Sean Savoy and Riley Tess
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Description: One for all you underwear hounds...Riley Tess plays a posh twat who's got time on his hands, a lot of spare cash and a kinky underwear fetish. Riley's cruising the hooker sites and comes across 'in2pants' - a scally escort who sounds just right for an afternoon's fun and games. Sean Savoy is that scally escort, he's good at taking instructions and happily shows off his ever-growing bulge and tight buns in a selection of Riley's favourite sniffing material. If Riley thought Sean would just come round for some mutual masturbation, he's mistaken, because Sean's into hard fucking - and that's what Riley gets, in every position he knows, and then some. the best in Sean is definitely stirred; Riley takes a real pounding and ends up soaked in scaly cum. Second hand pants anyone?
Sean Savoy
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Description: Sean Savoy is a 23 year old that enjoys boxing when he can find the time. He enjoys it so much that when he puts on his gloves his dick starts to harden almost immediately. Here we catch up with him as he starts his workout but it's not long before that raging boner in his workout pants is getting all of his attention. Sean can't resist the urge any longer, so off come the gloves and the self groping begins. He manhandles his fat cock with his cloth-wrapped hands at first enjoying the feel of the rough material sliding across his throbbing shaft. After some playful penile bondage with the cloth-wrappings from one of his hands, Sean continues to stroke his meaty member until he coats the top of a nearby 55 gallon drum with his man seed.
riley and sean
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Description: when posh southerner - Riley Tess hires a handsome, lean, hung, escort - Sean Savoy, he doesn't realise he's the one who'll be bending over backwards and upside down to please Sean!
sean savoy
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Description: long lean fucking machine sean savoy, shows it all off for uknakedmen