electro conductive rubber stimming 9
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 05 Dec 09
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Duration: 0:03:07
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Description: Electro stiming with conductive rubber, slow motion cumshot. Appreciate your comments and rating.
Black Cock In Twink Holes - Francisco Macedo and Alef Caravalh
Category: Brazilian
Added: 12 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Alef Caravalho is absolute eye candy. From his giant muscles that are perfectly decorated with sexy tattoos to his pretty face and perfect ass, there is nothing about this boy that you don't want to stare at. Watching Francisco Macedo take full inventory of all this beauty before slapping that ass with his cock is almost as good as being there. Almost. That aside, the teasing he gives Alef's ass with his tongue and bare dick before finally diving in is absolutely mesmerizing. It gets Alef so hot that he starts reaching back with his own fingers to get at his whole and is covered with goose bumps before he even gets fucked. Before long, though, Alef gets rubbered up and starts fucking with a little more selfishness behind his strokes. Alef is going mad getting fucked so thoroughly and Francisco holds on tight while he pounds away pulling out to the head and then diving back in all the way to his nuts. Then Francisco lays back and lets Alef take a seat and pleasure himself on that big do
20 Fist Weekend Part 2
Category: Leather
Added: 05 Jul 14
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Description: Welcome to the ultimate gang-fisting fantasy. One hotel room, twenty tops in leather and rubber gear, and two movies made to set a new bar in the extremes of assplay.
Penis and Ball Pumping in Rubber and White Sox
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 19 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:00:45
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Description: A young and sweet guy in rubber and dirty sox is playing with his pumping equipment on a boring afternoon. He does some penis enlargement like enlarging his penis in a cock pumping cylinder, worshipping the pumped meat, pumping his penis including his balls in a cock and ball pumping cylinder, worshipping his pumped genitals, sniffing his extremely used and very smelly socks, worshipping his unwashed boy feet, and showing you two orgasms at the end of this hot pumping fetish video. The first one is a cumshot onto his rubber shirt and the second one is a cumshot into one of his dirty sox. To see more of our fetish stuff visit http://fetish-boy.com/.
Enter Prisoner 05092014
Category: Leather
Added: 21 Jun 14
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Description: "Warning: Do not misuse this piece of equipment" It was so clearly printed on the Roman chair, one has to wonder if this includes fisting. Tonight the bitch wants to know if he can finally take puppy's paws which happen to be larger than your average paws. So much lube, so much whining, so much begging, and such shiny rubber pants... it was a "full" evening.
Fist and Pump Experiences
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 19 Jul 14
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Description: Rubber and gas mask fetish boy pumps his cock and plays with his horny butthole. After some play the young fetish boy's boyfriend is fisting his ass pussy until the gaping gay slut presents a wonderful and very horny rosebud. To see more of our fetish stuff visit http://fetish-boy.com/.
Four To Adore 2: Ass Play
Category: Asian
Added: 22 Apr 14
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Description: Ryoma's now playing with Khan's hole, as Fuji is fingering Yayoi; seems like these boys know a thing or two about pleasuring one another. While Fuji uses a dildo on Yayoi, the camera zooms in to get an “up close feel;” nice and tight. The rest of the boys stop to watch the “wand” do its magic. Well, looks like Fuji wants some “magic” as well, legs spread and so inviting. As the boys play, Fuji starts to moan from all the sensations; stiffening quickly, they all share in the shaft. After a bit, the boys pair off again. Fuji now slathers Yayoi's hole and gets ready to enter; first he makes a few fingers disappear; I love magic. As Khan puts on Fuji's rubber for him, he lubes up Fuji's cock and we all get to enjoy Yayoi being fucked. Khan then works his up to “train” Fuji; all aboard. Watching Fuji pump Yayoi gives Khan an idea; first he'll use the dildo on that sweet ass. Damn, this night keeps getting better and better as the boys go deeper and deeper.
Edward Fox and Ivan Rueda
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 15 Apr 14
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Description: Edward Fox gets the hot Ivan Rueda and shows him what "Deepthroat" means. Deeper and deeper he pushes his giant cock into the willing mouth. He then starts to lick also the lusty hole. Why soon becomes clear that latex pig Edward shoehorned the mindless Ivan on his fuck table and pushes him to his donkey dick "***gystyle" in the cunt. The two are ramming passionately in the 7th Heaven. Both cum in a high arc spilling seed everywhere. As thanks for this horny fuck Edward can then escape to freedom from Ivan
Testing The Waters - Franco
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Description: Franco checks out the porno for a lesbian flick (ugh!) and proceeds to shed his 'beater, pants and ''rubber ducky'' boxers. I suck on his bronze pole for a while and when I begin to finger his butt hole his legs go in the air and I start to eat out his ass. More cocksucking and a fierce cockfight finally make Franco bust a huge nut. As he shows me his new homemade ''thug tattoo'' I ask him ''How was that?'' and he replies ''Good! Really good!''
Breno Lopez & Jay Roberts
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 17 Mar 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Punk rat Bruno shows Jay where his place is, namely as a slave at his side. With relish Jay blows Bruno's stiff rod. The greedy slut just can't get enough of Jay's tight butt and demands to lick his ass. Bruno takes his victim and pushes him to fuck position. He rams that hole hard until the rosette glows. But this is a well seasoned pig that withstand a lot. Jay really deserves the cum shower to the at the end of Bruno's piston! |
Cock Pumping Prollboy
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 19 Jul 14
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Description: Hot, sexy, and young prollboy in rubber gear removes and sniffs his white sox and worships his smelly boy feet. When he is finished with the pre-play he starts with the real action: He is pumping his dick with a vacuum pump in a big variety of hot positions before he is finishing his cock pumping session with squirting lots of cum fountains all over his hot rubber outfit. To see more of our fetish stuff visit http://fetish-boy.com/.
Hans Berlin Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Jacked as a fuck mare on a cart Hans is heading towards Logan's twitching stiff cock with an open mouth. It disappears down Hans' throat. Hans gasps. Next muscleman Tomas unpacks his dick which is even bigger and fatter. Hans gets both knobs stuffed in the mouth alternately. While Tomas is sucking Logan's cock, he fucks Hans in the ass. Finally, Logan and Tomas shoot their loads on Hans. One in the face, the other on the tits.
Adam Dacre and Fabio Lopez
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Fabio is lead to a warehouse by his friend. There, a surprise is waiting for him: A muscular fucking stallion. Fabio is already excited: Adam's cock is already hard when he gets it out. Fabio sticks his sweet ass towards Adam and he goes for it. He licks his hole and then he starts screwing, letting Fabio ride on his cock and even shoves a dildo with it. Fabio shoots his wad in a great arc. What a tremendous climax!
Blonde Shemale Slut Shakira Maya
Category: Shemale / Tranny
Added: 23 Jan 14
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Description: Our favorite Blonde Shemale Slut Shakira Maya is getting fucked without a rubber and enyoing every inches of it!
Breeding Ian Jay's Ass
Category: Bareback
Added: 07 Jan 14
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Description: We all know that Ian Jay is one hell of a hot sex pig in the sack. He loves raw cock, cum, and never a rubber in sight. We paired him up with tops: Kurt Wood and Dan. These two hot top fuckers use every hole of Ian's, fill it with their loads, and make a cum sloppy mess. True pigs unleashed!