Show Me The Goods
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Description: Sal Michaels was checking out boy Bobby out, specifically his big giant bulge. Bobby invited him over and unveiled his giant monthra cock, Sal nearly ***********!
Hot Beautiful Smooth Hunks Sofa Fucking
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Description: Hot smooth fit hunk Cameron fucks Hot sutd Sal . After some prerequisite cock sucking, the two fall into a lethargic anal scene with the hot latino bottoming for the sexy hunk . Check it out at More free xxx gay clips at
Cameron Fox and Sal Correlli
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Description: Hot big dick pornstar Cameron Fox hangs out with Sal Correlli. This time they're hitting the sack. Sal Correlli worships Cameron's big dick. You can watch or download this full length video at Sebastian's Studios.
Sal Sucks Shawn
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Description: We all know by now that Sal loves to get fuck but only by a big dick and it has to be by a man, not a boy. Well I will try not to pull a muscle patting myself on the back for pairing these two. There were into each other from the onset and I don't think there is anything either of them loves more than to fuck with an audience. Sal leaned over and sucked Shawn's cock until it was nice and hard and ready to fuck. Then Sal climbed on top and moaned as he sat down onto Shawn's meat. Sal rode Shawn like a champ especially when Shawn started pounding his hole deeper and deeper. After a good hour of fucking in just about every position Shawn finished himself off by jerking out a thick load all over Sal's face.
Sal Sucking
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Description: There is nothing hotter than a good blow job and if I were Sal, I would have been waiting in line to service this one. We happen to be near Sal's home town when we ran across Justin. As soon as I knew that Justin was game, I called Sal and sure enuff, it didn't take any coaxing before he was on his way over. I couldn't wait to see Justin's fat cock in Sal's wet mouth. To make things even hotter, the two boys hit it off really well. Justin was hanging out in a pair of torn jeans with no shirt on in all his glory. Once you convince yourself to take your eyes off his ripped torso, you find yourself staring at the outline of his huge manhood through his pants. Then move over to Sal; shy and timid with that boyish smile and a rockin body. We were off to the races.
Jason fucks Sal
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Description: Jason and Sal made their way to the upstairs bedroom and began to explore each other bodies. Jason and Sal kissed deep and hard like men should kiss. They both shed what little clothes they were wearing and naked Jason went down on Sal with his tight pink hole fully exposed for the crew. I was so mesmerized by his oral skills. Sal was completely turned on at this point. He pulled is throbbing cock out of Jason' mouth and went down on him like a Dyson. I love hearing a guy gag as the back of his head can feel a cock. Sal was gagging and loving it as saliva dripped from his mouth and pre cum poured from Jason eager man hood. All of this and we hadn't even got to the best part yet. Jason couldn't get enough of Sal's ass so he finally had to have a taste of it. Jason spit into Sal's open hole so that they could tongue fuck him. Jason spit looked like cum in Sal's hole as he licked and slurped up every bit of Sal's fuck hole.
Neil and Sal
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Description: Sal has been working out and he is still as horny as any model we have ever filmed. Sal has amazing smooth olive skin and a nicely defined upper body. We have watched Sal get ******d by Haigan and we have watched Sal fuck like a rabbit with his huge cock. I was looking forward to watching Sal take care of Neil this time. Neil has turned out to be one of the best bottoms to cum through Southern Strokes in quite some time. He is our latest ginger boy with the palest of white skin, a nice cock and an amazing ass that can hang with the best of them. Sal put Neil on his knees and made him suck his cock until it was nice and hard. It didn't take much before Sal's throbbing cock needed a hole. He bent Neil over the bails and drilled him deep. Fucking him so hard Neil just kept moaning for more. Neil trusted against Sal loving every inch of Sal's hard cock. As motivated as Neil was to be fucked by Sal, he was in for a long, hard ride. Sal put Neil on his back and the pounding picked u
Everett and Sal
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Description: Looking back on the weekend, I wish that I would have seen more of Everett. He has a really hot body and a nice big fat cock. I wasn't the only one that thought Everett was hot. I knew that Sal was into Everett because he was flirting with him all weekend long. It was only a matter of time before Sal told us to bring the cameras upstairs to the bedroom. Sal had been doing a lot of fucking this weekend and I know that he enjoys a nice cock in his ass so I thought it only appropriate that Everett fucked Sal. Everett is quiet and reserved but h has a dirty streek in him that just makes you wonder what he is capable of. Sal as we all know is as sexual as a person can get. When I walked into the room and saw the two of them making out in the chair, I couldn't wait to watch this one unfold. I was anxious to watch Everett put that big cock of his to work and I couldn't think of a better bottom than Sal. After some heavy kissing, Sal and Everett took turns sucking each other off until they f
Fuck Fest
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Description: It was our last night in Texas and the boys were all pumped up for a little going away orgy. Rex was the first one to bring it up and before I knew it, there were naked bodies everywhere. I can't begin to tell you how hot it was that Texas night. The crickets were loud, the bugs were huge and sweat was dripping from every pore. It definitely set the stage for some of the nastiest sex we have produced here at Southern Strokes. Rex was the ringleader of the group egging the rest of them on to join him. We set up a bench in the middle of the yard and surrounded it with lights and cameras and let the boys go at it. They had been partying all day so all inhibitions (I'm not sure they had any to begin with) were thrown out the window and anything and everything was fair game. Sal was the first one to strip down to a jock strap and lay on his back on the bench. Ricky and Sal got into some hot 69 action while Rex was mounting Haigan's huge package right next to them. They were so close that
Sal Fucks Ricky
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Description: t had to be the hottest day of the summer when we decided to venture back outside and explore another part of the property. Once again our horny boy Sal was hot and ready to go. There is something about the heat that turns him on. They say that in order to be a good top, you need to be a good bottom first. Well our boy Sal decided to prove that to me out in the grass. I really thought that I was going outside to watch Ricky fuck Sal but that wasn't exactly how it happened. At some point early on in the outdoor romp, Sal got fired up and he took control. I think that it surprised Ricky as much as it did the rest of us. Trust me we weren't complaing; who doesn't wan't to see that think ass of Ricky's get stuffed? They both shedded their clothes quickly and started sucking each other off. They both have nice big cocks but Ricky is definitely bigger than Sals. Sal then put Ricky on all fours like a **** and started fucking the moaning Ricky slow and deep. Ricky was moaning with the rythe
Sal Fucks Tanner
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Description: I was really looking forward to watching these two hook up. Sal had been our resident bottom boy for use for the weekend, but when Tanner showed up, Sal took on a bit of a protector role. I could tell that Sal was going to have his way with Tanner before the weekend was up. It was a gorgeous morning and Sal and Tanner were both hanging out in the kitchen. Sal was eyeing Tanner and giving him that
Sal and Rex
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Description: We had finally found our way to our destination which was a large private estate in the middle of Texas. The boys had been hanging out for most of the day and the Texas heat was obviously making them all a little horny. I walked into the common area of the house and saw Rex flirting with Sal. I pulled up a table and put it in the middle of the room and grabbed the cameras and let them go at it. As I was watching these to go at it, I kept thinking on what a great pairing this is going to make. Rex is mature and confident and loves to have sex and Sal just can't get fucked hard enough, deep enough, long enough or fast enough. Things started out sexy and quickly went into a nasty fuck session. Rex put Sal on his back and climb up on top and fed him his cock. Sal loves to be dominated and took to Rex's cock like it was ice cream. Rex then returned the favor and got down on his knees and striped off Sal's pants and suck his cock good and long. At this point they were both covered in swe
Haigan fucks Sal
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Description: Haigan seemed a bit agitated in the hot sticky Texas sun.He was really restless and he definitely needed to unload some pent up frustration. Quiet Sal could obviously sense this so he used it as an opportunity to live out a fantasy. Things finally exploded when we made a visit to a local park for some afternoon fun in the Texas heat. It is so hot and sticky out that you can almost cut the air with a ******. Haigan suddenly flipped a switch and took complete control of our South American hottie. Haigan put Sal on his knees and made him suck his cock for what seemed like an eternity. It was so hot watching Haigan grab Sal by the back of his head and literally face fuck him deep with his 9 inch cock. Sal obeyed as a good boy should and did exactly what Haigan wanted. Haigan finally let Sal up for air and made him get on his knees so that he could fuck him good. Haigan didn't show any mercy as he drilled Sal's ass as hard as I have seen anyone fuck. Like I said, Haigan definitely neede
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Description: I am incredibly excited about the video that you are about to see. Sal is your first peek at one of the boys that recently joined us on a road trip to Texas. Sal was the biggest surprise out of the eight boys that hung out at our sex party in the middle of nowhere. Sal showed up with this shy coy look about him but little did any of us know that he was going to be the life of the party. Sal is 21 years old originally from South America but he is now living in Texas. He is 5' 10
Mexican Public Bathroom, my second time
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Description: this is my second time in this public bathroom near to my house. No pude resistir y regresé una se***da vez a este baño público al sur de la ciudad, está muy loco lo que ahí pasa, salí sorprendido pero fue una muy buena experiencia.
Straight punk ass show
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Description: At First Auditions, straight man Sal didn't have a problem with stripping off naked. But after the casting director measures his cock and asks him to pose with his ass in the air he started to look more uncomfortable and suspicious. This isn't the sort of things straight dudes normally do together. The director was fascinated with his ass since he has a deep groove near the top of his crack. But the more time he spent examining Sal's hole the angrier he looked. Download his horny audition video at First Auditions.