Edward Fox and Ivan Rueda
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Description: Edward Fox gets the hot Ivan Rueda and shows him what "Deepthroat" means. Deeper and deeper he pushes his giant cock into the willing mouth. He then starts to lick also the lusty hole. Why soon becomes clear that latex pig Edward shoehorned the mindless Ivan on his fuck table and pushes him to his donkey dick "***gystyle" in the cunt. The two are ramming passionately in the 7th Heaven. Both cum in a high arc spilling seed everywhere. As thanks for this horny fuck Edward can then escape to freedom from Ivan
Fred Faurtin, Robin Hole and Ivan Rueda
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Description: Putting on a show for total French hunk Fred Faurtin, Ivan and Robin start sucking each other off as he jerks, watching them enough each others bodies. Ivan, catching sight of the sheer size of his dick soon wraps his hot wet lips around, letting it fuck the back of his throat as Robin tongues his sweet hole. The dark haired Spaniard loves having his body serviced and nipples tugged, and when he's got the handsome Fred doing it, nothing could be hornier!! Lovers of rimming will adore this scene, there's tons of ass eating, getting them all sopping wet and red from the hot stubble. Caught in the middle once again, Ivan has the pleasure of Fred ploughing his ass while getting fed rock sold dick!! Daisy chaining, we can see Ivan relishing the job on center fucker as his hole gets fucked harder, the harder he fucks the one in front!
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Description: Another collection of Lucas Entertainment's finest, wettest, and most eruptive cum shots from the studio's hottest, horniest, and most seed-hungry sex maniacs of gay porn. Enjoy the killer cum shots of Zach Alexander, Tristan Jaxx, Dayton O'Conner, Trent Locke, Braxton Bond, Cezar Dior, Adam Richards, Jake Lyons, Ivan Rueda, Tiko, Cavin Knight, John Magnum, Steven Daigle, Arpad Miklos, Alessio Romero, and Jake Steel!
Hot Spanish Men FUCKING HARD!
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Description: International sluts Tiko and Ivan Rueda discuss their proclivity for outdoor sex, their first and last sexual encounters, and whether Spanish or German men are filthier before sharing a passionate kiss and letting their sex drives take over. Ivan can't wait to swallow Tiko's uncut Venezuelan meat all the way down to the base. After face fucking Spanish hottie Ivan, tattooed Tiko takes a turn getting Ivan's meat wet and giving his tight hole an intense spit bath. Ivan groans in pleasure as Tiko works his ass over with his tongue and teases it with his massive dick. When Ivan's ass is good and ready, Tiko lets him bounce up and down on his thick pole before pushing him onto all fours and ramming him hard from behind, with van matching him thrust for thrust. Then Ivan shoves Tiko onto his back, riding his dick, shoving his own cock down Tiko's hungry throat and grinding his ass into Tiko's mouth. Tiko throws Ivan onto his back so he can unleash his creamy load onto his furry stomach. Then
Tattooed studs flip-fuck!
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Description: Hot on the case to find the missing Diego Cruz, Jonathan Agassi cruises local Spaniard Ivan Rueda, hoping to mine him for information and his ass! The two scruffy, tattooed studs get it on gratuitously. Ivan swallows Jonathan's thick hard-on to the base, before Jonathan pumps Ivan's own shaft in and out of his mouth in return. Jonathan feasts his slavering tongue on Ivan's twitching hole, and sinks his fingers in for an aggressive feel around. The two strangers 69 and go on an oral rampage before Jonathan pins Ivan down for some deep penetration. Jonathan plows Ivan's smooth and succulent ass and then the two trade places. Ivan takes the ass out of Agassi and fucks him ********** until he cums on his own chin! Ivan finished him off by adding to the mess.
Big cocks flip-fucking!
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Description: After a rousing interview with Michael Lucas, blue-eyed Spanish hottie Ivan Rueda gets a grip on Slovakian Jay Roberts's humongous bulge in his pants. He pulls down Jay's white Calvins to unleash a massive uncut cock, and he sucks it like a cock-starved maniac! Jay facefucks Ivan until he's moaning uncontrollably. Next he strips his new auditions partner and gives his dick some slurping action in return. Ivan jumps back on that big cock (who wouldn't?) and bends over so Jay can get a sneak preview of the hole he's about to plow. Ivan sits on Jay's face, and Jay finally bends him over to pound the living daylights out of him! Clearly more than ready to pound the boy bowlegged, Jay wastes no time getting aggressive as he thrusts in and out like it's his last day on the planet! Next Ivan puts Jay in his lap so he can bang him back. Jay turns the tables once more and slams Ivan's tight ass so fast and hard he erupts in a spray of gleaming white cum!
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Description: While vacationing in Barcelona, young sex-pup Diego Cruz is seduced by a hot local man (Pavlvs Guell). All is going well until Diego realizes it is a set-up and is then gagged, bagged and ***napped! Michael Lucas, back in New York, is on the phone with him when the attack takes place. Missing follows Michael Lucas as he enlists the help of Jonathan Agassi and they become tangled in a suspenseful and action-packed search for Diego in the gritty and dangerous underworld of S****. They took his friend and now he'll do whomever it takes to get him back! Missing stars Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside newcomer Diego Cruz, Pavlvs Guell, Bruno Jones, Ivan Rueda, Carlos Caballero, Sergio Serrano, Jean Franko and Michael Lucas.
Ivan Rueda and Freddy Wolff
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Description: Tattooed twink Ivan, with his dark, olive skin and intensely, bright blue eyes is an irresistible young man, which is why handsome, suited letting agent Freddy can't keep his hands off of him when his ****** is out of the house! This scene is truly horny as these are two of the hottest models we've paired together, and seeing Freddy's furry and muscular form pressed against Ivan's slender and defined body is a sight that will make your cock jump immediately!! Both man and boy have got thick, delicious cocks which they feast on without hesitation, before Ivan climbs onto the older man's throbbing meat and rides him hard over the kitchen counter!