Race Cooper
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Added: 28 Oct 12
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Description: Race Cooper says, "I've done everything [sexually] under the sun except for this" as he unbuttons the fly of his jeans to get ready. A tray of surgical steel instruments and a tub of lube lie on the table nearby; the camera rolls over the glinting metal, then transfers its attention to Race's torso: ridged with muscle, satin-smooth and the color of dark ****o. He works up a hardon before greasing the rod that's going to render him a sounding virgin-no-more. Race is gentle with himself, but for those who, like him, have never tried this before, he offers a running commentary of what he's feeling as he slides the slender sound in and out of his urethra: "Getting fisted inside your dick." "It feels like I'm cumming but I'm not." "That was my prostate." Before he finishes, Race switches to a sound with ridged edges, then gives in to a screaming orgasm that probably brought everyone within earshot running.
Eddie Diaz and Wolf Hudson
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Description: Eddie and Wolf are big time card players, and they love to get their game on with a little 5-card stud. Most of the time it's all in good fun, but this hand is a little different. Somebody stacked the cards in their favor and decided to deal on some satin sheets in front of a crackling fireplace. It starts out as a friendly game, but when the chips are down, they just want to see what the other is holding...in their pants. It isn't certain who would have won that round, but there is an ace in the hole, and it's a king sized club at that.
Satin and steel
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Description: The hard cold belt buckle in the satin boxers - the strong poppers - the new "milking" action - it was a pretty strong session.
CBT and Cumshot
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Description: In kurzer Satinhose die abgebunden Eier und Schwanz auspeitschen und wixen bis zum abspritzen, auf Befehl von TurkishCamMAster