Ay Caramba
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Description: “Que rico,” these two sexy Latinos are on the menu today. SDBoy.com is serving up some spicy carne. Lukas is dark-haired and in the white tank; Cristian is in orange and both like to fuck and be fucked; lucky we found them. Both are hard from the start as they tug and rub one another. Face fucking is only one of the foreplay activities for these boys. As the camera captures all the fun, these two just keep going. Even before the fucking, Cristian cannot hold out, and blows all over Lukas' face. “Sharing is caring,” as these two have no problem partaking in a sloppy kiss. Panting and grunting, Lukas' hole is “fully” explored by Cristian's cock. The two intertwine like snakes and undulate nicely. Lukas then takes over topping, power drilling Cristian's hole. Bending every which way, these two were born to fuck one another; the sweet smell of cock and ass hang heavy as the boys just keep going. To blow his load, Lukas has his partner lie on top as he tugs.
18 year old Billy's shower tutorial - Public Humiliation task!
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Description: As one of the forfeits for losing at a guessing game, Billy must do a 'shower tutorial' that will be posted widely across video sharing sites. Ah, the humiliation!
Put It In Coach Scene 4
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Description: Put It In Coach Scene 4 Inferno y some hardball with this baseball team who loves taking the coaches punishment. They love to strike out on purpose so he will share his dick!!
College Friends Fuck
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Description: Best friends Mitch Hudson and Andy Taylor have grown up doing everything together: they laugh, they play, they joke around and of course they share their closest guarded secrets. But when Mitch starts developing feelings for Andy the line between friend and lover begins to blur. Mitch is worried he might ruin the relationship but bravely decides to open up to Andy. Is falling in love with your best friend "Playing with Fire" and waiting to get burned or have the boys finally realized they're meant to be together?
Devin Draz Fucks Hollister
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Description: In and out his cock slides over and over. They fuck all over my lucky couch in every which way. Hollister moans and yelps, Devin does what Devin does best, and completely dominates blondie with his man-stick. After they are both red in the face huffing and puffing from the work out, Devin climbs onto the back of the casting couch. With both hands around his cock, bellowing at the top of his lungs, calling to his little bitch, Devin dumps a hot straight man's load all over Hollister's face. Not one protest escapes from Hollister's lips, he counters with a nice big squirt of his own all over his flat little stomach. Who says I don't share? I let Devin play with my new toy for hours, on the condition I get to watch of course.
Str8 Skaters Jerk Off
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Description: 2 straight, skater guys share cigarettes while watching a porn video and jerking off! They strip down, slid out of their boxers and share a mutual masturbation session while chain smoking! Their natural, naked bodies twitch with pleasure as their big dicks launch massive cum loads! Take a free tour of BoysSmoking.com now for more hot, smoke fetish gay porn featuring twinks, jocks, skaters and hardcore gay porn!
Kinky Gay Sex
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Description: What began as a friendly bath turns into a shared jerk-off, masturbation, piss soaked, ass fucking between 2 very hot, horn guys! Download the entire video in high quality now at BoysPissing.com
Sheriff In Uniform
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Description: Guys would only dream about having that huge piece of meat being shoved into their ass relentlessly. Sorry to disappoint, but this Sheriff is nothing but a respectful sweetheart. Then again, occasionally he has to get rough. Left in nothing but his unbuttoned shirt, Sheriff Charlie let loose an orgasmic explosion that would leave lips quivering and tongues dieing to lick up the smooth, creamy mess that he left behind. Shooting out more than his share of white filling, he spurted streams of thick white ropes that trickled down his manly chest.
Sons of Montreal: Pierre Fitch vs. Jake Bass
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 26 Feb 14
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Description: If there was ever an instance where you want to say to someone, "why don't y'all just go ahead and fuck already?!" it would be Jake Bass and Pierre Fitch! Both sons of Montreal, they have at one time or another been both friends and rivals. Both boys have big personalities (and egos) and it's safe to say Pierre and Jake have more than once crossed paths in Montreal -- even sharing the same ex-boyfriends. Over the years, they have indeed become classic frenemies.
4Way Aussie Group Sex
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Description: Dan and Sam are back at Amateurs Do It and this time they've got a couple more hotties with them. Samson and Shane are sexy fuckers and seem to love sucking cock and using anal toys as much as their fellow Aussies. The groping and fondling are quite plentiful right from the start, with clothes being slowly shed and rock hard dicks being shared all around for a good sucking. These guys preferred the kitchen for their hardcore foursome and pretty soon the lube and dildo was pulled out to fill up some man holes!
Sharing is Breeding
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Description: Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
Seth Jacobs Solo
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Description: Our newest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search is a virgin. Seriously! He still wanted to try porn so we snapped him up for this solo. He's a ex-gymnast so you know he's got a hot body and he strokes a masterful load out for us here. He's looking for someone to share his first time with and by the looks of this solo he's going to have plenty queuing up!
Arabian Playhouse 2 - Hakem Khaled and Muzzafar
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Description: Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! Back into the mind of Bayyhan Azhar we discover he's thinking about the ass of the thick chested Muzzafar. Hakem Khaled from the first Arabian Playhouse film is eagerly groping and licking Muzzafar before they toke on the ubiquitous hookah. These guys share a great make makeout scene before Hakem's southerly pointing prick finds a home in Muzzafar's welcoming throat and muscle-butt. It's another groan filled fuck as Hakem lifts Muzzafar's hairy legs and burys his cock to the hilt in that sweet ass. Muzzafar then switches to his preferred position and sits down on Hakem's lap. Muzzafar's meat is flopping up and down out of control as he takes a pony ride on Hakem's tumescent member. Wish I'd been there to hold it for him. Hakem shoots his thick ropes all over Muzzafar's hot pecs and Muzzafar himself quickly follows suit with a creamy load of his own
Tickling Techniques - Ricky and Mike
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Description: In this clip, you get a closer look at Richard as he shares his "sole" with you. Richard is foot tickled wearing nylon dress socks in one scene, then Mike and Richard have a long intimate tickle fight on the bed. The final minutes are spent with Richard strapped down spreadeagled and Mike spends equal time tickling his feet and thighs and upper body as Richard agonizes in intense tickle torment while Mike sits on his raised arms and tickles away at his pits and ribs. Richard truely suffered while making this video.
Bobby and Lady B
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Description: We just got back from a shooting session overseas and we are keen to share these two hot boys with you. Meet Bobby and Lady B, two cute boys that we met at a pub in the UK. Lady B is a drag show spectacular, and his boyfriend Bobby is a really sweet and very horny boy!
Rio City Sex - Martino Paiva, Josue Otaviano and Nuno Santos
Category: Latino
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Description: A couple of guys sharing a room might consider locking the door before they start going at it. Martino Paiva and Nuno Santos might have thought that had they not jumped so quickly into bed. When you are in the middle of a kissing and feeling up your roommate, though, you just don't think of such things. Lucky for these guys, too. They aren't naked and hard for long before Josue Otaviano walks in to enjoy the show. It's even less time before he gets his big, black cock out for them to see. Josue Otaviano is one of those lucky guys who is gifted with a huge prick that still gets hard as a rock. Watching Martino suck on it shows just how rigid it is and the grin on Josue's face makes it clear he likes how things are going. After a little bit of sharing Josue's prick with Nuno, Martino gets on his back and lifts his feet in the air for the late arrival. Josue goes right to it.
Anthony Rex Fucks Max Morgan
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Description: Things get really steamy when Max flips Anthony over and pounds him with his own ten inch twink monster cock. These two long and lean boys kissing, rimming, fucking and sucking, is one of the hottest fuck-fests my new bedroom set has seen so far! Anthony wants one more round with Max's sex. Max jumps on and starts grinding on Anthony's pole like a good little cowboy. You can always tell when Max is about to bust his nut, he starts pre-cumming up a storm before he showers Anthony's chest with his seed. Max then licks the load off of Anthony and leans in with a kiss to share the love. On his back Max takes a mouthful of hot twink spunk like a champ, savoring every bit before swallowing the last drop.
Sharing a Tent Means Sharing the Jizz
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Description: Out in the wilderness these two young hikers (Daniel Wood and his cute young bf) have set up camp somewhere they know they won't be disturbed to get into their favourite wild activity - unprotected assfucking and swallowing as much cum as they can get.
Michael and Ty's bareback party
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Description: Michael and Ty love sharing everything. See the kinky gay hunks watching a movie before things get wild in this hardcore gay video. They know how to give intense oral pleasure to their cocks. Horny twinks making out and pounding their tight booties into supreme explosions of pleasure.
Max's Hot Bukkake
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Description: Max Morgan has one of those earnest smiles, with an easy disposition that reassures me he's eager to please. I'm certian this teacher's pet gets head-of-class status with just a flash of those sparkling green eyes. Today, however, the garage-band boys have come over to school Max on a little more than book learning. The laid back Rufio Wilde, along with jock Trent Atkins, bad-ass Ryler Jackson, trash-talking Ryan Lynch, and pretty boy Clayton Archer, lounge on the staircase during my inital interview with Max. These boys have a few lessons of their own to share. Each of these horny devils is ready to give Max a load of homework. A wet-hot, jizzy, cum-filled load, that is. Max tries to prove his brain worthy by lecturing on the history of Bukkake, but these horn***s just don't care. They're ready to manhandle Max, and immediately toss him to the floor of the garage to assume the position of master cocksucker. Max takes to his knees with the natural ease of a scholar. But soon, Max real
Sexy Gays Sucking and Fucking
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Description: watch out for the two thin but sexy gays shared a bed with a sensual feeling. they just met that night in bar. after the party they have decided to go to one of their place and do something and make sure they dont forget that moment
Two slaveboys sharing a double ended dildo
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Description: Things somehow cooled down for a while and the daddy was getting both his crack and cock eaten slowly by his favorite slaveboys. Then, he decided to orchestrate something special...
Danny's Bar Adventure
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 06 Feb 14
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Description: It was moving day recently and I had to sort through some of my older work when I found this little gem of Danny's in the archives. I loved this handsome Viking so very much, I wanted to share him with the world. When we first met, Danny wasn't interested in doing anything with another guy. He still considered himself a straight guy. But, I couldn't bare to shoot only one video of this hottie. So, here's the second installment of his solo series. Danny has never looked so fresh and so fine. And to all you nay-sayers who protest that I let my boys talk too much, here is a silent and sexy solo video for you. Not a word, just some sultry growling and heavy breathing escapes from beautiful Danny's lips. Get your pool stick ready for this hot, classic stroking vid, courtesy of Dirty Tony's vintage vault.
Barebackin Backyard Twinks 2 Pt1
Category: Bareback
Added: 18 Jan 14
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Description: Soccer is not the only sport down at SDBoy.com; have a taste of these boys as they “team up” for some fun. Licking and playfully biting quickly turns into a “sport” we all will enjoy. They say Latino's are full of emotion, well, this one boy on his knees, is also full of cock, while he blows his friend. Two soon become a trio as a third amigo arrives and adds his cock to the mix. Growing those “bananas” big, the double sucking leads to a “hole” bunch of fucking. The bottom is very much the “team player” of this game; one munches while the other two suck whatever they can get their mouths on. With a feast between the two tops, the middle boy is ready to serve up a good time. Watch and play along as all the senses are filled, as well as the bottom's ass. Each takes a turn at the bottom boy and suck while fucking; what a team. The second part of this video will drench you in cum fun as all get theirs, and share.
Mark Fucks Seth
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Description: Hot and hairy young men on a bed. These are some of my favorite things! Laid back Mark shares his easy-living philosophy with city boy Seth. The boys talk about life, love, and some foot love talk. Seth seems a little more energetic than usual. Maybe it's the straight boy, surfer hottie sitting next to him that ruffled his feathers today. They had passed each other in the halls of the studio, but never formally met. Seth is more than pleased to be set up with this So-Cal cutie. Riled up and ready for action, Seth must have skipped breakfast, because he starts gobbling Mark's hairy hole like a full course meal. Sucking, fucking, ass munching, and two huge pink dicks! I sure love my job.
Bareback Gangbang
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Description: Sexy Calvin Hudson has the body of Adonis and the sex appetite that can only be partially satisfied by 10 lusty tops. He wants cock in both ends and gets just that as the 10 tops work his mouth and ass over and over. The action starts with popular Marco Paris getting head and giving a rim job before plunging his fat, uncut cock into Calvin's slick hole. Joining him is pretty boy newcomer Kevin Rocha and then Antonio Vela, a hot Latino. Calvin is already moaning like mad when Erik takes control of his worked-over ass and hung Lito Cruz tickles his tonsils with a 9-inch uncut beauty. Lito has to have some of that ass though and gets it. The five tops continue to please themselves with Calvin until Phoenix Rising comes on the scene to get his fair share. He joins in and then the young ***s arrive: Leon Knight, gay-for-pay David Marritt, punk rocker Ethan Palmer, and Latino boy Tommy. How Calvin can handle so much cock is amazing. But he does and each top gets to bust a big nut all
Blaine and Sabastian intimate blowjob
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Description: Blaine and Sabastian share a special gay moment. Watch the kinky brunette and the wild blonde hunk reading together on the bed before deciding to try something different and sexy. After some making out, the gorgeous blonde discovers that his buddy's cock fits very well in his perversely skilled mouth.