Marine SGT Trains His Stiff Cock
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Description: Sergeant Jarrod spent most of his military career living on-base and working as a mechanic for fighter jets. He spent a couple of deployments in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War. He managed to get laid on-base many times and counts that as one of his fondest memories of the Marine Corps.This fair-haired Sergeant isn't too shy about his body. He can't wait to take his shirt off and show off the muscular development that being in the service has given him. He's sporting a half sleeve tattoo on his right arm. His chest has a hint of hair that trails down to a trickle at his navel, which continues on below the waistline of his pants. As he works on his meat through the denim, his arms flex with each caress of his cock. When the bulge grows too much to be contained below, he releases the monster from his fly. He begins to stroke vigorously, working the shaft. His hand moves up to the head and gives it a tweak before sliding back down to the base. He reaches down with his left hand to ma
Mud on the Helmet
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Description: Sgt. Drillhole presents soldiers getting down and dirty in Mud On The Helmet! Who ever knew booty camp training could get so dirty! You'll be ready to enlist, or at least standing at "attention" while watching these military studs fuck and suck their way through the day!
Battle of the Bulges
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Description: Men who get drafted end up getting shafted! First, Captain Luis Hanson inspects the troops being lead by Sergeant Luis Rodrigues and Sergeant Ricardo Gomes. Private Jeff Peres makes a wisecrack which causes tatoo-covered Sgt. Rodrigues to punish Jeff by topping him in the open grassy field. Sgt. Gomes discovers privates Beto [banned word] and Alexandre Senna sitting on their duffs, so he orders them to do ten laps around the camp, giving them an eyeful of Sgt. Luis topping private Jeff. The sight inspires Alexandre to bottom for Beto. Night arrives and Captain Hanson gets de-pants'd when he gets debriefed and topped by Sgt. Ricardo Gomes. Finally, boot camp ends and privates Jonas Santoro, Henrique Carvalho and Rafael Nunes celebrate by comparing dick sizes. Then Rafael tops Jonas, who tops Henrique in a 3-way sandwich formation, ending in a cum drenched climax!
Military Threesome
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Description: After being out on patrol these two new recruits come in and strip down to fuck, they are caught by the Sgt. but instead of writing them up he joins them for a nasty threesome.
Military Muscle Stud w/a Bubble-Butt Works His Meat
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Description: This hot muscled Sgt is exactly what we all want out of a military stud. In the video his huge forearms flex and ripple each time he strokes himself. He takes off his shirt next, revealing a nicely built chest and chiseled arms, which are enhanced by his beautifully designed tattoos. Pulling down his pants, he lets out his thick cock, already dripping with precum from the swollen mushroom head. You can see the full video in the members area of A-AH
Military Rimming
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Description: General and blonde Russian sgt peg officer down. Our soldier boy can't stop moaning as his sgt licks his tasty ass.
Military fuck & facial
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Description: While these two were chatting it up, their cocks were rising up from the excitement. Once they were nice and ready John happily goes down on Terrance's nice uncut tool. More comfortable than before Terrance just slid back and forth out of the best pair of lips he has ever had. John pulls back the foreskin, and plays with it a bit. Then, John gives the Lance Corporal tons of slobber and suction