Young Muscle Latino Fuck
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Description: Danny and Bogar are two hot young muscle latino boys ready to fuck. They both have amazing bubble butt and they will be fighting over on who will be enjoying the fuck.
Latino Eats Bubble Butt
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Description: They're back! Those hot Latin boys from last year, Danny and Bogar, came back to show us their new tricks. Though they have been a couple for three years now, they still find ways to spice it up. This time around Danny decided to take the top position to help Bogar learn about the pleasures of being penetrated. Judging from the buckets of cum on the covers, they are both enjoying these new roles.
Cumshot Contest 2010
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Description: Who has the most powerful cumshot at Videoboys in 2010? We selected our finalist from the models who had the most impressive cum blasts in their duo scenes in over the course of the year. Lukas Wild, whose cumshots are constantly hitting himself or his partner in the face, Bogar Saza, cumshot with his partner Danny left him drenched and of course Arnaud Chagal, who, in his most recent scene with Lukas, shot almost all the way across the room. But how will they perform under the pressure of competition? We lined them up and told them to fire when ready. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, they helped each other out a bit to get excited and then each made their way over to the table to deliver their load. The outcome is quite impressive.