then pounds the living shit out of it, while huge cocked Kyle strokes his long, fat meat. Cope takes over and delivers a major high energy fuck, opening Kyle's voracious hole even further. Kyle gets flipped over on his back and fucked some more while Rowdy suits up in a black industrial glove. Kyle gets fed cock from both ends by Rowdy and Cope, all the while stroking his fat, fuckin' tasty, hard piece o' meat. James unleashes a stream of piss on Kyle's chest and Cope's cock, which cranks up the pig factor a notch. Rowdy fists Kyle's open hole and Kyle rides that hand like a champ. Pretty soon, the sensations are too much for Kyle to take and he spews a fuckin' river of thick, white mancum, which he licks up and shares with Rowdy. The rest of it gets shoved into his freshly fucked and fisted hole. Rowdy then hops in the tub, where he's f
Threesome Mancunians Twinks
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Description: This scene is a superb threesome with three lovely Mancunians tongue fucking and fingering cute brown daisies while they nosh on each other's cocks. The guys spit roast and share the top job of bareback fucking, pistoning tight holes before giving way to warm seed explosions. British lads in great Northern action!
Cum Sucker
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Description: It was the middle of the night during one of our weekend sex party shoots. Johnny and Tyler were ******** in the same bed. There were 11 of us sharing a suite. In the middle of the night Director / Producer Sebastian Sloane was woken up to kissing and dick sucking sounds. He grabbed the video camera and caught this act on film. Unexpected. Here's Johnny sucking off Tyler and swallowing his load. Even though it's just a suck off scene, it was still hot and you could tell it was intense for Tyler.
Aitor Crash and Butch Grand
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Description: Aitor runs by Butch's place, and takes the opportunity to ask for water, quickly pouring it down his sweaty body soaking his hairy chest and abs, turning Butch on like never before. Aitor is a real rough fucker, spitting, punching and exploring Butch's body inside and out. Both men have muscular hairy bodies, perfect to heave against in horny ways, getting harder and harder. Covered in tattoos, Aitor spits constantly through this scene, sharing his saliva with his new found fuck buddy as he slaps his dick around. Spreading Butch's hairy butt cheeks, Aitor enjoys giving a real ass exploration before pounding the sub dude hard and fast over the hay bales. Slipping fingers in as well, Butch is opened wide enough to accommodate Aitor's huge fist, making this musclebound hairy hunks groan out like a twink getting it for the first time! Butch loves it so much he can't contain himself and cums hard!
Leo Marco and Lyle Boyce
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Description: Not knowing what to do, poor young Lyle is stuck right in the middle and tries to tell Niall what he saw, but in the end Niall interrupts and says he's already cheated on Lucas with JP. It's a mess in Lyle's head and seeing his two friends as the perfect couple self-destruct, he keeps his secrets to himself and tries to bury it until they're back home. Up all night worrying about it, he creeps down in the middle of the night to find the CottageBoy, his secret crush resting in front of a roaring fire. Sharing his thoughts, Leo can see he's different from the rest of the boys and finally see that they are perfect for each other, at least for the moment, as Leo offers for Lyle to stay with him for a few months. Taking him up on the offer, they lean in for a kiss, and the heat off their bodies makes them never want to stop. Slowly touching each others crotches to feel growing dicks and quickening pulses, the romance is hard to miss as they fumble and fall around on the cushions with the fi
Marcos and Gabo
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Description: Gabo is in desperate need of cock and Marcos is all too willing to it give him. But he's got a few surprises in store for the greedy beef eater, too! After some mutual dick service, Gabo gets a nozzle shoved up his ass and cleaned out. He thinks he knows what's coming next but he doesn't. Marcos surprises Gabo by blowing cigarette smoke up his ass after fucking him raw, then rubs several days worth of collected cum all over the Latin twink's face, straight from the rubber! Marcos then slams into the cock and cum crazed Gabo, rides that sweet hole raw and delivers a healthy load up his ass. Hee then proceeds to lap up his own jizz as it comes bubbling out of Gabo's freshly fucked hole and shares it with the still-hungry whore.
Mark Kun and John Mars
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Description: Slender blond twink Mark Kun is making out with dark-haired John Mars in an empty office kitchen. He gives the brunette the blowjob of his life before his new buddy returns the favor. After devouring each other, sucking on uncut dick to the brink of orgasm, John gets Mark up on a counter and rims his hot little hole. But it's Mark who ends up with his throbbing dick inside John's rarely used, sweet, pink fuckhole. John bends over and Mark slides home before the two changes positions so the eager-to-please John can ride Mark until the blond rewards him with a hefty cum facial of a load John can't help but eat, taste, and share with Mark in a kiss.
Flip Fucking: Best Of Both Worlds - Pacifico Entertainment
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Description: Dominic Pacifico is back to share his cock and ass with some of the hottest guys in this great collection of scenes, kicking off with Christopher Daniels taking every inch of the porn star hunks uncut cock in his beefy jock ass! That might be one seriously horny fuck, but you might appreciate the sight of Dominic getting fucked in the butt by Logan Scott even more in the next scene. The guys are a great match, and Dominic really delivers in the ass department to get his buddy unloading. That might be why he needs to relax a little in the following scene, opting to enjoy his own cock and a jerk off toy in the shower instead. The Fleshlight takes a pounding from his hard uncut shaft, and you'll be wishing it was you getting those inches instead of that toy. That little break seemed to do the trick, and soon Dominic is in need of some more fucking, teaming up with jock Cal Parker to take a deep dicking on a trip to Washington. Check out the cum covering he gets over his abs as a really ho
Austony - Cockyboys
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Description: Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are two of porn's most well-known stars. With Austin's bad boy mystique and thick cock, and Anthony's hard, muscled body and baby face, it's easy to see why these two have each developed huge fan bases. This unique video, however, shares a highly personal glimpse into their lives as a serious couple that's hard to find in the industry. While fans know them as a hot couple with mind-blowing sexual chemistry, Austin and Anthony want the world to know their relationship has a certain depth not usually revealed so publicly! What started with a single Facebook message from Anthony to Austin quickly evolved into daily phone calls, weekend trips across the country, and a slow but steady foundation of trust in each other to finally say the words "I love you." Anthony describes how he was persistent with his pursuit of Austin, and while Austin thought dating another porn star might be a bad idea, he learned that they shared a lot more in common than their
Pounded: Scene 3: Adam Herst & Collin Stone
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Description: Getting a store ready for opening, shaved-headed Adam Herst needs a break. “Do you really?" asks tan and tattooed Collin Stone, who is soon pulled in close for a kiss as their jean bulges meet. Collin licks down Adam's light-skinned bod, his muscular chest dusted with hair. Collin sucks his big dick deep, eliciting a smile from the bearded hunk. After a kiss, Adam returns the favor. Slurping on Collin's dark shaft, Adam gasps for air as the two share another smile. Collin tugs his sac down, his steel shaft bouncing in Adam's face as the sucker teases it. Adam gives up his jock ass, pushing his boner down between his legs to show it off as he gets munched. Collin spits on his bud's hole, then fucks him as his pubes pound against Adam's rippling ass. Collin wraps his arm around the bottom and pulls him back for a kiss, then gets him on his back for more. The top releases his load, then licks Adam's nip as the bottom works out a wad.