Straight Curious Guy
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Description: Danny is a super hot self-described Viking from Scandinavia. When I ask how he stays in such good shape, he instantly replies "I fuck, of course". I can tell by his ripped abs and bulging muscles that he hits the gym at least several times a week, and hits it harder than a baby grand falling out of the sky. When he originally applied to do porn for me, he claimed he was straight. But after I got him naked on the casting couch and started asking questions, it wasn't long before he revealed a sexually experimental side that rivals most I've come into contact with, and that's saying a lot with my tenure in this industry. Danny has had many encounters with men, mostly topping, but occasionally letting dudes penetrate him, and has even rammed his gigantic 9 incher up the rectal canal of a tranny he met on the street in Miami. He quickly pulls his huge flaccid dick out of his bikini briefs and sensually tugs it into a man-eating anaconda within minutes. Danny continuously pulls his beautiful