Malik TN Fucks Valentin Alsina
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: Two men at the pool in bikini suits... one slips off his suit and heads into the sauna and starts stroking his cock. Only one guy I know with a cock like that and it's Malik TN. Our spectator enjoying Malik's show while stroking his own cock is Valentin Alsina and he has more than just watching on his mind :) Malik comes back out on the deck and feeds his monster cock to Valentin laying on the lounge chair and then they move to the deck where Valentin sits on Malik's face getting rimmed while he sucks on Malik. After a little more rimming to get Valentin loosened up, Malik is ready to dive into the "deep end." Gotta love this shot of Malik's ass from behind while fucking Valentin's ass. Malik has one of the sexiest asses and from this angle, we get to see those big balls and huge shaft. They fuck ***gy style on the deck, then move to the lounge chair and Valentin rides Malik, or shall we say "tries" to ride that big stallion. All through this scene we hear Valentin's grunts and groans
Sauna Suit Wanking
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Description: just doing some groping in my sauna suit -love it all lubed inside!
Ari Sylvio and Ryan Thompson
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Description: Ari Sylvio and Ryan Thompson are just relaxing in the sauna when Ari remembers his last experience in sauna was quite sexual. Wanting to relive the experience, he hits on married man Ryan. At first Ryan is hesitant, but what's more relaxing than a sauna after cuming?