Rod Painter, Peto Coast, Thomaas & Slotmachine
Category: Leather
Added: 12 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: kink rubber toys strap on dildo group threesome pissing fisting fucking cum shots oral leather masks WurstFilm Club

Description: Slotmachine and Thomass have a wild fuck with the stallions Peto Coast and Rod Painter. A dildo mask covers Slotmachine's face which he happily uses to nail Thomass hard with the pumping support of Peto Coast. Rod Painter joins in and offers his ass hungrily to be filled with big meat. Finally, at the end there is again a fluid gratification.
Manuel, Tomas & Secreto
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 06 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
Tags: Anal Play Anal Sex BDSM Beards Big Balls Big dick Blowjobs Bondage Boots CBT Cockrings Cum Shot Feet Fetish Fisting Fucking Hairy Men Jockstraps Leather Masks Oral Piercings Restraints Rimming Rough play Rubber Spitting Sports G

Description: Manuel Roko, our porn artist, is so fucking horny. His work drives him so crazy he needs to go for a good fist and SM session with his slaves. They are waiting next door. He enters the room where Tomas Zagal is already tied up waiting for his master to mistreat him, as he likes it. Spitting, boot licking, and fist and punch: this is the way Manuel Roko makes Tomas happy. He has a very good assistant with Secreto Iberico. This sexy masked guy helps the Master to fist and punch Tomas. The scene ends with Secreto lying down in the sling shooting loads of cum while the Master punches him hard!
Secreto, Jota & Nevah Sei-No
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 06 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
Tags: fisting gas mask pissing dildos extreme ass play self fisting double fisting penis pump rubber sling threesome butt plugs Jalif Studio

Description: The imagination of our artist has no limits. He imagines three mysterious guys with gas masks playing with big dildos, vacuum pumps and expert fists. Secreto Iberico and Jota Moro are very versatile at fisting. You won't see their faces, but will see how they stretch their big holes fisting and punching each other before Nevah Sei-no comes to fist both of them at the same time.
Enter Prisoner 05092014
Category: Leather
Added: 21 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:02:06
Tags: fisting restraints rubber masks Iron Lockup

Description: "Warning: Do not misuse this piece of equipment" It was so clearly printed on the Roman chair, one has to wonder if this includes fisting. Tonight the bitch wants to know if he can finally take puppy's paws which happen to be larger than your average paws. So much lube, so much whining, so much begging, and such shiny rubber pants... it was a "full" evening.
Fist and Pump Experiences
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Duration: 0:00:30
Tags: Feet Fisting Pumping Rubber

Description: Rubber and gas mask fetish boy pumps his cock and plays with his horny butthole. After some play the young fetish boy's boyfriend is fisting his ass pussy until the gaping gay slut presents a wonderful and very horny rosebud. If you want to see more of our unique amateur gay fetish porn, check out now!
Thom Barron and Rainer Wagner
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 18 May 13
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Duration: 0:02:30
Tags: Cazzo Club Gay Fetish Videos Rubber Gasmask Hunks Thom Barron

Description: Gay Skinhead Thom Barron just wanted to play paintball in an desolate military area together with his mate André. But here they are not alone. Thom falls into the hands of a perverse gas mask bloke in full protection gear. He examines thorough all the orifices of Thoms naked, muscular body, before he takes care of his hard boner.
Valentin Alsina and Pablo Nunez
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 11 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:02:04
Tags: Alpha male anal blow jobs cock cock sucking assfucking

Description: Pablo is working at his desk when toolman Valentin arrives with a TOOLBOX delivery. The parcel is handed over, opened and fucked for. Rewind. The parcel is opened to reveal a set of leather cuffs and a rubber mask. Pablo doesn't understand; and valentin is about to explain it all. pablo is stripped to a jockstrap. valentin puts the mask on him, pushes him back in his chair and cuffs him. Valentin caresses licks and kisses the slim, toned body of the hairy brazilian, stripping for him down to his own jock. Pablo's cuffs are released, only to be pushed down on his knees and have Valentin throbbing cock shoved down his throat. from there pablo is only a short step to having his ass eaten out by Valentin hungry mouth. his tongue wets pablos hole while he slowly plugs his own hole with a sizeable black number. (interesting... i will try that myself and let you know how i get on but in the meantimelet's go back to valentin fucking pablo) he slides his veini ccock inside him from behind first
Joey Takes Piss
Category: Piss
Added: 02 Jun 12
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: pissing piss watersports leather mask rubber group threesome raw and rough kinky fetish

Description: Joey, in a piss hood and funnel, lies under a rim seat and takes a couple major piss loads.
mummification with blue scotch
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 27 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:02:24
Tags: rubber bondage suspension mummification

Description: Too easy for Rubby so master Sak join the 3l bottle to control my breath with my gas mask and add some poppers for me to fly...
Cocks And Toys For Bears
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 26 Dec 10
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Duration: 0:01:41
Tags: Kinky Gay Bears Bondage Masked Domination Master Slave Spank Toys

Description: Between all of the rubber dicks and the real dicks that were pointed at their ass, these two gay bears in bondage were sure to get a deep dicking one way or another! The toys opened them up wide while they serviced dick with their lips, and then they were really opened up when it came time for their horny gay masters to fit their swollen cocks all the way inside of their warm butts.
Horny Demon Kitty 4-18-2008
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 03 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:13:52
Tags: mask rubber latex cum cum masturbate cock cock sm bdsm fetish

Description: At my ex's house in Minnesota. Before taking a shower i decided to do a video with my mask i rarely use.
Cum In Rubber 11-16-07
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 01 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:05:10
Tags: rubber mask gimp latex cum cum masturbate fetish hood

Description: Some stuff done a few years ago in Minnesota USA at the time. Now in Calif.