A Horny Hole Makes For A Fun Fuck
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Description: Getting together to do one another, we have Joey Rico, the hot Latino, and Aaron Tyler, the horny bottom whose low hangers are as sexy as his hole. Not wasting any time, Aaron sucks on Joey's cock like their fun “deep-end-s” on it. As the bottom boy slurps, he gives the seal of approval, “big cock.” Riding, Aaron's tight ass has Joey enjoying the position. These two SDBoy.com models definitely know how to fuck, and show us a good time; lube not included. With the overhead view, you've got to appreciate Aaron's skills; that boy can ride. Joey then puts the bottom on all fours, grabbing his hips for leverage. Don't mind Joey's wandering eyes, he can multitask like no other. From behind the top, we see a great shot of Aaron's “oysters” as they flop along with the action. Moving into a missionary position, Joey grabs the boy's feet and pounds away, complying with Aaron's one request, “fuck me.” After a bit more “in-tercourse,” they jerk side by side.
Nick Cums Like He Dances, Fast
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Description: A very hot 22 year old dancer, Nick Salenas is back to entertain himself. As you can see, this SDBoy.com model is a shy “self- starter.” And let's give a “thumbs up” to his masturbation technique, sure thrilled me. Being very visual, I put on porn and just let him “grow.” While stroking himself, I zoom in to see that Nick is clean shaven, and very nicely endowed, with a great set of balls; his feet are sexy too. His legs tense and his toned thighs tighten and release, he blows a “quick release” and giggles. He says he usually doesn't masturbate, too bad, he's great at it; must be a natural.
Clark Kent and Texas Holcum 1
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Description: Texas Holcum, 21, lives in San Diego and enjoys the area; and all the things that the boys “offer” here. He sometimes dances at go-go clubs and is always ready to pleasure boys with “Texas Jr..” If you want to reach this “big boy,” try his Twitter or tumblr accounts: @Texas Holcum or Mr.Holcum.tumblr.com. . I checked out his profile photo for Twitter, nice. Anyway, we're waiting on Clark Kent to arrive so I can film these two; Clark never seems to be on time. He must be off saving the world or at least a boy or two. SDBoy.com presents Texas and Clark; a “big boy” and an “insatiable hole.” Clark shows up and immediately the attraction is evident. As they start to kiss, Clark's hand finds its way down to a surprise, “oh, what's this?” Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, “that's Texas Jr..” I don't know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he's about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, “relax,” all the while unzipping Texas' shorts.
Joey's All Toyed Up
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Description: Damn, to find him in the shower, is a day I know I'll be wet too. Joey Rico soaps it up for SDBoy.com and is here to satisfy the age old question, “will that fit?” This Latino has a body to satisfy and a personality equal to that hot cock; just watching the water trickle off his ball sack has me very “thirsty.” As he lathers up and bends over, Joey uses one of his toys to get a “deep' clean. Next is a sizeable butt plug to hit the spot; “look ma, no hands.” On the bed and discussing his “opening” toys, I finger and add digits to ready his hole for some larger dildos. I've got a couple I want him to try, include one with a heartbeat. The first takes a minute, but Joey is definitely a “swallower.” The next is a good bit larger, even than he, and he does manage the tip before we go for the “real deal.” Sliding in my girth, he seems to enjoy the sensation and begins to jerk. Even with all the “practice” he's had, Joey is very tight and it does not take long before m
Fucked by cameraman Kevin Reed
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Description: Kevin Reed is a 22 year old Marine, living in the San Diego area. His experience with guys really started in college; at 19, he had a friend who made a move on him. The other guy was going to bottom, but once his saw the "monster" in Kevin's pants, "we just blew each other." Apparently, he is well endowed and even his last partner was trying to "make me a bottom." In this SDBoy video, Kevin will jack off and show us all how to "tame the beast." Kevin is no stranger to sucking and deep throats the cameraman's dick while stroking his own. As the camera pans from behind and on the side, we see the penetration is deep and a little uncomfortable for Kevin. "I need practice," he says as he grits his teeth, waiting for his anal muscles to relax. He strokes his cock for comfort. "Oh fuck," says Kevin as he is still not feeling the pleasure; the cameraman also says, "oh fuck," but for another reason. Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
Scott Johnson Solo
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Description: Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for college. Although not into labels, he has been with guys before; the first time was at a frat party. He is here today to jerk off; this SDBoy watches some gay porn, gets hard and blows a creamy load. Lying on the couch, he tugs to get hard; adding his own spit for extra lubrication. As he rises, I think we are in for a big treat. As he gets to his happy place, he rubs his nice hard nipples and bites his lips; his eyes are constantly glued to the guys on the TV. As the camera angles from above, we see he is indeed a nice size with some girth. His legs start to tense and release as he works his cock. He slaps his dick against his body; we can appreciate his nice piece of meat. Now moving the camera to a side view, Scott seems to really like his head, with his hands; all the sudden he says, "I'm gonna cum;" he oozes out a creamy load down his shaft and onto his fingers. A quiet cummer, but a nice p
Ricky Nova and Mojo Starr
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Description: Man, San Diego is the place to be, to be inside Ricky Nova. When Mojo Starr takes a shower with you, he not only scrubs you down, he fucks you up. In this SDBoys video, Ricky and Mojo flip-flop, and make some magic; wait until you see what cums out of Mojo's "hat." Starting in the shower, Mojo has Ricky moaning for more from the first penetration. Moving to the bed, Ricky rides on Mojo and then goes into a missionary passion; Mojo's rhythm and pace is perfect as Ricky only catches his breathe long enough to moans and pant for more. The boys then stand and Mojo gives it from behind; as the camera angles below, we can see Ricky is getting Mojo's full attention, and loving it. Sliding his beautiful cock in and out of Ricky, Mojo has taken Ricky to a whole new level of delight. "That feels so good," is about the only thing Ricky can say. As Mojo thrusts away, Ricky moans and sucks on Mojo's thumb. Mojo really has got the positioning and rhythm down; he is inside Ric
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Description: 'Straight' Barebacking Buddies Tim Hunt and Ricy Nova
Zac Solo
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Description: We have Zac today. I found this brave young man on the internet where he had posted photos of himself, wanting to find hot Navy men. Calling him up, I asked him come down to the studio to film for SDBoys; he now cums for us. He is 20 years old, 6'4" and likes to be outdoors, rock climbing or biking; Zac wants to get his college degree in electronics. I ask him about his preferences for Navy men, he says he really likes the "athletic types," hence the Navy, which he served in for a few years. As far as sex goes, Zac is a power bottom, who can even cum hands free if "you hit my G-spot." Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
Leo Miller
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Description: Oh, Leo had to go there; we are going to really enjoy this SDBoy! Where does it begin? Where else, but in the shower, with Leo "dropping the soap." Not dropping it in the "correct" direction to show us his ass, Leo diligently picks up the slippery bar and drops it "again," in the "correct" direction. Filming such mistakes has its rewards; a perfect bubble butt. Nice, very nice: lean body, round ass, trimmed pubic hair and he's uncut. Leo towels himself off and says he is, "warm, clean and ready for the day." Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
Wolf Gets A Helping Hand or Two
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Description: SDBoy.com sexy model Wolf is here to bust a nut. As the porn plays, he tugs to “enlarge.” This hot bodied big cock stud likes to put on a show; open wide this may sting a bit at first. Seated, and stroking his “juicy” cock, Wolf gets a helping hand; of course, being as big as Wolf, two hands are needed to handle this monster. Slapping his cock onto his ripped stomach, Wolf agrees “all the ladies love it.” Working his balls, a finger also goes down for a touch of that hole. Getting close, Wolf gives a “feels good;” he's not the only one thinking that. Watching his ball sack swell as he's jerked also leads to a gasp, “just like that.” With a “there you go, just like that,” Wolf busts onto his stomach and groin, leaving one messy boy, WOOF.
Having A Piece Of Peace
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Description: Being a betting man, I'd say two guys fool around, and both “will cum” for SDBoy.com. Travis will top and Jason's the lucky bottom. Travis seems to be a natural at getting what he wants, as he directs the bottom's hand to his cock. The two kiss deeply, both rising to the occasion. Travis goes down on Jason; “that feels good” is all the smiling boy gets out before he starts gasping. By the time Travis pulls of his drawers, Jason takes the cock in like its Thanksgiving. Travis then has Jason “spread his drumsticks” and goes to town. By the time this pair blows, we're all gonna be feasting.
Ay Caramba
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Description: “Que rico,” these two sexy Latinos are on the menu today. SDBoy.com is serving up some spicy carne. Lukas is dark-haired and in the white tank; Cristian is in orange and both like to fuck and be fucked; lucky we found them. Both are hard from the start as they tug and rub one another. Face fucking is only one of the foreplay activities for these boys. As the camera captures all the fun, these two just keep going. Even before the fucking, Cristian cannot hold out, and blows all over Lukas' face. “Sharing is caring,” as these two have no problem partaking in a sloppy kiss. Panting and grunting, Lukas' hole is “fully” explored by Cristian's cock. The two intertwine like snakes and undulate nicely. Lukas then takes over topping, power drilling Cristian's hole. Bending every which way, these two were born to fuck one another; the sweet smell of cock and ass hang heavy as the boys just keep going. To blow his load, Lukas has his partner lie on top as he tugs. The creamy streams flow in jets
Ay Caramba
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Description: “Que rico,” these two sexy Latinos are on the menu today. SDBoy.com is serving up some spicy carne. Lukas is dark-haired and in the white tank; Cristian is in orange and both like to fuck and be fucked; lucky we found them. Both are hard from the start as they tug and rub one another. Face fucking is only one of the foreplay activities for these boys. As the camera captures all the fun, these two just keep going. Even before the fucking, Cristian cannot hold out, and blows all over Lukas' face. “Sharing is caring,” as these two have no problem partaking in a sloppy kiss. Panting and grunting, Lukas' hole is “fully” explored by Cristian's cock. The two intertwine like snakes and undulate nicely. Lukas then takes over topping, power drilling Cristian's hole. Bending every which way, these two were born to fuck one another; the sweet smell of cock and ass hang heavy as the boys just keep going. To blow his load, Lukas has his partner lie on top as he tugs.
Barebackin Backyard Twinks 2 Pt1
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Description: Soccer is not the only sport down at SDBoy.com; have a taste of these boys as they “team up” for some fun. Licking and playfully biting quickly turns into a “sport” we all will enjoy. They say Latino's are full of emotion, well, this one boy on his knees, is also full of cock, while he blows his friend. Two soon become a trio as a third amigo arrives and adds his cock to the mix. Growing those “bananas” big, the double sucking leads to a “hole” bunch of fucking. The bottom is very much the “team player” of this game; one munches while the other two suck whatever they can get their mouths on. With a feast between the two tops, the middle boy is ready to serve up a good time. Watch and play along as all the senses are filled, as well as the bottom's ass. Each takes a turn at the bottom boy and suck while fucking; what a team. The second part of this video will drench you in cum fun as all get theirs, and share.
Joey Rico & Xavier Cervates Pt1
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Description: Well hell, look who came knocking for another piece of ass, it?s Joey Rico; that boy was built for sex. ?Loosening up,? on the bed, Joey?s friend Xavier cums to the aid, or is that ?ass?? SDBoy.com films while these two play nice, at least at the beginning. Kissing deeply, Xavier grinds on ?his hole.? After a bit of tasting, Xavier comes up for air as Joey goes down on his buddy?s cock. We then hear the familiar, ?turn around? as the top wants another licking of the bottom?s bottom. Joey?s up on his knees, back arched, and ready for more. Pulling Joey onto Xavier?s cock, the bottom gives a, ?nice and slow;? does seem like it?s been a while for Joey. As the camera goes below, the fit does seem tight, but that?s not stopping Xavier from getting his ?due piece.? ?Oh fuck,? gasps Joey before he flips over to his back and assumes the missionary position. Picking up the pace, we see that the top?s technique is working on gauging Joey?s hole; now they?re ready for a ?fun filled? time.
Andy Criz Fucked by the Cameraman
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Description: Andy Criz wants to be on video, “just for the thrill of it.” This 18 year old is new to San Diego and is looking for adventure. His body art or tattoos are representative of himself and his life; he has them all over his body, as we will see. SDBoy.com presents, “Fucked By The Cameraman Staring Andy Criz,” as you watch, this boy has a lot of things going for him. Sex for Andy started at 13, with a friend who was watching porn with him. When I asked how he knew what to do, he replies, “just did what was on the video.” He's had only one serious boyfriend, but lots of sex. When he takes his underwear off, we see he has a nice uncut and very thick cock. He usually tops, but he's pretty versatile he tells us. As Andy gets on his knees, we get to enjoy not only his lovely cock, but also a juicy bubble butt.
Barebackin' Backyard Twinks
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Description: Hells yeah, all aboard this fun fuck fest for SDBoy.com. The "Barebackin' Backyard Twinks" trio includes: Giovanni, in the black shirt, Joshua, in the white, who seems more interested in sharing “the juice” rather than eating, and Miguel, the “finger lover.” All three strip hastily and have a similar look of “hot twink train wanna tug-tug,;” a tasty treat any day. Working, in true tri-pod reciprocity, saliva and moans quickly turn into hole-worship and, well, more spit. By the time fingers go in to gage, I've lost sense of who is who, “butt” let's just say all get their fair share of one another; young boys playing nice, warms my, “heart.” After a double-dip of digits and sucking “what's going in him,” one boy is penetrated and a second comes “from behind” at add to the motion.
Welcome to OZ
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Added: 31 Dec 13
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Description: Welcome to Oz; our boy has lots to offer and he's so willing to share. SDBoy.com films while Oz calls a friend for a little "motivation." As our muscular hunk revs up, his cock hardens and his precum flows. Once he is properly inspired, we chat while he continues to play. As he describes his job, "working nine hours a night, five days a week," it sounds like performing is his real passion. Oz’s first experience was with a male and now that he's married, he likes, "a finger or two up my ass right before I cum." Rolling over to show us his ass, Oz has a superb body and a hole that screams "enter." Flipping back over, he concentrates on what makes him happy, as we get to watch the sweet rewards of his "handy work." Oz then treats us to a shower and a body that is perfect in every way. Thanks Oz, I for one am glad you are not in Kansas anymore. Download the full video here!
Ty & Travis Fuck Bareback
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Added: 03 Jan 14
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Description: Watching these two sexy guys together, I remind you that the "SD" in SDBoy.com, does not stand for "succulent" and "delicious," but maybe it should. Ty and Travis are barebacking and flip-flopping in this "all inclusive" fuck me too video; all aboard, a wet and bumpy ride for sure! Download this video and more here!
Brayden Taylor
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 05 Jan 14
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Tags: solo jerk off

Description: New recruit to San Diego, Brayden Taylor, 22, is here today to show us what he's been working on, his body. Although he's in the military right now, he plans on going back to school one he gets out. For SDBoy.com, Brayden says he's a bit of a beach bum, gym rat, gay boy, who lost his virginity at 19. His favorite past time, is flip-flopping. Download this video and more here!
David Cordz & Jessie Juliano
Category: Military / Uniform
Added: 07 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:45
Tags: military fucking

Description: David Cordz and Jessie Juliano wanted to show off their "bag of dicks" and decided SDBoy.com would be a good place to unload. And yes, "bag of dicks" is a military term; another reasons I love servicemen. These two are well acquainted with one another and it's not long before the foreplay is done and the fucking be***. Watch as these two go at it and shoot their works.
Evan Jones
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Added: 09 Jan 14
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Description: Evan Jones is 20, 5'9", 160 and uncut. He's here today at SDBoy.com to do a solo. He's been curious about guys and thinks he, "might find it enjoyable;" his very limited experience with guys was not great, but he wants to try again. I have him in today to stroke himself, but with that smile, I may have him do more. Download this video and more here!
Alan & Bruno
Category: Latino
Added: 11 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:48
Tags: fucking latino

Description: Using some of his native tongue, Alan chats with his friend Bruno, asking if he would like to come over and give him a hand. This SDBoy.com international video has Alan and Bruno doing what boys do best, each other. Bruno seems familiar with this *****y head and goes right to work. Bruno rubs Alan's dick through his underwear; finding a hard dick, he wastes no time in tasting Alan's raw meat. As Bruno rides up and down with his tongue, Alan verbally comments on the top's oral talents. Alan also does a bit of face fucking, much to the pleasure of his partner. By the time Alan gets on Bruno's cock, he's hard as well. Alan tries to work the monster down his throat; Bruno caresses his partner and slaps his ass. The size of Bruno has Alan humping the bed while Bruno works a finger into the bottom's hole. Bruno then goes in for a taste of Alan's pink treasure; the bottom's moans tell Bruno he is definitely in the right spot. Exploring Alan's cavity soon has both of these boys ready to fuck.
Brock & Tony Behind the Scenes
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Added: 13 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:58
Tags: fucking behind the scene

Description: We're adding something a little different for our members today with this "Behind the Scenes" vid with Brock & Tony. Enjoy guys! As the video starts out, it looks more like "up" than "behind"... lol... Brock is already on top of Tony on the bed and both men are standing at attention... err, well, their man tools are that is! As we watch this video unfold, we hear telephones ringing, the cameraman getting in the way, the other videographer coming into view and the boys seem totally oblivious to all that's going on around them as they just keep on fucking and sucking. These boys are definitely Pro's... or just real fuckin' horny! Enjoy this behind the scenes footage as you watch what goes into the making of a gay porn video. Download the Full Video at SDBoy.com
Ricky Nova & Joey Aqua
Category: Bareback
Added: 15 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:00:43
Tags: bareback interracial amateur twink

Description: True enough, Saturday TV blows. Bored, Ricky Nova invites Joey Aqua to do something that sucks. This hookup requires an "input" and "output" to enjoy; luckily, both boys are well equipped for an SDBoy.com "fuck-a-thon." Kissing passionately, they get things going hot and heavy, nice. "That's just what I needed," moans Ricky as Joey's mouth inhales. Joey drops his drawers and all Ricky can say is, "you got a big one there." Proving the point, the camera follows Joey's long shaft, all the way down. Both boys then switch back and forth, engulfing one another and slobbering happily. Ricky takes time to face fuck Joey; "you're doing great" compliments Ricky. Bent over and opened wide, Joey's hole becomes Ricky's favorite Saturday activity. The two groan and moan as a "rear view" is enjoyed. "That's the kinda fun I'm talking about," grunts Ricky as he "delivers." "Oh, take it," demands Ricky, slapping at Joey's rump, still thrusting. With the "juices flowing," they switch positions; Joey rid
Clark Kent & Tony Noceros
Category: Interracial
Added: 19 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:53
Tags: bareback big dicks interracial

Description: Tony Noceros comes over to check on a friend; Clark Kent lets him in so that he can check on Tony's large cock. These two SDBoy.com models help one another in and out until a happy ending is had by all. "You mind if I touch it?" Asks Clark, "I can swallow a lot," he adds. These two definitely share something in common, Tony's cock. Watch as Clark's bedroom eyes water and Tony goes for the hole, first orally then with his large cock. With Clark's encouragement, "fucking pound that ass," Tony's rod does wonders. Moving to the bed, it's not long before Clark is biting the sheets and both guys are declaring a new friendship, complete with benefits. Download the full video here!
Ray Sosa
Category: Military / Uniform
Added: 21 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:51
Tags: military marine jacking off

Description: Back from a quick jog, this 21 year old Marine is here for some extra cash. Hearing about SDBoy.com, Ray is really into Asian boys and wants to hook up with one of my models. Well you know me, I've got to make sure this Marine is top-notch; yes, I do love my job. This top, takes off his clothes and shows us his tattoos; wetting our whistle with a nice hot shower. On the bed, Ray's a "grower" and has an amazing cock that would please Asians, or any nationality. Close to cumming, he pulls his balls tight and oozes out a nice thick load. Passing the test, I'll work on getting him with the boy he wants, as long as we can watch. Download the full video here!